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24 Responses to CHECK FLIPPA

  • Belly Bang says:

    The man fight him fight, do him ting, dash weh couple hundreds inna crowd, save much much much more than that, and deh back home now. I just hope him nuh guh piss off di wrong set ah people down yah and him hold him own cause inna Jamaica he is another small fish in a smaller pond and di real shark dem nuh like too much eyes and excitement.

  • ... says:

    Same so Belly… I feel him know that too

  • ... says:

    Him also need fi lose some of the excess baggage weh a carry him business go a road, cause mi nuh spose to hear tings from which pawt mi deh. Andrew luvvy tight up yuh circle real fast b4 dem get too comfortable

  • Observer says:

    mi caw undastan ow em a seh foundation ova hype an em still a hype mor time mi caw badda wid bipolar ppl

  • ... says:

    maybe his foundation is di hype… :travel mi jus waan si how him a go work it out dung deh it would be very interesting

  • Barbie says:

    Den a wha bout him so?!! Why dem woman yah mek dis mawga lizard looking man a tek step a dem?!!! :matabelo KMFT

  • miss-$tullesha says:

    Dutty Flippa u liad rawse bout no criminal charges …yea Mon that fi do unu when unu gawn like Jamaica a the worse place to live

  • Enter says:

    met whats going on with this sting shit just snig up an pay my 40 dollor trying to log in an it telling me wrong password . is this a next one of laing scam

  • Met says:

    its not a scam….go back on the site and put in lost password.. or check ur spam for the email that was sent after payment

  • Belly Bang says:

    Met, yuh need fi mek ah list ah dance hall personalities who have been deported (whether voluntary or not) to Jamaica. Cause right yah now ah one bagga dem deh home and dem surely ah guh carry dem ill feelings and bad behaviour wid dem.

    Some who did used to henker offa people and guh ah dance & ting abroad already find out dat Jamaica ah diffrent story and mentality 9I should say they were reminded cause nuff ah dem figet dat dem did bawn yah & did run up and down inna sand heap naked as pickey)

  • Belly Bang says:

    * pickney

  • Met says:

    Belly mi cyaa put up di people dem name suh..some deportees have returned and others a live dem life…dat a violate a little bit rite desso o

  • well well says:

    so Met weh u a tell mi say a dip the flossing king get dip or is he just visiting? BTW GOOD NITE EMPRESS!!

  • Met says:

    well well not a dip..we have to see it to believe it…anything flippa seh u cyaa buy it cause if u buy it yuh cyaa sell it…u wudda haffi dus gi it whey

  • Met says:

    or gas n light it

  • well well says:

    LMAO………Met u a sample eno….gwan wol di order i har here a look….

  • Met says:

    mi a look tuh well well

  • Yuck…..him mouth full a wata when him talk n him really faava d Geico Lizard. WEha dey pon dat fi run down much less war ova. Not a raas

  • Den a who him a dash wud pon sey drop from Range to Corolla???? A nuh d Killa? is who a fix up ole Bimma???? Beenie??? Him love mix up eeh???

  • Jules says:

    All him do meck sure him teck some driving lessons and nuh guh lick dung innocent ppl pon di road. I doan care wah him waan do a yawd, as long as him practice safety pon di road cause driving nuh meck feem.

  • Belly Bang says:

    Met, yuh see wah mi ah tell yuh. Ah better yuh put up the related topic next to this one or above it or below it cause nuff people naw guh stroll back fi find it.

  • Samantha pretty says:

    Flippa u full a shit, and u a trouble maka

  • Belly Bang says:

    Well him tawk it outta him owna mout to Irie Fm seh him get him dip and him naw guh back, seet yah Met, and mi did post it under the related topic:-

    Flippa who doesn’t seem fazed, said has returned home and is not worried about going back to the United States. Nonetheless, Flippa admitted during the Entertainment Buzz Wednesday that he’ll miss the hype life and especially his children. The self-styled flossin king got in trouble with US law enforcement when he was caught entering the United States by boat. He was subsequently charged with violation of US Immigration law and was facing immigration removal proceedings. Flippa Moggela is currently getting ready to release other projects from his label Flip Money Records as well as projects from the Flip Money Squad stable of acts.

    Source: Irie FM News

  • pHILLY 911 says:

    mi juss a watch di second video and a laff to miself.. Flippa is a miget but him rass is a houshold name. Kudos for him and his publicity mi cah knock him fi trying… Everytime mi see him a suck out Marsha tongue mi wah beat all a dem ediot gal deh weh run een and tunn fool and get diss. I never see him a get soo affectionate in public wid none a him groupies as much as him fuck pan har; so mi confuse ya now cause a caw scorn him scorn dem and him a fuck dem raw. :matabelo . I guess only Marsha get the sacred tongue juice . lol
    Kelly mi know Flippa is u cuz and all,but di way how u harbashark him meck mi Think unu once boil good soup??. You love and adore him more than Marsha and it no cute at all.
    Look Pan muma G a splash Flippa wid liqour and Flippa tunn roun a diss him now.. I feel that Flippa mad wid di man cause him no wah sponsor him ccrew you know.. FLippa probably meckk a proposal to muma G and G was not a Falla backa so FLippa feel belittled and turn the saga around negatively??? There is no way they can be at war, cause G no have no enemies let alone has a drip of war in his system.. i beg unuh fi please keep a cool head dung a Ja cause 2 bull cah roam ina 1 pen and Flippa no like no baddie outdo him.. :ultah :kimpoi

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