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A few of you have been asking for a site App and I wanted to get it started for 2013, I have spoken to someone about constructing it and it is a little pricey . To cover the cost, I would charge .99c per month so that I will be able to have it maintained also but what I want to know is how many people would need this?

<a href="" title="Do you need a site app for JMG or not">Do you need a site app for JMG or not</a>

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  • KAY says:

    Met that’s a good idea cause as I told u before sometimes the site don’t wanna open so if we had an app maybe it would be much better and easier for me to kick back and read all day :)

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Met sign me up thank you when u are ready let me know how to go about getting it and I’m in.

  • No Joke says:

    Me….cause sometimes di site gi mi problem fi access. Mek mi ask …can i pay my $12 one time ??

  • Met says:

    no joke :ngakak a doe know how dat a go set up oo

  • KAY says:

    Lol @ no joke yea met u should set it up that we can pay for one month or 6 months or a yr

  • How much in £

  • Met says:

    like 49pence it should be

  • Met says:

    let me put up a poll because nuff people nah go comment n mi need numbers..I never know this app thing so expensive brb

  • No Joke says:

    Ok keep mi posted Met

  • Met says:

    will do no joke :thumbup

  • Munchie British says:

    were do i sign , can’t do with out my MET!!

  • PPL busineSS says:

    sign me up RIGHT NOW

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Yeah dweet dweet Met!

  • Met says:

    It will take a few weeks to complete once we start but it will mek things easier because now because people have phone issues with the site nuff people haffi wait till dem reach home fi read

  • simplicity says:

    i will be paying my full dollar nd at the end of the year a hope a get back my 0.12 change thank you :peluk

  • Met says:

    :hammer :peluk u gwaan ooo

  • good girl gone bad says:

    That sounds like a great idea for when ppl are looking on their phone. But mi feel it is very risky because it is a fact that when u start charging for something a lot of ppl dont wanna pay. The .99 is just for the app right?

  • Met says:

    yes 3gb is risky yes so thats why mi have the poll..I will also check round if it can be made cheaper

  • Lundun says:

    well i neva yet ave problem fi view no video or post wedda pon mi phone or mi computa so an app wouldn’t be useful to mi.

    but weh met seh diss morning, mek mi feel like mi need fi start donate to di site even though met neva ask fi no donation. neva know a dem tings a gwaan behind di scenes an mi really luv and appreciate jmg and met.

  • good girl gone bad says:

    Ok good. Sounds like a good idea. U have to take risks inna yuh business so im glad u weighing it out fuss. My father has been a business man from before mi bawn and him mek sure tell wi bout how ppl stay when it comes to business. Your product coulda great, yuh see when u start charge fi di services the same ppl that say they would back you are nowhere to be found.

  • Fyahwife says:


  • Met says:

    lundun :peluk last year was tough bad I am glad 2012 came with a difference though so I know God is good …the only thing that bothers me is that sometimes people dont know how hard I work behind the scenes , not my bloggers…just people who see and want to take advantage because dem nuh know what I go through physically fi mek sure this site is up starting 6 am every week day….it is not easy

  • Goldrush_ says:

    I dont think u need a app, personally. I dont mind and actually enjoy going on my ipad to come to jmg. I dont tink it dat seerus. Cost wise.

  • GoldRush_ says:

    And when u tink bout it u no seh us carribean ppl nah go pay no 99cent when we no we can just go pan intanet explora fi jmg fi free lol, just sayin.

  • Lundun says:

    mi know met, a so it go wid any type a work wedda paid or unpaid, u always ave sum fassy weh very ungrateful, rude and want use ppl.

    mi love how u light up dem rass when dem fly past dem nest, but still remain humble and interact wid wi like wi a fren.

  • Met says:

    dem can log on fi free of course but some people want an app i will so how fi work it out

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Truth be told yes I can always go on the Internet but I’m here everyday reading n having fun y shouldn’t I pay 99c for something I love. I waste more than that on things that are no use to me so Met as I said I’m in.

  • Met says:

    :peluk @lundun…sometimes mi gi dem a bly and hopefully next year I can help out more with the music thing

  • if yuh have a app mek sure a someting weh can open on de Apple products cause mi nuh know but your site dont seem to work wid Safari..caan go pon it when mi use Mac or Ipod

  • Ipad..sorry

  • Met says:

    will do and hush…a how u so scarce from whey day?

