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  • Hanimal says:

    mi rate har . big up any gal who can deep throat. she can roll her tongue like a dice . ratings tun up loud

  • Observer says:

    arite hanimal :nerd

  • Observer says:

    crush ice n whip cream :cd

  • Anonymous says:

    Weak performance! No energy, which mek me haffi wondering if she leff it in di bedroom!

  • Hanimal says:

    I bet if a male artiste was to say something bout how him eat him would get a big forward from the ladies.

  • Observer says:

    but a full time dem stawt sing seh dem eat caw klean front fi get eat wid crush ice n whip cream like she seh :hammer

  • Riches says:

    a who she?

  • one2tree says:


    u hav FOOD KARTEL a mad 1 dat: run it if u can find it :tkp

  • Observer says:

    a girl weh caan tek weh ppl man n deep throat dem :nerd

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Tree: Neva mind Aloysius. If me had a pum pum mi would put it in a refrigerator like it was a dead fish, safe an sound til u 1 want it.

    Aloysius: Thank yuh.

    Tree: Mi wud hire a blue stripe constable to stan gyawd ova it, protecting it from all hood but ur own!

    Aloysius: Arite!

    Tree: Mi wud even tie 1 bad dog to mi draws rite nex to di pum pum, to bite any odda hood dat come too near!

    Aloysius: Hush up! Mi heart break aready…

    DWL Scene from the Jamaican movie The Lunatic (si di link ere)

  • Hanimal says:

    mi hood must tan up in har mouth i swear !!

  • Observer says:

    she a pro mine it bruk

  • a wah dutty shaka fame a do a sting wid him boring self kmt

  • Lipstick says:

    mi loike har, di gal seh she roll har tongue like dice, a only she, cecile an lisa hype brave, everybody else fraid, all spice an stacious do it too an fraid

  • Lipstick says:

    hanimal ____________________________________________________________ :ngakak :tkp

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Cecile nuh fully own it Lipstick, shi claim shi neva suck it, shi only barely lick it an neva like suh shi neva dweet agen. Yeah, like I believe that lol

  • Observer says:

    lippy dem nuh muss fraid but mi a fram di ole skool mi naw suk n cum talk let alone sing mite as well dem sex wid di door wide open (classless) :nohope:

  • Cindy Royal says:

    An Stacious still a gwan like shi a goodas wen wi know betta. As fi Spice, a doe know wat to say.

  • Observer says:

    anon 1:09_________________________________________________________________

  • Observer says:

    den cindy di man dem seh freak inna bed n lady in di streets suh ow dem fi act goodas yesssss

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Fi real Observer, mi naw talk nutten bout weh me an a man duh. Dat’s our (me an di man business).

  • Observer says:

    mi a tel yuh dem naw respekk dem bedroom nuh mor my gawd man no class mi a tel yuh who a suk who naw suk who use to suk who a guh learn cho :ngakak mi haffi tek bad tings mek joke a wen man lef dem yuh caw ere suss all of a sudden man suk dem but dem naw seh dem suk di man mi nuh wah ere nutten bout dem bedroom dem 2 slak n vulgah my bedroom a my sanctuary :kr

  • ... says:

    cindy_______________________ yo dis ooman BOORING di likkle ticki ticki dem side a her not even add anyting to her performance…NEXT

  • adwa says:

    mi believe seh har deep throat is just as good as she seh bcuz a dat alone coulda mek she reach a sting. talentless much?

  • LUNDUN says:

    a fi har throat so mek she put any ting she want in deh.

    a hope it a do har well cuz mi no know weh di public annoucement bout sucking hood fah.

    a mussi it mek she a run outta breath when she a dj

  • Anonymous says:

    nuh she ded deh wid the greeat Father FOWL?

  • Anonymous says:

    Mi did a little research on the Gal Angelina and mi Naaah lie, she full a talent. She was the same gal weh did a deh with Lady Saw man John John. Her thing shot still a she Own the hot store inna portmore name Fashionista and she is a good song writer i heard.

  • Met says:

    unno good mi nah lie

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