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49 Responses to YEARNING FOR A SON………….

  • Anonymous says:

    Good Morning Met and Metters
    The last time mi hear bout her is that she wanted magazine cover for her and the baby and they told her no. Thats why john public cant see the baby face and get the chance fi raffle the child to it correct daddy.

  • soap opera says:

    At least wait til one is out of diaper……good morning

  • Jules says:

    Mi nuh wrong di Faada fi want more fi him dawta still. Mi always wonda how some a dem top a top ooman yah life tun out a way. But you caan tell anybody how fi live dem life at the end of the day, everybody muss trod dem own path. She looks happy wid motherhood and I am sure she will shower her child with all the motherly love possible.

  • Brightlight says:

    I agree Jules. She does look very happy.

    Hell, if some women were to wait for a man to marry them they would never know what motherhood is 🙁

  • fashiondoll says:

    I love Yendi but hate di poppy show she has become. I hope she mek good sense prevail and sort out har life

  • oney says:

    Met, it looks as if she’s already married according to the picture look pon her finger. Congrats Yendi Philips-McGregor.

  • BABYGIRL says:

    Is that a wedding band Yendi?????? She looks really happy in this pic, good for her…

  • ... says:

    siigh…… :travel Morning Met & people :travel

  • front row seat says:

    Yendi fi mek her own decision. Simple as dat.

  • Anonymous says:

    That actually does look like a wedding band Ms. Phillips/ Mrs. McGregor, pleaseeee come confirm ooo *met voice* dwl

  • Anonymous says:

    That look like a public space in which the picture was taken, I suppose she a pull a Beyonce by squashing the baby face and hiding it with blanket so no one can see her face in public. Kiss mi teeth. yendi, take a seat, you not so important… nope no magazine cover for you either. How long you can hide the baby face.

  • GoldRush_ says:

    Bwayy beyonce start a new trend everybady a hide dem pickney face now

  • Anonymous says:

    Lol,a Michael jackson mi see fuss a hide pitney

  • sweet says:


  • real says:

    mi nuh get it ….mi nuh undastan y mi can si beyondstray and all a dem half naked and look up inna dem crotch pon stage…but dem a hide baby face ….it nuh mek nuh sense to mi …u nah cova u body but u a cova pickney ….it nuh mek nuh sense because eventually somebody a go si did baby

  • Met says:

    real :maho

    memba seh she come pan next top maggle eno so maybe us weekly hunting fi di baby pic :tkp

  • Jafaican says:

    For the individual who made the Beyonce comment… R u serious?

    That’s the problem with a lot of people since the whole social media era… Nothing is private or personal anymore. I have a child and am just a plain old Jane BUT I do not disclose pics of my little one on the web and I ask everyone I interact with… To respect m wishes.

  • ... says:

    Met you are sooo wrong for that :ngakak

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh, please. If nothing is private or personal anymore.. people like Yendi have her personal business a broadcast on all social media, giving press conferences and interviews about her pregnancy, so why all of a sudden baby born the face a top secret. She put things out there to peak the public’s interest so why bother with the veil of secrecy. kmft. No one asked to see the baby’s picture on the web. She hide the baby face all inna a public.

  • real says:

    Met u nuh easeee enuh…..yes that how i feel ..i could be wrong to u ..but i am right to me ….it nuh mek nuh sense u cover up di baby WHEN MI A SI WEH IT COME FROM….my opinion …When its time to buy an album everything is no longer private but after the money is the pocket privacy is in effect…..

  • real says:

    as I said if mi can see where di bby come from freely ….nuh bada cover up the face fi a price

  • Anonymous says:

    They offered to put her in the magazine but a cover she want like a peoples magazine

  • goodso says:

    Met…can u please come hear one sec….please to answer why yendi keeping this baby face cova…whats de purpose..please to come tell me…u see dats why me haffi rate up kammallah suh much..lik how fe her an jahcure baby beautiful an me nuh see she did a move suh…..yendi a who????..dat me wan knw

  • NUFFY says:

    I could say a lot about Yendi, but I will bite me tongue til Met get the real scoop bout wah rayyyleee a gwaan uptown…..On a positive note, she really happy about the baby, but nuh happy bout the first daughter and what happen a court other day…dammit, me and my big mouth…..that is all….Met a waiting, me know you soon hear, me just know it!

  • Met says:

    nuffy she cannot be upset because rosie dawta is not her child ..I hear seh di uptown people dem deh pan di case real bad but it too bad fi repeat

  • NUFFY says:

    Met, weh me seh?? YOU SOON HEAR!!….And if dem tek too long fi buss it, a will buss it…But me wah someone tell you, so me can confirm and add weh missing…When she post diss, me seh yes!!!!…..THE TIME IS NOW!!….LOL!!….Yendi inna one piece a competition fi get a boy it SAD!!!!…..She want the ring like last year, but iron buddy nuh ready OOOOOOO, him naw budge.. Har friend dem soon run eeehhhhh, me just a wait, cause none a dem naw roll wid her dem way deh nuh more……….Met, you naw draw me out tonight….Good night!!

