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Jamaican Marries Lesbian Lover
Published: Sunday | December 2, 2012 3 Comments

Tracey, Lisa and their friends on the wedding boat.
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Bashy wedding in Thailand leaves local model happy

Adrian Frater, News Editor

Western Bureau:As a child, Tracey Dawkins often struggled with her identity.

She knew she was a girl but unlike her peers, who began to show interest in boys in their teenage years, she was attracted to girls.

After leaving Jamaica more than a decade ago and experiencing life in countries such as St Martin and Thailand, the former Miss Jamaica World contestant, who had a successful modelling career locally, shed her Christian upbringing and fully embraced the lesbian lifestyle.

Last week, the free-spirited Dawkins, who is now a successful fashion model in Thailand, married her lesbian lover, Lisa, also a Caribbean national, in what she described as “an experience laced in love”.

“I have never been happier in my life,” said Dawkins, who once hosted a popular entertainment programme on a community television station in her Montego Bay, St James, hometown.

“As a child, I wanted to travel, fall in love and get married to the right girl, and that is exactly what has happened.”

When she was reminded that the vast majority of Jamaicans would be offended by her “lesbian nuptial”, Dawkins says most Jamaicans are hypocritical as the country is being ripped apart by crime and violence yet, “Jamaicans are behaving like homosexuality is the only sin”.

“I grew up in the Church and at the tender age of 13, I was molested by a deacon,” alleged Dawkins, a graduate of a prominent high school in St James.

“Today, men are raping eight-year-olds in Jamaica … people are being murdered daily and yet all the people seem to be concerned about is beating and humiliating people with same-sex lifestyles,” declared Dawkins.

“I now live in Thailand, a Buddist country of 70 million people,” continued Dawkins.

“Nobody cares about your sexual orientation; you are judged by your contribution to the development of the country and guess what? The crime rate here is almost zero … the people here have their priorities right.”

forced to hide sexuality

In reflecting on her teenage years in Jamaica, the outspoken Dawkins, who appeared in several music videos and radio and television commercials in the 1990s, said she was forced to establish relationships with men to hide her sexuality.

“I used to talk to boys, I even had quite a steady boyfriend at one time,” said Dawkins.

“However, on the side, I had a few affairs with girls, which I kept a secret.”

After leaving Jamaica for St Martin in the 1990s before moving on to Thailand, the Arianox Business & Technology College graduate said she felt at home in both countries as the people there exhibit the kind of tolerance to lesbianism which would spark hostility in Jamaica.

“Except for my mother, who only seems to have a problem with me being a lesbian when I am in Jamaica, I don’t think anybody close to me is either surprised or disappointed with the life I have chosen,” said Dawkins.

“Basically, I don’t care how people feel … I am happy and that is what is important to me.”

Despite being in a same-sex relationship, Dawkins is harbouring thoughts of one day mothering children of her own.

According to her, her partner is quite comfortable with the idea.

“We are thinking of using a sperm bank,” said Dawkins.

“The good thing about that is we will get a chance to select the race of the child I want … also (we get to) choose a person with above-average intelligence so that we have smart children.”

In looking back on her wedding, which took place on a luxury boat with all the trappings of a traditional wedding, Dawkins said it was an unforgettable experience, which has left her bubbling with delight.

“It was a beautiful experience … the wedding of my dreams. This was what I was dreaming of as a child in Jamaica but could not say it out because of the way things are in Jamaica.”

no religion

Unlike her childhood days when the fear of God and God’s judgement held her back, Dawkins has not only shed Christianity but she has refused to embraced any other religion.

“God … I am no longer a believer … I am atheist and I am comfortable with it,” said Dawkins who, in addition to being an established fashion model, is appearing in numerous television commercials and fashion magazines in Asia.

“Unlike the Christians, who live to die and go to heaven, I live because I have life. That is more fulfilling based on my personal experiences.”

