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9 Responses to JAY-Z WHERE IM FROM

  • Brightlight says:

    Ppl need fi realize sey Jay Z is a devil weh sell out him own ppl.

  • how

  • Anonymous says:

    He made it out the ghetto, he gave the lil west indian girl a chance, he gave first preference to the kids that live in the projects for the jobs at Barclay center, he rides the filthy ass MTA trains & he don’t have to, he may be the devil but he is giving back.

  • good girl gone bad says:

    Nah lie, Jay-Z is one driven man! Him did look kinda on edge down in the subway tho lol. Probably saying to himself this is risky as hell lol

  • ... says:

    Saw this and thought it was so cute, the lady famous too tan deh. She is a famous artist only in NY. I cyaaaan stan when people do dat come talk bout di man a devil, why? because him nah stan up inna Marcy an dole out money? because him learn di business & mek business decisions based solely on business? Jayz is the first that had an initiative to make water clean in one of the poor parts of Africa (as soon as I find it I sen it on) most of the charity stuff he does he doesn’t have publicity following him around to show “look at me I’m helping people” Unoo need fi stop this kind of mentality. Its so HANNOYING!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    we as black come in like crab inna barrel as one a we own a mek away is either dem inna drugs or dem sell dem sole or summen we need to stop dat low de man bout devil worshiper me ignorant fe sum a we

  • Enter says:

    to be honest jay z is not one of my favriote person rate im as a rapper an a business man. dont rate the fact im breed the gal an pay her an send her back a trinidad. im kinda suspect to me a feel im ito batty business. but after all said an done this is still inspiering to see a getto youth come this far. so regards of how i mite feel about im a got give im props for is acomplishments

  • ... says:

    eyn him neva breed her, she ketch a breed from smaddy dung deh when she did a chat to jayz…but if you notice he never clarifies any suss. Jayz who did well waan pickney mi highly dougbt him woulda do sinting laka dat

  • chattychatty says:


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