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  • See it yah now… bottle fling and the black one fall down ah grund…. gwaan mi gyal Diamond mash dem down ah yuh ah seh ONE…dem ugly lika monkey fi true…..send fi the hammmer.. :hammer :hammer :hammer ….and HAMMER dem down in the ground weh dem belongs…. :bigo:

  • Met says:

    rudie a like it___________________________________________________________

  • GENUINE says:


  • honeybee says:

    You know I’m not laguhing anymore #sideeyes. But these ladies are grown women, why the hell they keep throwing darts at each other like children. And the funny thing is not one is better looking than the other. This is getting out of hand, they all need to stop!

  • Missy says:

    No man Macka and spice need 2 stop they r behaving like 2 lil school girls it don’t look good….

  • Hell2theno!!! says:

    @ Met I love how Macka not backing down from Spice.

  • Met says:

    honeybee macka mek up har mind fi war ooo mi a laugh because dem tek ova from di man dem clean and clear

  • Met says:

    hell2theno I agree…she seh war and a war

  • Fi di people dem weh ah seh weh mek dem hafi ah gwaan so or weh mek Diamond hafi ah gwaan so is cuz they were friends and like some ah dem bad mind friends weh we all kno bout Spice a bun bad lamp fi Diamond who help mek she even can be known and dat ah if people even kno har cuz mi don’t to tell di truth….Diamond been deh yah now fi a while so she is the BIGGA Artist so is Spice ah hate pon har cuz she want har shine…dat is not right and me kno she ah no trouble mekka…so she right fi defend ah spotlight… she say…dem don’t even look betta dan the CRAB

  • Met says:

    rudie dem was not friends oo…they were colleagues …macka and saw were good friends and spice come between that

  • NUFFY says:


  • Met says:


  • realthing says:

    E for Effort. By the way the “black” thing a get out a control. Tru she black mek she ugly? N when she start bleach now is another issue. I am no fan of spice but the black thing a get to me. KMT am out :tkp

  • Met says:

    realthing u know mi nuh comment pan di black thing….macka nuh brown one…spice has nice skin two…It does not bother me because dem a cuss and cuss nuh bring good wud..spice inside not cute so is betta she gwaan chill ina di suit..also remember macka from di old school..when dem cuss dem used to say ”yuh ugly and feva monkey”..mi nah pick up mi jus a seh don’t be offended , because is a personal tracing a gwaan and not no put on play play cuss

  • Met says:

    When mi go watch ova di tanbad ting and how she all tell lie pan di youth bout she gi him board fi build bed..enough by any means necessary maybe this time she will tek stock and be more appreciative of people…mi love how saw mud har and dont look back pan har..saw seh mongrel which is even worse dan di monkey________________________________________

  • realthing says:

    Met when me likkle we use to say u black and fava monkey. so thats y me a pree the black thing lol neva member ugly like monkey lol we were horrible KIDS!

  • honeybee says:

    Met typed something pertaining to the male artists, then delete it. I said the male artits don’t go to that lenth the ladies went to. When I heard Spice diss song, I was like “wow” this is a mother, what example is she’s setting for her children? There is always war between these artists, male and female….

  • Met says:

    realthing of course who have hot words dan we jamaicans when we a cuss..nuh matter if di person look better dan u or not u haffi style dem back..if macka did fi tek it outside a di cussing now n put down skin color then I would have a problem but when u and smaddy a cuss u liable fi seh anything whey u tink a go bun dem hotta…a so wi cuss…

  • Met says:

    And a nuh dat mek people hate di color… a di big big ”MI LOVE MI CYAR MI LOVE MI BIKE MI LOVE MI MONEY AND TING……MOST OF ALL MI LOVE MI BROWNING” a dat dem tek run go bleach until 2012 dat deh song deh still have its effects….

  • good girl gone bad says:

    This saga btwn these big women is never ending smh…can’t wait til sting come and go, maybe that will make all this nonsense stop!

