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Put it to him

God Never Fails


Godly people are always spiritual and the spirit of God never fails. It is the spirit that works positively and has an ability to enter even the bone marrow of the human body.

I remember the moment when I had prayed for a cancer patient. He was 11 years old boy. He was suffering from blood cancer and I prayed to God to give him Grace to live. God’s grace never fails and enters the bone marrow too.

I had been praying for people since many years. A pray is nothing but asking God to give Grace to others. Many people get new life when they recieve His Grace. Most important is that we live by His Grace alone. So, we do not need to give anything else in return of Grace. Grace come free from God and we never need to fast or offer anything to God in return.

God is not a fake businessman or a fake polician who would change the meaning of being God. God is a free giver. Anything that is free comes from God and since God gives us unconditionally, He never fails. Only unconditional love never fails, did you know that?

Well, the God of Grace has no name. We cannot put Him into any category of religions. If at all we want to know the religion of God, then it can be termed as ‘Pure Religion’. According to my belief, pure religion does not have blames, shames, offensive actions and it always results in the unity of all. Please read the article below for knowing more about ‘Pure Religion’.

Unconditional love never fails as it is written in 1 Corinthians 13:8, ‘Charity Never Fails’. This means unconditional love is same as charity and that is same as true and living God. There are many gods of our belief, however, the true God is the one that really exist. Such a God gives us peace because His Grace gives us mercy and that multiplies peace within.

Peace within is peace outside too. If you are running within your heart, then no matter what, you will never have peace. Running to and fro cannot give you stability. One needs to be stable to have peace within and that comes from the true God whom I know. I would say that if you know that the true God is through Lord Jesus Christ, then you are on the right track.

The God through Lord Jesus Christ brings Peace forever because He is the God of Grace and the one who gives Grace never fails.

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