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23 Responses to PATOIS BIBLE AUDIO

  • Mi a Wanda if a mi alone think this a fuckery?…….smh

  • Met says:

    i like this

  • Met says:

    at first I thought I wouldnt like it but I love it very much…

  • Pudding pop says:

    I actually like it too!

  • @met maybe I need to look into it a little bit more with a open mind and see what happens. I just didn’t like the idea from jump.

  • This transliteration is if for those Jamaicans who aspire to remain within the boundaries of Jamaica. Until patios is ratified as a formal language, it is of no worth to pen any literary work in patios.

    Only a fringe amount of people would benefit from this type of work and to be honest, christians who want to further isolate us from society at large are behind this kind of work.

    Met, given the fact that english is our official and only language, what does it profit us to read and write in patios?

  • Met says:

    Well for starters ..patois is our own

  • Our own does not mean it is good. If I have any academic aspirations, what good is patios to me? If I want to participate in international commerce, what good is patios to me–especially since no other nation is going to go out of their way to trade with Jamaica? If I am verse in patios and not english, how do I function outside of Jamaica or how communicate with others who don’t have the capacity to communicate in patios?

  • Met says:

    What good is english to you? English is accepted because it is recognized , if it weren’t then it would be in the same boat as patois. Patois is our own language from our own culture, based on culture alone it should be kept because a nation cannot exist without one.

  • Met, I don’t get your angle; english is a universal currency–without it, most communication would be void. As with the literal Jamaican currency, look how easy it is to get marginalized when others seek to do such.

    Say Jamaica were to declare patios as the official language, what would be the next move and how would be benefit from such?

    Put it this way, I love my patios; however, I am a pragmatist. Jamaica would go bankrupt–no if or buts… We just don’t have the requisite cultural, economical or political capacity to undertake such a transition.

    As with Norman Manley, I am all for a Caribbean or West Indian federation. It is only with such a collective force would we be able to dictate our political, economical, cultural terms…

  • Met says:

    English, Spanish, French, Dutch..many languages are universal but we do have to accept that our dialect is more than what it is..Firstly it was a dialect of slaves that helped them to comminucate, it is just like any other language that you can say something in it and cannot completely explain it in another language so why not make it one of our official langauges? Whilst slaves were speaking patois the masters were speaking english so I would not expect it not to be recognized as our first language but patois is more than just something to shove under the carpet. A nation cannot exist without culture because it will continuously start over because the beginning was /is unknown

  • Met, I don’t disagree with that which you have outlined. However, my issues have to do with the integration of patios and its adverse impact. Just know seh I’n’I is a big Pan-Africanist revolutionary.

    Let’s first standardize patios and get rid of its many fragmentation before we attempt to use it as a formal source of communication.

    I don’t know about you but I think that most Jamaican experience difficulties when it comes to writing and reading in patios…

    Converting the bible to patios is self-serving and a slight against Jamaican…

    I love the legacy of patios and I have contended with the albatrosses associated with patios being Jamaica’s official language.

    I guess we have to start somewhere–there was a time when Australian, Canadian and American english were all held in the same regard as patios. The only difference is that we don’t have requisite capacity to dictate your referenced paradigm shift…

  • Met says:

    Patois is already entwined , it is the first language we learn …converting the bible may be a stretch but the language should be recognized and made official

  • Patois: look at that, I don’t even know how to spell my native ‘tongue’!

  • Okay, let’s work on making it our official language and in doing so, study the positive and negative impact of doing such…

    To be honest, I feel the most natural and fluent when I converse in patois–so Met, you do have a point!

  • Met says:

    The language is so colourful it is hard to imagine anyone not loving it. As you said sometimes I don’t feel I can explain myself thoroughly in English…not because of the lack or words..just because it nuh feel right lol..

  • I have to confess that after listening to a few minutes of this patois translation, I was overcome with a sense of cultural pride… However, I quickly came to the realization that this version of patois is somewhat different from what’s being spoken today…

  • U know I have been seeing this debate and it shock me to see Jamaicans bashing their own language/dialect.

    I live in London where its a melting pot of people from all countries and if you ever see how they embrace their own language/dialect.

    Take for e.g St Lucia they have a French Patois they speak and they are so proud of it. You would be so surprised that you find most of them were born in the UK but they speak their parents dialect. Whilst Jamaicans are ashamed of their dialect that they dont even pass it on to their kids that it may be kept alive!

    I will purchase this bible and my English Kids will be taught to read it! I wish more things will be translated in Patois to aid those who want to teach their kids their heritage and culture.

    Please I dont want to be like some Caribbean countries and me nah call d name nuh wah no cussing who eroded their dialect and now only a few left who speak it! they dont even have it written down!

  • @infirmedwoman: I don’t want you to misconstrue my critique of the patois written bible to mean that I don’t love my patois or that I am ashamed of my culture. My issues have to do with intent and expectations. Understand that at times, ‘culture’ act as an impediment as oppose to an aid…

    I love conversing in patois; however, there is no need to romanticize the dialect. From a cultural perspective, patois is very potent–the same can’t be said for patois in the capacity of education/pedagogy, commerce, et al.

    Your children are being taught patois in school–english is the mandated language; so you can’t compare that to an individual who is only exposed to or only embrace patios and then is expected to communicate by means of the english language.

    My child will be taught english, amharic, patois, et al–however, I won’t be naive to think that such emphasis on patios or amharic. If I were to do that, I would only be marginalize my child and set her up for failure.

    With that being said, my child will know her Ethiopian and Jamaican culture without those cultures functioning as an albatross…

  • ... says:

    One question, the spelling in this version will it be a universal one? Because there are so many variations of the spelling so does this mean that there will now be a template for the spelling in the language. @ Lalibela I get where you are coming from but couldn’t you see this as a step to making it an “official” language? I dare say it already is because companies (government security) do request a patios speaker from time to time depending on where & what they need filled so I think you may want to give us a little credit on this. I don’t read the bible (yes unnoo come call mi devil now) but I believe that there is nothing wrong with wanting to change the language to suit our people. I jus asking still ( & before unoo dun mi in ya yes I believe in the Almighty power, but as far as the bible its just a book to me because it is contradictory in my opinion but my kids do read it & I encourage it to make them more well rounded individuals)

  • ... says:

    & for the record lol when filling out applications in the past for other languages I have always put I speak Patois & have been successful in employment as it becomes a conversation piece during the interview…so Lalibela look deeper everybody attempts to speak patois that I have met that is not Jamaican & other small islands do speak patois so to me I think this could be a step toward making it an official language of the region. Thats just me still but what do I know…

  • @…: No doubt, it would be nice if patois were to be standardized–I am just not one for the romanticizing of it as is… We will get there is we put in the requisite work–I mean, if patois were to be standardized and ratified as Jamaica’s official language I would gain from that.

    I just don’t want people to think that it is as easy as 1, 2, 3… Also, mark my word, most other english speaking Caribbean islands and even some African nations would follow Jamaica’s lead… Lots and lot of work ahead so let’s si how di ting ago sort out…

    @Met, it is plausible that an officially recognized patois would in itself would stimulate a lot of interest in our culture and while transcribing our history into patois, we would more than likely learn a great deal about our past and at the same time, gain a more unique spot on the world stage…

    P.S: universities, political & social think thanks and corporate entities world wide would be seeking proficient patios speaking individuals… On second thought, this might not be such a bad idea.

  • Pam says:

    I can’t even read the first sentence. Mind you i speak it very well but I just can’t read it or write.

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