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Met, this girl Latty is from Canada. Latty swear she is a hot girl but she is not. She eva a run dung di spotlight and a look a hype or a buss in dancehall. She tried it with Sweets until Sweets run weh ar bloodclaaaaat and now she thinks she can get it by parring with other dancehall people..WELL Saturday night di gyal cum a dance wid STORE BUZZA pon ar clothes, pop it off ina di dance den tan ina di washroom an stitch up di hole DWL but is not a hole MET is a big TEAR!! She try fi hide it but she get ketch! SAY CHEESE!!!! No sahhhhhhhhhh WHAT A SHAME AND DISGRACE!


  • Shelly says:

    MET where is the pic of the girl? This makes no sense

  • OBSERVER says:

    u tan up n watch har duh all dat pullin…tearin…n sowin n nuh get no pic mi naw waste mi laff pon dis :travel

  • SENDER says:

    @Observer I sen in all the pics an MET only chose to put up this one mi nuh see di sense dat mek a betta MET did put up di tear up clothes an lef da one ya if so be di case…MET di ppl dem wan see the pic

  • OBSERVER says:

    oooooo okay

  • sassy says:

    yawnnnnnnnnn @ senda

  • fashiondoll says:

    Me sey di tief dem deh pon de increase. Dem nowadays hot gal record longa dan dem life :army:

  • *hide, read & laff* says:

    wey de pic wid de hole inna de frock….de pic wah senda sen in nuh mek sense….on to de next!

  • simplicity says:

    dwrclllllllllllllllllllllllllll de buzza big bad deh doah :ilovekaskus :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak why she tear it awf at the dance daoh is on har way she teef it ar she neva memba sey it deh pon it?!!?!?!

    bwoy dem now-a-days socal hot gal yah i tell yuh…… “sum atleast”

  • fashiondoll says:

    Send on de pics dem Met. Pls and tonks

  • 123... says:

    The picture is on nickfotoworks…. she neva duh a good job @ stitching it up…

  • A we seh party says:

    Latty and her stay bad fren dem tameka, shamaine, nasha and di rest of yah yah crew need to have a seat….i never see such stay bad ppl in all my life

  • coco krispie says:

    Sender thanks for putting this teifin heifer on blast…and met make stick by putting her pic up.thank you in advance

  • TRUTH says:

    who tief it for her,,mikey dem?lol

  • TRUTH says:

    jealousy is a bitch [email protected] we seh party,,,#deaden!

  • TRUTH says:

    kay,,nana..maya..empress,,mikey…jason..loudmouth kirk and any bady that hangs with dem all nikki hype she wash up,,,and dem can never never never never never look better dan dem ppl deh,,finish the convo

  • Anonymous says:

    why unuh wicked and bad suh i saw the jumpsuit on Asos that is the link and @ we seh party that nuh call for the people dem go out to enjoy their self i don’t know how look good and the people dem come into this. @ truth all that name calling and all that was said nuh call for either, how this who look good and who nuh look good come by this cussing over close is unnecessary. dance a fi people enjoy dem self a nuh fi who look good and who nuh look good. and @ we seh party nuh body nuh need fi tell nuh body fi guh sitdung party a fi everybody weather yuh look good to some people are u nuh look good to some, so get a life and stick to the topic.

  • FRE FUCK OFF says:

    Fre aka truth…. get the fuck outta hear.. everybody else look good except u..

  • TRUTH says:

    mikey me pan your page for years and u ah fool,,me sure seh FRE dont care for you but everytime ypu get one chance you pan the gal name ,,give it up battybwoy @anonymous y u pan har talking a bag ah shit

  • OH Please!!! says:


  • OH Please!!! says:

    Dis gyal teef di ppl dem clothes fi true I saw it on nickfotoworks..nobody cant tell me nuttn. If she order online how it look so? Mi sure dem nuh sen it to ar look suh…

  • OBSERVER says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Sender u sound stupid, even when u see prove u still a chat. It don’t make sense and if it don’t make sense is not true. If u send in the pic she talking off the buzzer in the wash room i will belive u. u wicked bad. smh

  • Truth # 2 says:

    Only an ignorant, low life cunt that have nothing better to do would put up a status like this (I’m about to call you out: Kay, big lip buffalo, Bumpa, the infamous mad gyal ** Change your name bitch cuz u aint have no bumpa , Nana the african bulldog, Maya aka miss piggy). Refer to the post that proved to you that she bought it off Why are you people so ignorant and bad mind. stop watch her and watch what you guys wear. It come like who ever sent this to JMG love latty cuz u people are forever talking about her. She doesn’t like front, long cocky she like.
    I rest my case. Good Night Bad Mind!!

  • OH PLEASE says:

    TRUTH#2 If di gyal order the clothes online WHY DI CLOTHES LOOK SUH? HOW UNDA AR ARM LOOK SUH? Are u trying to tek Di ppl dem pon di pink wall fi EEDIAT? OH PLEASE!! Pleaseeeeee tell di ppl dem why so much white tred bungle up unda deh suh… everybody name yu want a nuh dem av teefin tear up clothes ina dance rayyyyyy

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