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  • Belly Bang says:

    Tifa need fi come offa di fuckery and try mek sense outta her career and let go of di stepdaddy + saw reality or delusion.

  • fashiondoll says:

    Morning family! I can’t believe Tifa choose to get involve in this drama. She needs to go sit her ass down

  • Lol I a ded. Haul and pull up my selector! Tifa need fi give me her step father number me a go want a fuckkk off a him to. Damn fool. I guess I will take it that if it was not her step daddy she wouldnt inna music cause them deh piece a foolish tune deh weh she ever a come wid is only a parent could love their child enough to put up with the F’RY.

  • Belly Bang says:

    Tidday ah Tifa birthday. How mi know? Publicity is a rass cause if ah never fi this yah drama mi wouldnt have nuh need fi run in pon her twitter page and find out seh ah her birthday. :ngakak

  • OBSERVER says:

    aww mussi dats y she tek set pon saw fram earli caw har birthday remine har ow much pain har ma guh tru suh she a repay cocki dues :nerd

  • Tweet says:

    Met, yuh sender dem wicked nuh rass!!!!!!When mi tek faas and click fi listen n see “Obeah Wedding” come up mi nayly drap offa mi sofa to rhatid,dwl :ngakak

  • simplicity says:

    12-12-12 wat a birthday mi a dead


  • Met says:

    tweet di song shot oo

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