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31 Responses to YUH KNOW MI LIKE MACKA

  • Observer says:

    oh phuk plz u naw gi wi nuh chune caw u nuh wah she ere n a di same ting spice she seh she naw talk har chune dem til she buk yu suh unnuh fi dun a guh falla saw 1 nite 2 church n seek gawd dun wid di fxxery caw both a unnuh luuuuu

  • NUFFY says:


  • joe says:

    me like Macka, but she nuh want nuh part a spice pon di clash ting unless a nuh the same Macka who clash Queen Paula in a 2003. Macka jus hit the Studio and mek good music

  • Well me kind of understand what Macka is saying because if you have another show to do, what time is she suppose to show up for that show at fxxng 7 a.m. Better them did mek her know so she coulda even go the show first. She seh a year to year show she do and it seems like she a fxxkk the promoter so it no look like she coulda diss him.

    Spice look stupid with that deh donkey pan stage me naw lie, especially that she was left alone with him. But anyway fun and entertainment is always good. Hopefully they can meet at follow the arrow, and get it popping.

  • england says:

    makka a hope yuh dont hype up fan fi gah follow the arrow and yuh nuh deliver…yuh hear mi…mind yuh dun yuh own career…

  • Real says:

    a maka career still so if shi nuh feel fi clash disgrace a fi ar ting dat …maybe shi did jus want di hype so she can promote ar music……

  • Belly Bang says:

    All Macka ah do ah fi try boost gate receipt sales for Follow The Arrow specially among female patrons.
    But she ah guh hear bout it if she nuh reach deh.

  • shellz says:

    If you coulda do all of them ya interview in 24 hrs i dont see why you couldn’t go do the clash. just hold a seat man cause every sentence yuh let out you a put in follow the aroow. Are you defending or are you selling

  • ... says:

    lol mi tell unoo Macka is about her money yea her ego bruise up wid Spice but as Belly seh she a boost her paper fi follow di arrow

  • Jules says:

    Macka looks real good here…she holding up nicely.

  • Kkay says:

    Macka got tune…me like her song dem…MAD!!

  • Cc says:

    All who really tink macka can kill spice jus prepare fi put unu money weh unnu mout deh wen di time an di place agreed upon by both….my life savings deh pon di black one lol

  • Observer says:

    cc mi naw luk macka 2 bad n sneakin she naw hype mi up agen hee hawwwww

  • Met says:

    cc mi wudda bet pan macka…Sparks did weak all wid di tommy song whey she do ..all har voice did off

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Sparks has yet to learn to leave har emotions out of har money business she not thinking non tall n that’s where Macka will get di best of har. U no see say Macka a real big woman she have Sparks a run back a har fi clash n not until she feel good n ready Sparks nah get it lol. Amateurs

  • Original Goodas says:

    macka me like it…a gal file long like highway 2000 come macka come gi me di rest

  • Macka neva Gwaan bad against ninja pon onstage, she Neva back down and all built tune pon spot

  • JA GIRL says:

    queen paula did kill macka a sting because she never prepare memba dem was friends tun enemy and dem say only yuh friend know yuh secret so paula use har secret and kill har but i think this time she prepare fi the black one and if not a hope she plan fi har own fineral because i know the black one dont play she better go draw out paula from hiding fi come help har kill the black one macka look fresh and younger than the black one fi real she look 40 and fabulous i dont think queen paula want to be seen right nowthe last time i see har she waiting on a bus with some market bag brown brown gal look like any bun up drops she cant even aford the bleaching cream nuh more

  • Listen Good says:

    I cannot dance dat good and a don’t hab no voice. But if I was ever an artist yuh know mi woulda tek on the Sean Paul, Shaggy, Beres Hammond, Burning Spear or Bob Marley role. Dem man de money big, big and yet dem do not have to fight, clash or bring out animals on stage. Dem man de tour steadily wedda we hear bout it or not. No major flossing just money talking. Their songs are remembered even 10 years down de road. Spice? Macka? Ryno? Popcaan? When dem a go even reach pon a simple ting like MTV awards? Certain battles not even wut it!

  • Renee Ryeley says:

    Macka call her what a DisGRACE Hamilton

  • Anonymous says:

    @Listen Good, well said. Dance Hall Artists are a bunch of ghetto trash with ghetto followers!

  • DWRL says:

    See macka right ” dat dead long time” donkey work macka SEH spice can can relate, because sh a work harder Dan the donkey wid har mouth and back, har MILAGE long like a 2000 mile highway rayyyyy

  • DWRL says:

    Oh shut the fxxk up!!

  • pray says:

    meetttttttttttttttttttt!!!if i laugh tenite a when tunya tun dj met sshe alll mek video fi song link to the wack song

    Tunya – Ultimate Hustler (Official Music Video) me shame

  • Tawkchuet says:

    A whey di rasss bump n crash cart did Tunya look here pls mi like u n ting but stap rite dere so don’t do it man the auto tune give mi a head to rass. Lollllllllllllllllllllll

  • Tawkchuet says:


  • Sensational says:

    I do not like Macka. She is acts too childish.

  • from she nuh show up a sting donkey or not macka fi gwey wid har 6million excuses, fuss she say she did tired from gt and then it was the money wasn’t nuff. oh please go siddung macka you full of it you lose I hope spice nuh answer her anymore. As for the “black one” comment mi don’t like it macka is no lighter than spice it’s ignorant and self hating and this is why people nuh stop spoil up dem skin wid bleaching cream.

  • Macka was afraid it get physical because she must have heard what spice was planing! Plus the way spice dressed you know she was planning fa that with protective shoulder spikes lol.

  • robert roberts says:

    I like MACKA but to be honest Macka a tell lie about the show in KELLITTS. I was at that show and MACKA never turn up. That show done around 7.40am. And yes its a year to year show where the promoter TRASHY DON give away lots of stuff. So MACKA can tell people the truth, unless she turn up at the show when everybody went home.I love your tune MACKA but dont use the show in KELLITTS as no excuse for not defending yourself a sting.I honestly think spice is gonna want to get phyical with MACKA so a think MACKA trying to avoid it. As spice wants to embarass MACKA. but Macka you 40 and fabulous and dont make tuff SPICE degrade you.

  • Met says:

    __________________________________________________________ but u know seh when mi think bout it…she seh dem seh har time fi stage a 5’04 and she lef di venue 5’50 am, if her time was indeed 5’04 how long she did expect fi perform?

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