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Hi Met,
Dont know if this wd be a good topic, but I was wondering how many have ever caught their parents/family members in the act.  Also, how did they respond to being caught.


  • fashiondoll says:

    Me go a me boyfren yard and when me go inna de house me see girl clothes a grung. When me head to the bedroom de bwoy jump up go thru de back door and left de gal inna the house. Me go fi tek up the gal clothes and lite dem a fire but the way how she look humble and shock me couldnt dweet. She nuh know de area so me jus lock de door and lef har tan up a roadside. A one yute a fi direct har how fi tek taxi find back har bounds

    From dat incident me seh me woulda neva go a no man me jus meet yard go sex because me know seh dat day me coulda kill har and not even har family woulda know whey she ded

  • fashiondoll says:

    Met me bad me jus a see seh a family memba/parent oooo

  • Anonymous says:

    Caught my parents in the act wen I was 7,till dis day inna mi mid 30’s mi still traumatize fi see mi modda a ride mi fadda like seabiscuit

  • Quiet Storm says:

    Good Nite all,
    When wi did much yungah mi cuzin did hav him girlfren who use to live close by an as him parents gone werk shi wudda come ova. We as pickni use to faas, so one day di bigga one dem call wi an wi peep chue di hole, but poor mi so innocent dem time deh si di sheet ah move up an dung an neva figga out wha did ah gwaan….anyway, dem hear wi an stawt cuss an wi run.

  • fashiondoll says:

    As a likkle girl me uncle did run shop next door to we so even when de shop lock a nite time we coulda still go ova deh go knock him up. So one nite me go ova deh and me nuh know a which devil get inna me, me go peep thru de keyhole before me knock. Me see him and him ooman inna de bed a dugguh dugguh while dem fully dress. The way how me frighten me knock de door hard hard and him ansa and come open up.

    Fi a long while before me start sex me always a wonda if a suh people have sex inna clothes ;)

  • Quiet Storm says:

    Whey yuh sey Anony? Alla nung yuh still dramatize?! Mi mee mi

  • OBSERVER says:

    Mi seh mi inna mi room a ja an ere mummy a mourn “uhmmm uhmmmm o richieeee o richieee” mi get up n walk up to mummy room “mummy wa happen mummy while knockin” ere she “gwaan gu lay down gwaan mama (interruption) ooh ooohhh ok baby guh (interruption) ooh whooo guh lay down me guh lay dug n stawt one cow bawlin tink mummy a ded wen a rudeniss a reach har culuu culuu mi sehhhhhhhhhhh

    :ngakak my daddy em nuh ez a raas em well still a beat di premises all wen she a talk she a interrupt bout har “ooh ooohhh” lawd mi a tel yuh sex is rly nice ooooo

  • Met says:

    a long time people a ride off face den :nerd

  • OBSERVER says:

    mi dareeeeeeeeeee

  • good girl gone bad says:

    Mi ketch mi parents bout two time inna mi life and just like anony mi did traumatize for a while. I was so mad dwl…from mi likkle bit mi always have .problem sleeping str8 thru the night so mi do a lot of roaming when mi fi deh ah mi bed. And dem tings reach mi smh…Dont remember really catching anyone else.

  • good girl gone bad says:

    serva yuh braze doh. I wouldnt dare knock pon di door! Mi just run back ah mi room lol

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