Quizzed about whether or not she would ever come back to live in Jamaica, Dawkins readily accepts that the country is one of the most beautiful places on earth, however, she does not believe Jamaica is yet ready for what she is bringing to the table.

“I love Jamaica and I still have friends there,” said Dawkins, whose marriage is legal in Europe and Asia. “I will come back to Jamaica one day but right now, Jamaica is not ready for me.”


  • Original Goodas says:

    a wah she really say yassoo

    “We are thinking of using a sperm bank,” said Dawkins.

    “The good thing about that is we will get a chance to select the race of the child I want … also (we get to) choose a person with above-average intelligence so that we have smart children.”

    guess she not as smart as she seems…right now me know a chemist and a doctor very smart pple who has 2 kids and the daughter has 8 kids with 6 men and no job and the son is a crack addict. ur parents smarts don’t determine u being smart,,,

  • Tawkchuet says:

    It seems everyone wants a religion that conforms to their lifestyle when it should be the other way around. When some one says they haven’t given up God I instantly know that there are aspects of their lives that needs spiritual guidance and deliverance. So imagine if we all had free will n used it there would be turmoil n sorrow all round as we would all live to satisfy our selves n ultimately destroy the balance of earth like how lesbianism n homosexuality can end procreation. Will not bash this young woman this morning will that she finds God’s ever shining light soon that will exposed the many cracks and gaps in her life soon.

  • Anonymous says:

    see dat God statement deh……huh u soon kno mi dear.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Correction “When someone says they have given up on God

    Will pray that she finds

  • Anonymous says:

    Changes in society are always hard to accept, but wondering if these changes will lead to a better society in the future; we just hope so. The pictures on the walls as they are, are very worrysome. May God help us and guide us through the future.

  • SERENITY says:

    Mi neva give not even piece a shit bout what she saying cause dem a do dem until she mention that they wants kids……a wha do dem people yah man?…..oonu choose a lifestyle that cannot bring forth reproduction…tan deh…stay wid that & stop bring innocent kids into that…..fuck & be merry jus leave people good good sperms & kids alone…kmft

  • Belly Bang says:

    di ever present ring below di bottom lip…. :matabelo

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Serenity hello luv mawning see the hail di odda day mad love, belly bang mash me up wid the bottom lip ring a dat a di real decision maker lmao

  • addicted says:

    For someone to say they have become an atheist after growing up learning about God. That right there lets you know a demonic entity has entered their lives.
    Not condoning nor bashing the gay lifestyle in any way shape or form as they are the only one that can answer for their action when that day arrives but for this girl to disown God her life is already doomed without the stigma that is attached to be in a lesbian relationship.

  • eyecandy says:

    Im content that she knows its a sin…now she have have no excuse facing her judgement.

  • SERENITY says:

    Big up yourself chuet, love all around…..Jmg a go chueeeeeeeee,we love wi people dem…

  • .... says:

    I can’t with some of these people. Just like the ooman weh buss her ooman ass cause she hide di dildo an nah get her off propa. Dem LOST and Confused

  • .... says:

    Furthermore as a practicing Bhuddist it doesn;t have a thing to do with sexuality. It is about being one with self & living a peaceful & mindful life.

  • Real says:

    it really look like shi has a problem with christianity and thats y she is now a lesbian …..she is just oposing what she thinks is the power

  • good girl gone bad says:

    Mi haffi shout out OG fi dah comment deh! When mi read dat part of the article mi jus have mi wtf face on! This girl sounds superficial and dumb. She look like smaddy that just love attention. I never get how homosexuals always want ppl to accept them and their lifestyle but they wont accept other ppl’s beliefs and laws. Seems like a lot of u are the hypocrites!