  • Met says:

    realting memba when u a cuss seh ugly and feva monkey u do di monkey face fi match u nuh memba? :nohope: long out u tongue and draw down u ears lol

  • honeybee says:

    Met u comment @7:00 is so childish lol…u sound like u twelve.

  • Met says:

    honeybee a di truth and u seh bayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol u neva dweet yet?

  • honeybee says:

    Fi true:

    We Jacans wen we ah cuss, we cuss real bad..we find di most degrading word fi tell the person we ah cuss. And if u dark skinned pupa jesas dem kill u! But i think when it comes to persons such as Spice, Saw and Macka they should set and example it doe look nor sound good at least to ME.

  • honeybee says:

    Lol…Met was wandering where is the abaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy in your comment dwl

  • Met says:

    yes honeybee di abayy haffi come out lmaoo

  • Met says:

    And yes honeybee it look a way fi bring it ina di music but a dem did a box di bread outa macka mouth ..a music pay her bills but mi understand whey u a seh still..di whole a dem need fi get draw up..spice is very disrespectful so it come out ina di song…macka nuh war till har cup full a doe know wha fi seh mi jus will sit back and laugh if it get physical now is a different ting

  • Fyahwife says:

    A whey di, whey di, whey di, whey di whey di * in a mi elephant man voice

  • fashiondoll says:

    Me hope afta Sting, dis feud will end. Me no like di vibes atall

  • jank crow wing says:

    people a dead dead !!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    lmfao dis is hilarious.

  • No Joke says:


  • SERENITY says:

    Metty mi nuh eena di big woman dem a cuss cuss but this pitcha puts a likkle humorous twist to di whole ting…..lmaooooooooo,di only ting missing is di blue hair on di monkey….

  • kimmy says:

    Yes we all know its childish but guess wat sting is coming up and everybody want kill sumn…….as long as it nuh get physical im up for da laughs :ngakak

  • Not Laughing says:

    But what really fly up in MACKADEMON head. Mi sick fi hear she ah call the girl Black One and Monkey,(primary school much). Look like someone need fi buy her one mirror fi Xmas, cuz in her old age she start think she white. MACKADEMON mi don’t have any respect fi you anymore. You should have used your Talents to try save your fenky fenky career. You sick stomach, u can’t teach a old sick dog new tricks. JUst put them out them misery.

  • Oh Dhang….It’s about to get ugly :) Sting this year is da shit….Bounty and demon boy. Macka and de monkey………hilarious!

  • SERENITY says:

    Quena,good nite…it too late___________________________________________________________________________

  • DWRL says:

    Macka here let mi help the monkey out tongue out dat mean it hungry or thirsty ……..BANANAS ANYONE?? :thumbup SPICE YOU DONe talk bout her hole, dentures, she a fuckout dolly, donkey ………..WHAT ELSE YOU SEE BOUT HAR FROM YOUR TREE TOP??? ROTFL

    TOMBING TIME FOR SPICE :ngakaks :berdukas :norose: :berduka

  • DWRL says:

    Alittle too late quena :selamat

  • :maho

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Is where Macka find Sparks high school picho?

  • Anonymous says:

    A dis mi miss las nite…Dancehall tun inna Animal Farm wid Donkey n Monkey..LoLLL..wen me c d pic me memba Bubbles MJ chimpanzee…unnu caa find a pic when Nicholas a feed har wid banana..LoLLLL… picture har a walk round d house pan 4 foot…n a howl… Pallie..

  • Met says:

    pallie :hammer

  • TRUTH says:

    @MET what did she use to come between dem ,,her p**sy..dwfll..please ppl,,you guys go on like unno know dem ppl business/politics

  • Met says:

    no mi nuh know dem business..and if u think a pussy alone she have fi come between them…….stick to dat if it makes u feel good..hey…who am i? :travel

  • Kaydee says:

    Spice favor monkey , Macka Fayva donkey whole a McDonald farm a war wah do dem

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