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36 Responses to NO RENEWAL FI SIRIAN

  • BROOKLYN says:

    is who dat.. wife or matey?

  • Anonymous says:

    What a tangled web we weave , when we choose to go breed!

  • BROOKLYN says:

    yessss anoy..this is whey u get when u mingle wid hype man

  • Original Goodas says:

    a weh she did deh… a macka serian dis?

  • Belly Bang says:

    Things should never reach to this level. if tings nuh right wid di man and unno have unno differences, give him ah walk & move on. Nuh need fi highlight, underline or promote one ting. It only keeps the anger and bitterness afloat. :nerd

  • Socialite says:

    Fi ar husband so what if she breed.

  • sllimz says:


  • Marl Road says:

    Sirian, you know Marl Road dont want to see you. You come to America you need to go find a job. I know you didn’t set up any foundation as yet. So please go handle your business, because right now your situation look sticky coming back through JFK Airport.

  • Tweet says:

    If dat a husband him can stay…if dis is true him is a wutless piece a shit…

  • Fyahwife says:

    All mi know ….She read him raas
    A wonder if when di smaddy whey create di World Wide Web ( www) did for see dem yah fuckery ya :travel

  • xhale says:

    A so Di pussy ole dem stay….mi seh being a deadbeat should be a RASS crime nuff a dem fi get Di death penalty

  • Anonymous says:

    All being said she’s a sorry disgrace of woman…does all this make you feel any better about yourself? you should have chosen a better man to lay with! some things need not be publicize for ppl to use & cuss you same one later on.

  • simplicity says:

    good morning met,metters,peepers nd others…

    nuh mek nuh donkey choke yuh…
    wen water get throw weh yuh caa pick it up…
    aaize nuh hear batty feel it……

    kaay yuh muma did waan yuh but a man yuh did want nd a bwoy yuh end up getting yuh can tan deh mek sirian have yuh a paste up all kind a fuckery nd a act de fool pon facebook wen yuh done already av de uppa hand.

  • sweet says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Yes girl blast that deadbeat ass nigga!!! I don’t know why these men feel they can make kids and NOT assist is the upkeep and maintenance of these children.

    Blast that nigga or MTO and World Star Hip Hop too!!!!

  • LUNDUN says:

    put him pon blast yes

    sumtimes dese pussies really get unda u skin an u juss affi dun dem pon spot den apologise to u family later.

    so true she naah renew him visa, him want call ppl pon har? kay tek off u draws and turn round, bend ova and tell a desso di green card deh.


  • Do him up, a suh sum a dem man ya love hype and cyaan mind dem kids. Dam wutliss bwoy, she nah play wid him, expose him yes, when cum to a child’s supportance, I don’t play with things like dat.

  • ... says:

    Its true belly. Jus walk away because all yuh hear is “see thats why I couldn’t deal with her…too much drama” then the mix up start. Back inna di day single mothers jus left did what they had to do & kept it moving, now everyting is taken to social media & “put on blast” Girl just remember like a phoenix you shall rise so no need to fuel the fire

  • family says:

    Keann how u so lie!!!!!?!!! Bout sirian ask u fi renew card.. when u were the one that called his phone talking bout you will pay fi him ticket so him can come miami cause u wanna renew him card and sirian cuss u off he phone and run u whey!!!! U all ah tell sirian dat u wanna tek pic wid him go send to immigration and u wha him open bank account with u and sirian diss u same time!!! Thank god him put u dutty liad ass pon speaker and three way him do it all in front him lawyer so dem can hear how u ah begg him fi renew card dat him dont want from you!!! Keann u is ah liad shelliann gyal….

    Keann u sent him child support paper and u never showed up at di bloodclart court and the judge throw it out!!!! U on fb and ah say him tell judge ray ray ray….when u didnt even show up fi di hearing!!!! U wanna tell people how him dont want to mind him pikney.. when it was u who call sirian phone and tell him that u send $50.00 for him at the western union and him must go pick it up!! And sirian cuss up u ass and tell u fi low him alone him dont want nothing from u… and this is de liesss u ah mek… just last week u text his phone asking him to send his card number so u can renew it and he cuss u again sayin him dont want shit from you!!! And now wha lie pon him. Keann u is a dutty liard.

