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14 Responses to AND HE WEPT…..

  • oh lawd says:

    Wtf im cryin for her!!!!

  • strawberry says:

    Wtf is dat. sooo disgusting yuk.har hoof dem need a makeover.did she get dem shoes deh frim salvation army after di hurricane wat a sinting time pleezzzz wear a black stocking fi hide dem foot deh.smh.

  • Barbie says:

    A wonda a how much she spend in total on bleaching creme fi get har foot dem so? What an investment. U really pay fi do uself so?!!! Sick

  • Boss says:

    Yeah with Chris brown thing people leave the couple alone mek them kill them one another a long time couple fight a yawn it nah stop all some a UNO a chat in the same problem left them and mine UNO business

  • bye bye summer sun says:

    ewwww har foot a rotten she need fi stay home

  • Addicted says:

    Good morning to one and all. Is that the fake tattoos on her leg? The tattoos are looking as if too much water got on the paper and messed up her skin. Secondly is that Frankie Lexx posing with her. If so men are really some dam shit house .If him trade in Camille for that its like trading in a Bentley for a donkey cart.

  • Dem bleachas need fi realize sey bleaching only show up dole sore dem MORE!!! Start bleach d sore mark dem first mek dem reach 1st. Den when dem a bleach d rest a dem baddi, use a stronger cream pon d sore, dem need special attention.

    Ugly tattoos only draw more attention 2 dem SMDH…not 2 mention 2 ugly dutch lookin slow boat 2 china shoes… Man really stan up n pose beside dat???? NOT A GOOD LOOK

  • Observer says:


  • ... says:

    another one weh nuh love demself :travel mi did haffi wait till mi eat an digest before I came in this post…the things ppl think look good is totally beyond me

  • Jules says:

    Unno know di bleach out foot dem a di least of fi har problem. Shi need complete overhaul from head to toe. Dem ppl yah inna dem own alternate universe.

  • Observer says:

    jules :ngakak a which pawt dah alternate universe deh deh caw if poor is not a crime dere mi wah guh deh now ooooooooo

  • Jazzy says:

    A cut them deh pon har foot? :( tell me seh anno cut dem deh ughhh

  • ShaunPo says:

    How you have fake Gucci bag and dress and have on 2 dolla shoes smdh where tha hell u do that @. Now look how the bleach went too deep into her skin, can somebody say skin cancer !! you black cows need 2 stop lightening your beautiful black skin for cancer cause that’s all u gonna get, f-ing think and use your brain for once.

  • smartie says:

    @Shaunpo its Loui not Gucci

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