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Car-rental gal denies link to Columbus Circle hit on Brandon Woodard
Woman admits she rented the getaway car, but says she’s just a ‘working girl’ who has nothing to do with crime

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2012, 5:58 PM

The woman who rented the silver Lincoln sedan in this photo said she had nothing to do with the assassination of Brandon Woodard, seen in this surveillance photo about to be shot by a gunman on W. 58th St.

The woman who rented the Lincoln sedan used as the getaway car in last week’s broad daylight execution of a Los Angeles man near Columbus Circle said she had nothing to do with the hit.

“I’m a working girl,” said the woman, who confirmed she rented the car at an Avis location in Queens.

“There’s nothing with me,” added the woman, whose name is being withheld by the News. “I wasn’t involved.”

The car was tracked down by investigators after a gunman shot Brandon Woodard, 31, in the back of the head in broad daylight on W. 58th St. near Seventh Ave. Monday, cops said.

Soon after the wild murder, police took a 40-year-old man into custody because he was also linked to the rental. But he was later released.

Police sources said investigators were pursuing whether Woodard was killed because of his links to a drug operation.

The killer and his getaway driver remain at large.

Rocco Parascandola

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16 Responses to WOODARD FOLLOWUP

  • Belly Bang says:

    Mt, thank you very much for the update. BUT, di person of interest ….di person of interest…ah dat ah shat now…… :travel

    Once unno see di Po Po nuh bangle up dah woman yah yuh know seh dem get dem information, dem leads, know the direction dem ah head into & all these tings.

    Suh, from this article, we see that this woman will be one of the State’s witnesses. :siul

  • Sensational says:

    I bet this case my go unsolved. They should continue to interrogate the woman. Do not release her.

  • LUNDUN says:

    weh mi no undastan is: dem seh di po po dem confiscate a large sum of moneyfrom him at an airport, nna dat money mek him dead, so why like how dem a claim seh him was rich, him couldn’t pay it back?

    unless rich mean sumting else, cuz everybody know nuffy romp wid dealers an dem money so if u can rectify a situation u do so quickly no so?

  • Observer says:

    morning metty and mettyers mi sehhhhhh di gurl seh I’M A WORKING GURL I kaintttttttt she brave a wonda a wah kine a wurk :nerd

  • Nope says:

    I don’t understand how that make sense aren’t you responsible for the car you rent, so she rent it n loaned it, is she not an accessory…. That makes no sense unless the car was stolen like basement granny cell phone :/

  • Met says:

    morning zervah

  • Observer says:

    met a weh da gurl deh werk :nerd

  • yoko says:


    a caan wait fi da movie yah hurryup n done :tv: :coffee:

  • Observer says:

    I doak tink a feds she wurk wid ooooo I wonda if a roun di ben r up di road

  • yoko says:

    obs a neva ur ???? mi did a ansaa eno mumma

    a was jus sayin di boys in blue is r @ werk fi solve di case

    but obs com on now man, mi nuh sure smaddy did a sey suhn bout pimping.. a mussi suhn along dem lines a werk she does


  • Bze says:

    the news said that the girl work for the car rental company (I think Avis) Its said that nuff employees were under investigation by the company from b4 the killing. they were renting the cars in their names for people who couldn’t rent for what ever reason and then they could collect the cost of the rental plus their personal fee.

  • Observer says:

    yoko she brave wen she seh working girl dem nuh easi ooooo

  • yoko says:

    fi real obs, dem need fi choose dem words carefully

    si BZE de a sey she rents fi di company n herself, well a guess we can stop speculate

  • Observer says:

    yoko di newz confusin caw dem did seh is a adult couple rented it an di lady was not being sought since they appear to be innocent den dem seh di avis place a long islnad a fraud b4 di killings den dem guh bak guh seh is a man a di promota den dem seh is a ooman from queens kmt

  • Met says:

    di news quiet though…police a do dem work

  • Observer says:

    yea man chuss mi

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