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  • Met says:

    Yuh know Spice lie ____________________________________________

  • Belly Bang says:

    Ok then….so there was an altercation over a hotel room.

  • Met says:

    yes spice seh macka gi whey har room and macka seh a di bigga room she give har because she come deh wid har man ..mi believe macka sorry pardon mi :tkp

  • Belly Bang says:

    Di whole ah dem inna dem bangarang & ah create history in dem own image. Nuh bady nuh want talk it how it guh.

    So why would there be an argument over the hotel room?????

  • Belly Bang says:

    Suh why Spice woulda argue over a bigger room??? Bear wid mi.

    Or she just damn miserable & haunted???

  • Kkay says:

    Me know know bout the room…but me know say she never lie when she say the lobster look better….!

  • Met says:

    belly maybe she neva did a think bout di bigness…she may have came and find out seh someone ina z n a she did fi ina z…she maybe neva know….. because macka maybe neva tell har she jus switch it which was wrong she shudda tell har seh she switch it

  • Met says:

    kkay :tkp

  • Anonymous says:

    suh macka did claaat di black one? lmaoooooooooooo

  • Met says:

    a dies :hammer

  • love mix up bad says:

    a believe macka spice jus did a hype up r self di other day. she stay bad like

  • Kkay says:

    Maybe when Macka clap her she did unconscious for a while so she figet that part…kmt bout she a war over room…just rusty so…

  • Anonymous says:

    spice tell di story an lef out di funniest part why shi neva talk seh shi get a timbs cross har face lolll…..mi believe mack claaat har fi true

  • sheaka says:

    ketch macka wid di hand demonstration

  • Original Goodas says:

    so macka how u claat her wid di tims…a caa laugh

  • Observer says:

    macka duss a gwaan suh like wen ppl readi fi war luk like she noe spice fraid a har

  • Observer says:

    a wen macka stawt har career as a nice quiet gurl yuh m=noe wah :tkp

  • Jules says:

    You know mi believe Macka. Mi believe seh Macka nen deggo siddung meck nubaddy poke finga inna har yeye and she nuh do summen bout it. Memba, a Lady Mackerel wi a deal wid enuh. Macka seh is har chicken back shi nyam. Macka a hope u put nuff peppa and salt eena it, di lill salty bones dem nice fi chew.

  • Fyahwife says:

    Di lobster look beta Dan di black one…………… *** died**
    Macka big big up har chicken back…………….. **died again**
    Lick di black one wid di Tim’s in har face……….. *** bury now **

  • Met says:

    all now spice cyaa ansa…one week later

  • Quiet Storm says:

    Mek I goh lissen again.
    “When the Lion is sleeping, never you try to wake him”
    Mi nuh wrong yuh yaw spice….doan sey a werd, juss tek time draw yuh han outta lion mout….Ah hope Macka bite off it backside

  • Mi believe Macka cause after how mi see Spice do up the Dj youth she clearly have people issues. And the Dj youth did seh Spice no like when nobody round her above her everybody fi under her panty government.

    And from the time when she say Beenie was coming on to her in hotel room, which mi no doubt if him did drunk. But I believe after she seh no, him cool. But she a mek it look like Beenie did a look her tun tun hard. As woman we all know a so some dutty man stay if them get a chance fi look sister and all mother them will do it.

    Not to mention the big big lie weh she come drop the other day bout how her story is doing great and a show we shoes weh she spray on the red bottoms.

  • pretty says:

    im sorry im so late but a when spice say my artist beenie man did a come on to her in a hotel room how come him reach in there if he wasnt invited ?

  • She seh she and him go do show a Bahamas(I believe), anyway that is when him and Angel was getting together and how him disrespect Angel cause him did a try beg her front. Which is strange cause why him never beg her front before that? And truth be told me no tink Spice a Beenie Man type but him ever frass so him always a look punny.

    And another thing me feel like she used to give Adijah Palmer piece, the ugly white one weh did a so-called producer pan Ramping shop……. cause the rumours did a fly and them did do one song weh she did a sing pan weh never sound up to Addi speed – which to me why would he do that song if him know no money naw go mek.

    I wouldnt be shocked if a few years from now that guy her house husband Nicholas start to talk the things like Suzie Q man a do yah now.

  • Too much says:

    Mack’s is too funny…….mi did laugh when Mack thro inn her lobster ratings when she come pon the interview fi true. Eva see come see is a hell of a thing…………but yea Macka, the lobster look betta

  • Zippy says:

    Macka a guh mek poor spice start bleach…hey spice yuh need fe guh tek off the pitney car off the veranda now man cho. I feel is rent spice a rent her house fe true because everybody a do a ting to fe dem house and fe har lickle dolly house just there with nothing done to it. Met, me have a place inna de same complex as har. I see har all the time and she stay bad fe true.

  • yoko says:

    mi ded in yah dis mawnin… di “chicken back one” say she claat her wid di timbalanz ina ar face

    macka yuh stuttering have mi weak wen yah xplain di happenigs

  • Mi just come cross this pan youtube uno tek a look Macka a clash gainst Ninja Man Good God!!!!

  • Sasha fierce says:

    But Talk -Di -Tings it seems like Macka a drop word pon Lady Saw bout womb bless..

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