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16 Responses to RYNO DID A LOOK A BUS?

  • Belly Bang says:

    Following the Sting debacle Macka mek a song, Ryno mek a song, who next??? Matterhorn & Merciless??


  • Dre2612 says:

    Met ryno been buss before popcaan bike back buss him he just fell off since he left gaza ryno was the one running the place he was kartel main artist in 08/09

  • Oh Dear says:

    The song nuh sound too bad.

  • Anonymous says:

    smh met the only reason y popcaan is so hot a tru Addi deh a jail if popcaan did eva left gaza like how Rhyno n d rest of dem did an Addi still deh a road a same way him wuda flop. i dnt knw wat it is but is like when dem left Addi must a pay ppl fi mash up them career cause as them left is like dem done! lets name a few :
    gaza kim – from she left she cyaan get as much as likkle radio time an mi sure she have songs.

    lisa hype- the only reason she did get likkle hype a cause a d pic n after awhile nuttn! she herself said it on onstage say dem naa play r song pon d radio but d song wha she do wid lady saw will give her radio time.

    jah vinci – i knw things may be going GREAT for him internationally but check him levels pon d jamaica scene, r u hearing him on the radio r seeing him on charts like one time???? nope!

    if a me like popcaan mi pray Addi stay a jail cause anyday him come out him career done! Met the only thing i blame Rhyno for is to go infront of popcaan on d stage but him walking up on it nuttn nuh wrong with that……. ppl always a walk out pon ppl a sting from ever since dats wat its all about

  • ... says:

    Belly mi tyad a dem from early dis mawning mi husband phone a ring fi go studio UTTER RUBISH & NO $ CYAAN MEK OFFA DEM EEDIAT SONG DEH

  • bad pppl says:

    Anony…..mi tink y dem flop wen dem lef kartel camp is because a kartel a write dem song, suh wen dem lef dem cah come up wid a hit cause dem nuh have the lyrical potential.

  • Observer says:

    dotty song soun like shit a betta em did sing 1 a kartel chune wid a few switch up em seh inna interview bout em a lef di war caw a lyrical clash em did want but em a lowe evrythin now but em well gawn mek cuss wurds wid a drum pan beat like a real gyal an a throw wurds wat else is new set a gyal di wol a unnuh

  • ... says:

    obs kmt di whol a dem need fi go bade a riva an come again

  • Anonymous says:

    @ bad ppl not really i dnt think thats d only factor come on u eva listen to some a gaza slim songs? utter rubbish lol n she very much frequent on d radio etc lol but maybe it can b d hype surrounding vybz kartel cause if u listen to most of popcaan new tune dem is either he saying “free world boss” or “gaza mi seh” bla bla bla an all Addi a say dem fi stop call up him name an talk bout gaza him say him naa stop lolol cause him knw anyday him popcaaan stop talk bout gaza n addi come a road an say him done wid him,him career DONE!

  • survivor says:

    ryno the world see when u get a kick from poppy its on groupi ,tvj,cvm,i live in the state on see how poppy flop u….booo ryno dat song sound like wen toilett a flush..boooooooooooooooooooooo boooooooooooooooooooo


    Morning ppl. Not taking sides r anything, but 2 ppl weh av sense can c seh a prove popcaan a try prove supmn. Frm my days of going r watching STING, man/woman 4ever a walk out pon their opponents, for the show-downs of all d dashing a wuds on each other in tunesWe all kno bout ryno before pappy.

  • Original Goodas says:

    met u no hear ryno song a dis poppy,,it baddddddddddddd

  • Real Talk says:

    First off, ryno ah inform pan Kartel and not even realise. He said Popcaan was the one who informed on Kartel which means Kartel has done things worth informing about. Next, he said Popcaan is the witness police have against Kartel. That means he, kartel, did do the deeds and popcaan is the evidence. If kartel was innocent, what would popcaan have to inform about? Check it ryno, in calling popcaan an informer, you are the one that’s actually doing the informing…..
    Real Talk :mad:

  • Met says:

    Real Talk u know mi nah luk pan dem…is like him a dis popcaan fi mek kartel trust him ryno…after him same one claim kartel try beat him etc…one ting wid jamaican musicians u cannot buy lottery offa dem even if u have di winning number u bound fi lose

  • Observer says:

    real talk ryno cum enn like sum bak n belly rat

  • LINKS says:

    PPL with knowledge of dancehall can tell anyone that Ryno maddda that lil poppy. Poppy a try a true Ryno get some fight in the Bizz but if him continue push him self he can show he is better. Vybes talking it out out him mouth say Ryno a the sickest thing ppl just youtube Ryno u can be the judge.

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