  • Belly Bang says:

    Maybe mi different. But there comes a time when we get older, more mature and we grow through wi experiences, and when some man gwaan ah way, wi fi see dem but nuh notice dem. Prosper and move despite dem ways and nuh pay dem no attention. If di yute ah one which part him nuh have 2 shilling fi rub together, since wi dun guh deh already, just move on and thank God fi life, strength and the child. Cuss cuss and nyam up wiself naw guh mek di man better. If him shame tree pap down him will only get brazen and want pass him place

  • family says:

    Keann is a big LIAR

  • family says:

    Keann/kay… this big lie bout him ask u fi renew green card u really went and chat????… keann u sick. U seriously sick.

  • Lady love says:

    @Kay a don’t know u nor sirian I’m not even familiar with the suss but something else got my attention I notice a lot of young women are making this mistake when it comes to children’s nutrition I couldn’t help but notice the items in the refrigerator is mostly high sugar contents… assuming that’s what you’re showing your ex that this is what the baby is being fed…. I see soda’s, sunny delight, that coconut water is filled with nothing but sugar aswell, that Capri sun crap, the only things in that fridge sensible is the milk, Milo, water and the fruits. Children needs to be fed in a more organic form in my opinion eg. Juices should 100% juices, more fruits and veggies needs to be introduced at a very early stage, more whole grains, organic milks, more cheese, etc Yuh get the pic ….try and make better food choices for your child. Just a little advice nothing else to it…okay?OK.

  • Anonymous says:

    I know a lot of Hype Mon and 99.9% are Johncrow. They live off women and try to to go from one good situation to a better one. With one care who gets left behind. Most women know them for what they are, so I only feel sorry for the child. My girl you should spend less time blasting the man. And more time finding a better husband and father for your child.

  • ha! says:

    mi sure him did wutliss long before u breed fi him…unnuh woman muss learn sense and stop pick up shit and procreate wit it.

  • ISpy... says:

    Done him yes…some shit fi get put on blast. Him deh a Jamaica very often…wid Toya and other gyal oh

  • Berry says:

    Thank you LadyLove. That was also my concern as well. All yuh pickney do ah drink sugar Kay? No likkle food in deh fi nyam or nuttin? Aye Sah. BCW soon start tek weh unnu pickney due to the simple fact that you’re promoting and encouraging childhood obesity. And that’s a fact.

  • the realone says:

    lady love i agree with you 100% plus i know the chick and di man lef har because she is one sick girl ok she drive the man out on the streets. Not justifying the fact that he shouldnt be taking care of his youth he should and thats where he is wrong. anyhow kay needs to get over it and take care of herself and the kids and the next man she tek mek sure a one weh can help har out not a free loader.

  • wahdirassdis says:

    kayan but u nah take care a di pickney dem…. yuh a tek every man walk pass yuh a FL…. yuh dun nah gi di man di green card suh dun now…ur daughter is not the 1st a guh grow without a fadda

  • Jody says:

    Met no comment?? Lah dah dee I think yuh should, yuh fren is a mental case . Weh Lady ann deh fi come talk the tings she need to get her daughter some psychological help.

  • Pattypumps says:

    Is dis macka sirian weh di sick head chick a ny used to war over. Dem was featured pon di wall too. A him sed one?

  • Claudia says:

    (peep inna di fridge) Chubby still sell ?

  • Anonymous says:

    this bitch need fi low di man you vex true him a do him thing and you have nothing to do with it

  • Anonymous says:


  • ok says:

    I was thing the same thing @ Anonymous it looks like she and her kids only eat liquids. that’s not a fridge full of food. somethings not right.

  • Seet deh says:

    I think,she’s a bit sick in the head too,cah she dey a Florida,a tek ppl man,matter of fact,a buy ppl man,the man woman live a NY. dON’T KNOW IF SHE STILL A BUY HIM THO. BUT she’s sick upstairs,and she has no clue about keepin frens,and wen U drop har,she get mad….ABAYYYYYYY

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