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If I Get A Gal For BJ Only Would it Be Cheating?

From married,

I want your reader’s perspective on this issue. I’ve been married for 3 years to a beautiful woman (inside & out) and we have a baby girl thats two years old. Life is good and God has been kind to us in all things but the major problem is our sex life….do not get me wrong, sex with my wife is beautiful, intense and fulfilling apart from the blow j!..the increasingly lack of it leaves me a bit empty and unhappy.

For 3 years I have not cheated on my wife and don’t intend to except if things continue as they are…..lately my wife finds blow jobs “demeaning” and a chore that lasts for like three minutes instead of the fun it once was…we both work a 9-5 pm shift.

Her head game used to be tight but now its uneventful..don’t mean to sound uncaring, I know she gets tired from work, the baby and me…I practically have to beg her to put it in her mouth for longer than five minutes.

We’ve spoken about it but things haven’t improved..infact learnt that women tend to give less head as the relationship this true?..I love my wife and don’t want to cause her pain but I can’t live without my blow j too (I love it…men really do)…spoke with some friends and almost all are telling me to get a ‘headmistress” that their Madams don’t give enough BJ’s..should i get a girl for BJ only?..would it still be cheating?..(heard its the new thing for guys)…dunno if i can handle the guilt tho (before God and my wife) i just being selfish?..i do give her head anytime she wants it tho..which is like 5 times a at crossroads right now..the thots of a BJ less marriage is something i really can’t come to terms with..iImiss my BJ’s

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  • countrygirl says:

    Dis yah man need fi move him raas. Leave den if u can’t live widdout it! What is she getting from the BJs? Are you doing your husbandly duties otherwise? Brite! Mek him gwaan go get him ‘headmistress’ and get some kinda disease. Poor wife.

  • Belly Bang says:

    Him nuh find di rite woman yet fi tek her draws & wrap round him neck till him eye start pulp out. Damn termite.

  • Met says:

    belly morning__________________________________________________________ him want more time ina di woman mouth :tkp

  • Highclass says:

    But of course, dem why mi cheat?.. Mi wife love casual sex no head an no kiss if me suck.. So no suckinz for her. Am mi love dat matie ah d winner …Suh u Gwan nuh pleasure your man and a sexy freak will. Nuh wron u mi boi find a girl inna church dem love fi suck..

    Mawnins met an d bang simply seh

  • Met says:

    a whey di :hammer

  • Met says:

    morning …di way u damage mi brains mi figet fi seh morning

  • Highclass says:

    Suh it go, met when u married wife fi suck and do all kind ah tings when period come, wife fi wake up d boss wid a head job and wah tek cock anywhere anytime ..anything shot of that a man gonna find a freak outside…

  • Met says:

    highclass di way period come wid all kinds of moods mi tink di man supposed to really understand dem time deh becausen seh from mine near mi cross

  • Highclass says:

    Ok that’s fair,,, but ah hand job for the horny man still..

  • full of hish says:

    This man is so full of himself and a whole lot more. How the hell him a go say him don’t know if is because a her job or taking care of their child thats why she does not want to participate. You are such a rass hypocrite. You mention getting a head mistress then you talk about not be able to deal with God and your wife. If that had matter any to you the thought should have not occured. As far as I am concern your are confused and in my Dear Pastor voice go seek a marriage counselor or a good psychiatrist so you could get so badly needed help. Rubbish.

  • Met says:

    yes but the man can do his own handjob dont? unless its like the 4th-5th day

  • SERENITY says:

    Mawning Metty & Metters… :peluk


  • Belly Bang says:

    Mawning to unnos ova yasso :toast though mi deh bout since mawning mi figet fi hail unno

  • SERENITY says:

    All i haffi say bout this story is some man dutty & selfish sah? Him profess love fi di wife but it seems like him only in love wid him fukking dick……man whey really love dem woman spend time work out tings & deal with shortcoming……this man a go cheat if him nuh cheat already. All a gal like me,mi just kindly tell him try bend dung & suck him own dick & loah mi…..

  • Met says:

    morning serenityyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • SERENITY says:

    Hail Belly….yah gwaan good,lol :beer:

  • SERENITY says:

    Metty I wanna wish you & your family & all metters & families a very happy Pre-Christmas causen I might not get to log on Christmas day. The family & in-laws doing christmas at my house & I might get overly caught up in the festivities but mi Jmg family will be in my thoughts :maafaganwati

  • Met says:

    thank you serenity and you too…will put up the greetings tomorrow because I will be busy maselfff :peluk

  • Jules says:

    If di ooman used to do it before no problem and den all of a sudden nuh interested den mi feel seh summen changed pon feem end. Him seh him know shi tired, is he helping to unload har burdens? Him helping wid housework or pay a housekeeping service suh shi nuh haffi worry bout work? Him teck di child off her hands sometime, babysit and send her out fi guh get a massage, manicure, peidcure and pay feet? When a woman is well taken care of by her man dere is nothing she wont do for him, including suck him dick till him pass out. Him, himself, seh his wife is beautiful inside and out so obviously she is a giving person, him sound like a selfish fuck who juss waan teck and nuh give.

  • Greetings Met

    Steaming mad but keeping it decent! This man is more than a brute he is a brut!!

  • Little Willie says:

    Ush yaa sender….a suh it guh. Dem kill yu wid di wikkidiss sexin when dem a kyapchur yu. Mi heart goes out to you and your suffering.

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