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  • simplicity says:

    suh who fe yuh she fuck!?!?!!?!?!

  • This is juds sending this in because she breed fi jah and him nuh look at har after Stacey find out . I never hear this girl name call judz you need to stop look how far you gone and still ah carry feeling!! Is the Ooman husband larks man !!!

  • tis says:

    the only person she need to be carry feeling for is the sperm donor .I personal think its mess up .the girl didn’t make the baby herself ,so if wife find out or not he need to do for his child .I would not be with a man and not have him take care of this kids . it’s not the kids fault .these nasty man go fuck and not protect them self and then come home n want to fuck raw . a that I would be piss at u put my life in jeopardy .but if I choose to forgive him. the child would have to get something. this cheating thing is soooo risky baby a least no a days. So thankful for my faithful man and the respect we have for each other.

  • 0186 says:

    i have hear of a few man she have sept with in palm beach while her man was out of town .to the point she stop party a palm beach

  • I never hear that girl name call that is not true she always was a married women nd talk bout her man and sons stop it man ! The girl start party when she cath judz and jah in a car and she mash up the car !! She and the man come from far him to Ras rude and both to blame as much but judz a married women with no papers dem need to leave Poole man cause she reach a palmbeach and look the damn man and then go breed ?? She well do it for spite !! Now you want one scandal the girl character go sit in the damn corner !! That girl name never call pon no man stop it sender

  • Anonymous says:

    Who is Judz?

  • Kim says:

    Stacey is not with jah anymore she divorce him and went her own way so y’all need to leave the girl alone judz just trying to cause more trouble go hunt jah down so he can take care of your child.

  • TY says:

    come come come!!!! a wah unnu naah sey, a fi er man judz go breed fa????? lawd unnu need fi put up judz pic to, dem gwan like dem a goodaz to much, suh dats why judz stop go out, lawd have mercy, mi glad fi di pink wall cause all theeessseeee lovely tins i didnt knoooowwwwww, JUDZ U NASTY BAAAADDDD AND LOVE GWAN LIKE U A SOMEBODY, BUT ON THE OTHER HAND DAH GIRL HERE BAD TO ENUH A TRUE UNNU NUH KNOW, A SOMETIN MI SEE WID MY OWN TWO EYESS OOOOOO!!!!!!

  • Me says:

    Nothing negative to say. I always admire this girl and I like the way she carries herself when I see her out.

  • Judz gone a Newyork cause she could not give the husband the child cause she still never get the papers ! Stacey and jah coming from far far far !! She just start bruk out when she catch him with judz cause it was always she and him out in the club !!! Stacey did what most women don’t do she run him divorce him and moved on !!!

  • horney says:

    noooooooo sah run stacyyy file quick and yes who is judz

  • AND I CAN GO ON.. says:

    Good morning Met & metters, Before him even breed Juds a nuff things him go through and bear with Stacey.. a dat she fi get. The boy weh inna the back ground of this picture is her new man now, I saw them both hugging and taking personal pictures to take home at Orange&White the other day in WPB. She always been going out,thats a lie, him just never trust her to go to club in Fort Lauderdale only West Palm, because of her ways! she fuck with alot of his friends, even the top nigga in WPB and her was together for a longtime, while Jah in the picture. she just love fuck and she will tell you too. She talk sey she bored a Jah, him babysits while she party and fuck around. Dnt take her slightly is a deadly girl, very sneeking.
    Met you remember the video you had put up about last year November with WPB party “DIVAS AMONG DIVAS” thats her that was doing all the freaky embarassment things and talking in the video bout from when she sucking hood, she a expert.. Not even a month ago she was on here again, face to face with a girl on a wall, about to kiss!

  • OBSERVER says:

    unnuh lie bad doah caw a lie unnuh a tel pon di yung lady unnuh need fi chain up unnuh dawg oooo a mek em stap bite ppl (pussy bite, belly bite, batty bite) :nohope

  • Fucking idiots says:

    Duty low life palm beach Pple go look 3 jobs and com off a the descent fun loving Pple in a west palm it Stacy want to fuck are suck a fi har pussy leave all judging to god unnu not even knw nothing a bloodclat MET wat kind of lame site this if u allow Pple fi com up here an talk pure garbage look for real story Met so Ur page won’t be boring its a dam shame first of all there is no top nigga in west palm facts they are all wanna be’s and the few good ones very few is family man party no nice again because of this site these Pple in west palm hate on others silently hear bout this site and putting up others with no story behind it bet you them can’t call no name smh they are stupid Stacy real cool she is human so fuck a bitch if dem no like are

  • miss p says:

    a chrissy send it in cause she no go support har dance but wat a wayy palmbeac a mek met

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