  • who me?

  • Met says:

    yes u…mi hardly si u comment

  • yuh know say mi de yah.but mi go gym early a mawning time and den mi haffia do mi ting a try mek de de time mi come een a check your site to much story de yah so it dont even mek nuh sense comment pon story weh gone from mawning

  • Met says:

    a get u but u know mi nuh post so much story again like earlier ina di year… but i miss di laugh dem when u fiesty wid di people dem

  • Metty mi nuh know how di app ting work, but deh pan di site every day all when mi nuh mek muh comment, suh when u ready my $12.00 sure.

  • Met says:


  • Anna says:

    Great Idea Met me lioke it

  • GoldRush_ says:

    met mi waan seh sumthing bout the 3:16 comment. I think I can speak for All of us bloggers in that we love you endlessly for all the things you do to make sure we can come pon ere and have a laugh and ting. so you shouldnt pay dem no mind ignore ignore ignore. before mi even brush mi teet ina di mawnin mi reach fi mi phone an come pan yah. I might not comment pon every topic everyday but mi always deh pon di site. Mi lub you bad u come een like a comedian more while. Mi just waah seh thanks and there is no such thing as a free ride in life, period. so mek dem gweh! muah :peluk

  • GoldRush_ says:

    oo yeh and mek mi no if you get mi email weh mi send you.

  • Observer says:

    mi wah b ready wen jesus cum suh sign mi up :)

  • Observer says:

    Imheretocalloutstupidcomments :kiss yuh notice ow mi rite out di wol a ur name mi a beg yuh plz cum bak caw sum stupid comments deh yaw lately sas criseeeeesssssss mi case n forwud one certain smaddy :shutup: a kill mi ooooooooo

  • Nope says:

    Yayyyyy go met. However I want to know if you could make it a one time fee or perhaps you can add it to an app like taptotalk that have sites like yours under their app. But regardless I will have to buy…

  • I need d app because web one story hav ova 100 comments my iPad keeps logging off when I try to open or post commment

  • Nope says:

    Or even have the site have mobile capabilities like it will automatically switch to http://www.m.(domain name).com I think mobify is a company that does that

  • soap opera says:

    How would this work for me, I would not want to put it on the gov things but I would love to have it on the one at home so i am in.

  • Met says:

    soap opera it would be for people with smart phones and devices ..u can log on ur regular way but people nowadays like aps fi dem phone

  • Regula says:

    I think its a good idea though I dont use smart phone. But I think most Apps are sold as a one off product very cheaply probably based on projections of millions of sales over time. Met I agree you need to do a poll but make it one that can include certain demographics such: Country/how they will pay for subscription(considering ppl who may not have credit card/paypal accounts) or any other useful info, infact, it might be a good idea to just poll the life out of all of us one time and done. Met I wish you nothing but success in your endeavours for 2013 cos I see you work hard to keep us entertained and I appreciate it.

  • Met says:

    thank u regular :peluk

  • goldrush says:

    Met you doe even acknowledge mi comments dem.

  • Good idea says:

    It shouldn’t be a recurring charge , but instead a one time fee.. Like 3 or 4 dollars

  • Jules says:

    Met, mi like how you always evolving enuh. Di app is juss anodda evolution a di site. Maybe u fi do some leg work and hear prices from at least three companies, before you sign on any person fi deal wid it, unless of course is a muss u use dat one person. See wah di competitors a gwan wid and mebbie u can can get a cheapa rate, charge di sed $1 and meck a lil profit. You fi get more profit minded bout u website. Wid all di hits you get daily and monthly u should a live good awfa dis site, all a eat labsta outta season.

    U betta look bout di pink walls threshold But mi ded serious bout di above.

  • F Cookie says:

    If this would work like my fb and twitter app I’m so down. i hate logging on from work too much missing screens. Sign me up for the PIA

  • Mama says:

    I would buy to use the app because sometimes when im using my phone it takes forever for things to load

  • Met says:

    jules u nah stap talk bout threshold from last night till now :hammer

  • Met says:

    goldrush why u seh dat?

  • What platform flavors will the app be available in? Andriod, BB10, IOS or Windows 8?

  • Anonymous says:

    Go for it! A lot of people travel too. JMG App would make layovers a lot better. LOL

  • Met says:

    getting it done…still talking with developers

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