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Greetings MET,

As always I’m reaching out to the #1 blog source for all things dancehall & Jamaica. Love the improvements to the site…the 2012 voting is a great idea!

My question….

Do you know EXACTLY how a letter should be addressed to an inmate being held at the Horizon Adult remand centre in Kingston? Does it have to be addressed to the remandee c/o the superintendent or just the remandee.

EXAMPLE: or nix the superindentant info? I’ve been addressing it directly to the remandee

Attention Remandee: John Smith
C/O: Superindentant X
Horizon Adult Remand Centre
68 Spanish Town Road
Kingston 11 W.I.

I’ve been writing to Jamaica and only recently discovered after the fact that I was not addressing the mail correctly, causing obvious delays in delivery to the recipient.

It’s a simple thing but it’s amazing that you cannot get a clear & consistent answer when you contact Horizon or DSC head office on the appropriate way to address a letter to a remandee.

The rules on correspondents to remandees/inmates is not available on the DSC site and calling DSC only gets you 10 different answers . Calling Horizon directly only gets you vague cryptic responses referring you back to the DSC head office.

Any specific info confirming how to address a letter from yourself or any of your readers; who have actually written to someone in remand and confirmed the receipt by the remandee would be tremendously appreciated.

Another tidbit….delivery time of a simple us regular international priority mailed letter to Jamdung is also an experience in patience and mystery. It’s improved as you responded to my then question a few months back but depending on WHO its’s addressed too, which in my case has taken much longer to be received by the recipients and seems to be inconsistent .

You would think mail being sent to a government operated facility too an obvious public figure would not take weeks to be received ….fausness is at an all-time high ( it’s only about biz opportunities people)

Continued success on your blog for the new year and much prosperity for the holidays!

3 Responses to DOES ANYONE KNOW?

  • Belly Bang says:

    The Superintendent
    Horizon Adult Remand Centre
    68 Spanish Town Road
    Kingston 11
    Jamaica, W.I.


    I think that will work

  • DWRL says:

    Mi try to stay far away from criminals so I wouldn’t know

  • TheOracle says:

    So what type of ”business” can u conduct with someone behind bars? KMT… go look a free man and leave the prisoner alone…

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