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Met mi did give har the letter dat mi find and she still send for the man with my sista inna the house still, a so cum im f+++ har after him come live for good in the usa. Another thing is afta dis she buy a visa for a different man and yes send for a secound man. She claim she changed but she keep doing the same thing and afta a while, yu dont want to beleive but it becomes painfully clear, she is who u think she is and is not going to change even afta spending 5 years in prison selling weed and been deported back to JA


  • SERENITY says:

    If what senda is saying about madda is true….a she u call cayliss wutliss muma
    Senda i think you should get a responsible family member to discuss what is happening here cause this is a family matter…a disturbing one at that because an underage..maybe more has been molested. JMG cyaa provide the proper help…intervention is needed asap

  • OBSERVER says:

    smaddy need fi tek di pitney to safety caz di madda not providing a safe haven dis is sad

  • .... says:

    there are mothers and then there are baby carriers…. is what self issues this woman have mek she stay so. But there are always 3 sides

  • BABYGIRL says:

    Wat a wutliss cutliss..Dem mumma yah mek up different, a same suh mi know one wah live a Florida, de man and har have a pitney together and de man start molest de chile, de dutty stagnant oman guh ask him daughter wah she fi do bout it….Now she left her daughter wid her mumma and she and de man live a Florida. Mi seh unu day a guh come, all a unu wah sell out unu chile fi man… Mi hate unu bad, all lacka unu de mumma dem did fi swallow unu or dash unu weh ina rubbers……..

  • OBSERVER says:

    BG Florida agen?? No man a muss di eat :hoax2

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