  • gf says:

    from mi start read it mi know say some kind of dark forces had affected this girl life. Why do you want children when you choose a life that can not reproduce? That is another sign that this young lady is confused. Wo be unto them that know God then turn away from him and then have the nerves fi a fly up inna God face. Jamaica nuh ready fi you yet? Who are you? kmt You not even ready fi yourself much less a country of millions of ppl. Bun mi fi dem yuh see bout happy. You caan happy if you nuh have God point blank.

  • BABYGIRL says:

    Before mi read anybody else comment, Tracy you need to stop it; WTF???? When you were in Jamaica we know you were gay, you had your women and yes you were molested but do not, and I repeat do not cuss where you’re coming from, cuss where you’re going…..Yes mi like yuh and yuh cool and all, on FB before yuh guh Asia you were in Jamaica up and dung wid yuh oman, oh I mean man and you were never harassed or bothered by anyone, yuh ina Pier 1 a suck out Lisa tongue and nobody nuh see yuh. Why when unu get likkle publicity unu start bash JA, it nuh nice unu must stop it. Mi can chat because mi know yuh and a bare lie yuh a tell….KMFT!!!!

  • Jules says:

    I think she gave up on God not because of her sexuality, but because of the molestation by the Deacon.

    Jamaicans everyweh fi chute, didn’t no we had ex-pats in Thailand. Thailand and The Phillipines produce a lot of gay people fi some reason. A guess if you gay and want a stress free country to live in, those would be the top pick fi live in.

  • Belly Bang says:

    This girl has passed through a terrible ordeal, being molested by an adult in authority, something that many Jamaicans either over look or make excuses or even cast blame on the child. Maybe seeing that man in the church preaching on & on each Sunday, maybe hearing the high praises people have for him, or even maybe trying to reach out to someone for help and being rejected, maybe all these things have shaped her into what she is today.

    Rape, child molestation, petty larceny, scamming and certain other crimes have become ‘acceptable’ or ‘excusable’. But Jah know, when is it that we are going to take a mature and serious stand against these anti-social behaviour and appreciate that the we are trying to save the THOUSANDS of young Jamaicans who are out there like this woman.

    Mi naw condemn her, cause its not for me to do that. Mi just ah look fi see how we as a society can do better in order to encourage and uplift our young people, through mature thought, actions and discourse

  • Belly Bang says:

    FACTUALLY – many woman and men out there grow up in an environment where they are told as children ‘only chat when yuh spoken to’ & ‘big people always right’ and where talk of abuse of children is seen as taboo. Look how many girls are turned from their homes, sometimes by their own mothers, because they no longer want to sleep with the stepfather or the daddy. How many mothers find out about abuse and blame the child and the family rise up and say ‘kip di police outta dis’. How many.

    Di lesbianism, di marriage, mi naw lie, mi eye stuck pon the molestation business and mi say ‘how much as this contributed in making her the woman she is today’? :nerd

  • Belly Bang says:

    Suh ah which country di other 1/2 come from??? How come Jamaica one ah get loud up. Trinidad, Antigua, St. Vincent and di rest ah dem fi know if this girl belongs to dem. After ah nuh Jamaica one corner di lesbian market in the Caribbean. :nerd

  • sweet says:


  • BABYGIRL says:

    Belly I am an advocate for kids who are or have ever been molested, whenever mi si or hear sumting like dat it touch mi to mi very soul. With that been said, she was always open about her been molested the part I detest is when she is openly lying about having to hide her sexually because of fear of violence, that is a blatant lie…….I have seen her on many occassion with her girl and they were never bothered by anyone, dis mek JCAN look barberic….