  • NUFFY says:

    friend dem soon run eeennn***

  • adwa says:

    ahmm hello there nuffy, tis the season to be jolly. hav a heart please an sen on di suss, even code it up fi we. dat woulda be such a nice gift. plz and tonx :angel

  • Observer says:

    yuh noe mi a yearn fi a son to :bola

  • DWRL says:

    So she a breed again?? She’s clearly hinting she pregnant with a son! Women only crave when dem a breed

  • DWRL says:

    Observer you can have mines just tell me where to send him, you can have him free of charge

  • Observer says:

    oh lawd yuh sure no badda inflate mi brainz an den cum bak fiem e nuh :)

  • ... says:

    Obs dwl… Mi nah seh nutten cause di lass time mi open my mout bout dis person it wasn’t nice. SO if I doan as nutten nice fi seh I kibba… Yendi ….. you don’t want people to comment so dig deep an be the rational sane girl I remember you as & jus hol it…jus take the opportunity to be a great mom to your poohbear & the other one will come & if yuh a breed no need for john public to be made aware jus yet…mek di suss dies out likkle nuh

  • adwa says:

    well motherhood surely gree wid har. mi nuh kno, she just look younger and fresher in this pic. happy fi har still

  • mi baddy says:

    lawd … unno pls just buss it … me hope ms. met no mine … but me well waan kno

  • Kremlin4life says:

    Zervah have me a pop up in yah tha :bola emotion bad. Met me love the new emotions MADD

  • Anonymous says:

    Nuffy how yuh selfish suh man? just ge we a likkle piece nuh!! cho man yuh madda neva tell yuh fi share lol!!!

  • Sensational says:

    is beyonce pegnant? she has been through many miscariages in the past. i hope she gets the son that she wants.

  • Well me show my pickney face all over the web. What the hell who the hell is going to recognise him when he is 6/7 years old. However, I need my family and friends who are far away to see him. So hiding baby face if some serious bullshit. Anyway no point in wasting precious words cause their whole situation seems like bullshit. Hope Rosie got full custody of her baby.

  • ISpy... says:

    First of all Chino live up a Yendi father yard with har cah di father migrate and as for if she wanna hide her childś face oh God man is her child she is free to do it.

  • Renee Ryeley says:

    She looks alot different without make up. I am not so sure I would recognize her in public

  • Anonymous says:

    yendi mus tink sey next baby ago hold down international cocky chino. She nuh see sey baby nah hold man again.

  • Observer says:

    dotty talk weh yuh wah talk mek dem ded onli dislike dem caw press up i tel yuh dese ppl pon jmg need mental elp caw dwrl a gi weh fi har son n mi seh mi nuh sure mi want em if she a guh tek em bak n dem press dislike ole mascot dem eidda dat r dem caw read :hoax2

    kremmyyyyyyyyyyyy :peluk

  • ... says:

    dwl obs. she rass lucky yah mi a tell yuh come check her nex year si if a nuh she dat tan up a court house door…dis time she caan get fi go een damn ass…

  • susan says:

    I was desperately looking for a picture to see what Yendi pickney look like but I could not find it. I told my friend that other local JA poppy show celebs published their children pictures but not Yendi. His response, was dont you know? She want money to pose on magazine cover with her child. I thought my friend was out to lunch and had watch too hollywood entertainment shows. Only to do a search this morning and uncover this thread with the same shit…Freddy wanted to change his gene pool so they recruited light-headed Yendi. She looked so much better with Asafa. He would have married her and they would have had good-looking, talented and bright kids. I think the reason Yendi does not want to show the face is because the pickney ugly like the Mcgregor Girls.

  • Met says:

    oh lord dont say that :nohope: …I dont think she wants money she just does not want to show the baby that all

  • if my baby is beautiful, i wud proudly want to show him or her off to the world...i think she is trying to be like hollywood stars...kmt she dam lucky she need to go sit her ass down, bout she want magazine cover...she too dam red eye, thats why she run l says:

    if my baby is beautiful, I wud proudly want to show her/him off to the world… I think she is trying to be like Hollywood stars…kmt she dam lucky she need to go sit her ass down, bout she want magazine cover… she too dam red eye, that’s why she run leave asfa cuz he was not a artist n in the fame light like chino waterever his name, dwl! a pretty face with education, but she ack too fool fool, like men will easily use her..she need to lean to stand her ground, if I was her that guy wud have to put the ring on my finger before I pop any baby out…am her age n am married, n am pretty like her :)) she acting like a getto girl living a uptown life…I will never settle for less than wat I deserve, am sure she can have any man she want, does not have to be someone famous, but someone who will love her n marry her, someone who was not yet a dad, cuz it seems like she gonna have to or is dealing with baby mother drama, well I hope chin guy marry her, n I wish her the best, I think she will show the baby face eventually..

  • ... says:

    …acting like a ghetto girl living the uptown life?…xplain

  • candysweet says:

    well, am not saying she is perfect, and its clearly her life she has to live it the way she choose, but wen I say she is acting like a ghetto girl living a uptown life, I don’t mean she is literally living a ghetto life…but maybe I look at thing from a different perspective, but I think as beauty queen, wen it come to relationships she has to be careful, its like I don’t know, but her baby father cheno, I don’t have a problem with her being with him at all, as long as she is happy that’s all that matters, but..i just don’t trust those dancehall artist one bit, its like all they do is go around and get all these girls pregnant have a bunch of baby mother all over the place, and I wud not like to see her get hurt by having two babies for him, and he don’t marry her, if they r not yet married, cuz we don’t know for sure, then It wud look like she is a carless girl, that’s wat I ment. I know lots of young girls looking up to her, like for example lisa hanna, she won the miss world title, she got married, she had her son, and she is still married right? she is a true role model….that’s the ground miss yendi need to stand, n don’t just sit there n be goofy, in a relationship if a girl is too light headed, n don’t take things serious the guy wont be serious either..i have lots of male friends n I listen how they talk, these day men r extremely scared of committing n getting married, so hopefully her boyfriend is not one of those guy :) well I hope that explains wat I ment.

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