  • Belly Bang says:

    Babygirl, lesbianism is more tolerated (to the verge of being accepted) in Jamaica than gay men. Any weh yuh guh & yuh see or hear bout di lesbians and dem lovers or friends, I am yet to see where they are in fear or being attacked. Mind yuh, mi hear the stories that are few & far between, b\ut attacks on lesbians aint the norm. All through the land mi deh & anyweh, from Kingston to Negril, dem ah do dem ting (meaning dem ah socialise wid dem ‘partner’;) and dem appear good. Suh mi agree wid yuh Babygirl, she nuh fi seh dat. :siul

    Di battyman dem now, fi dem more complicated and how dem survive and who & who tolerate dem is based on several factors including money and if the full moon is out. :malu2

  • BABYGIRL says:

    Belly Tracy come from Bay and a nuff fag mi know and mi nuh see dem a kiss up ina club but people know dem, and not a soul nuh trouble dem a street. Mi believe seh Mobay a run like Sodom and people nuh care, mi just nuh like hear de negative when mi know otherwise…

  • Real says:

    @bellybang is true and many of them were abused by the pastor or whoever in the church and di ediat dem nuh know seh di Pastor some time nuh have ating fi do wid GOD is a small change him a look

  • Ms.B says:

    Wow! I know Tracey quite well. I think age went by teh name Tease . She in Destra video , the one abt “roll it gyal …control it gyal” she went thru a tomboyish stage then went uber sexy . Oh well to each his own . Yeah mobay is kinda liberal. This girl wasn’t a known lesbian thu ey few ppl knew but many suspected. There are many lesbians couples living in .jamaica witout being harassed . I guess more people are just greatly offended by gay men. I wonder y , is it because of some fear that they will molest boys ?
    PS I haven’t heard abt any man gang banging a vulnerable person but I know of a girl in mobay who ws sexual harassed by a group of lesbians.
    I also know of a gay guy who was called a b*tty man by his supervisor @ a popular company in Montego Bay Montego Bay , the supervisor was fired and letter ws sent to all, employees that discrimation of any type will not be tolerated .

  • Ms.B says:

    Wow! Dem error deh tun up! Oooo well .apologies .

  • Ms.B says:

    Babygirl . I think I on,y saw her with her gf from St Maarten but when she was in mobay I never really saw her with any woman that I knew to be her. Lover. I can at thu she never need fi write bout facing harassment Bcus of her sexuality Dat a big lie . She always love attention . I guess everybody running in to say how they were prosecuted as a gay person in Jamaica Bcus it trendy ! I not saying some are not but I can’t say lesbians r being beaten. She hide her sexuality Bcus of her family Dat mi knw for a fact. This a one case weh mi truly believe the ” oh dem beat mi Bcus mi gay” is a ploy for attention .

  • OBSERVER says:


  • fashiondoll says:


  • EbonyLolita says:

    WELP Lesbian or not she couldn’t get a better looking mate?! Mi nuh understand dem nuh want man but get man looking oman! Oh well too each her own but mi nu quite understand it.

  • Anna says:

    So ummmmm it have nuff dildos selling in all different size too fuck who ever tekking de de fukkings, fire bun all sadamite, all lesbians, all batty man fuckde whole ah unno…. Is dat me ah say come and suck me Internet pussy now!

  • sweet says:


  • Very Blessed says:

    Mi know har daddy vex bad for wasting him good good sperm to produce dis yah ole nastiness… Dem is sickening………

  • ray ray says:

    She sounds more illiterate than she and her wife, not husband looks, of she knew anything being smart is not heredity, you have lawyers, doctors, teachers, chemist that bread kids that’s not smart much less intelligent, then you have poor uneducated mother and father that breed lawyers ,doctors ,presidents, teachers its about education and who wants to learn…why lick out against Jamaica when America and other countries dont suppout gays and lasbians either its called Republican against democratic if the Republicans had there way in America gays wouldn’t exists because it goes against the believe that a marriage is between a man and a women, God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve, dont be so quick to lick out against your nationality cause you never know when you might end up back there, you are absolutely right Jamaica isn’t ready for you, neither are you ready for yourself, and to be a atheist you have more problems than you realize, you choose not to be a believe, I feel God will spare some gays as they believe in him regardless of what the bible say but you being an atheist your a loss soul that is possess devilish trait, may God bless you and come into your lost soul

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