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The young woman is 33 years old, from Jamaica ..What happened is that she found out she has H.I.V and has looked up everyone on facebook who has her name and told them they are cousins. She is blaming them for having to have to sell her body in order to survive and caught the disease by this means..Here is what one young lady she contacted posted on facebook.

31 Responses to HIV ALERT DETAILS

  • ice man says:

    this most be a joke. :travel

  • BABYGIRL says:

    But she mad!!! Afta a nuh dem tell har fi whore widdout protection… De only person yuh can blame a yuh self. Mi feel it fi yuh still but please nuh guh pass it to no innocent victims yah now; because yuh play the blame game so God bless who else yuh a guh tek it out pon…….smh!!!

  • Met says:

    she is on facebook I am going to message her now

  • Dwrl says:

    Lawd of mercy a pure mad people have Internet sevice it seems, mi no know but some stranger message mi wid dem fuckeries mi woulda affi read out her application feh har a rude she rude , why she never contact them when she did just a get THR fuck dem, maybe dem coulda supply har wid a fe packs a condoms. WEH she expect dem if even her family feh do now?? I know prepare for her funeral smh

  • Dwrl says:

    Yes met tell har we on to har but make sure she a the right person

  • EbonyLolita says:

    I know plenty or whores who use condoms……… Pray for her mental stability b/c the bad news drive ar to madness. She irresponsible BAD!!! :tkp

  • Met says:

    mi tell her its not the end of the world…maybe she is depressed

  • Dwrl says:

    But how we know WEH the girl up top a SEH a the truth, how we know anno friendship mash up and she a try tarnish the gal name?? Met other than the FB post did she send you any real evidence that the girl actually have HIV?? when me read it back it smelly fishy ??!?!?!?!

  • Met says:

    dwrl fishy how? u si di girl seh she dont know her n dont like how she approach her? the person who posted it on fb is abroad and the girl is in ja..they only share the same last name…I already check that out and they do have the same lastname

  • Dwrl says:

    You need an interview met and the list of men/women she has been with. How long ago she found out and what have she been up to since etc,etc,etc,.

  • Riches says:

    U see when ppl talk bout this most ppl dnt believe it’s a serious reality, now this is a case of someone who has coping issues, person must be severly traumatised having found out and simply nuh knw wah fi duh. Wi sarry fi hear but yuh cyah blame ppl if u were protecting urself u wudnt b in dis situation. Mi jus seh a likkle prayer cuz sumtimes Met wi nuh knw weh dem ppl yah guh chue enuh, poor ting goodly a mad smh

  • Met says:

    yes she is young with a daughter too

  • Dwrl says:

    @met ok so she a try SEH a because dem deh broad and never help har why she end up wid HIV?!?! that is some real bulshit, so she no have no family left a Jamaican ??

  • Met says:

    dwrl as riches says she has coping issues…she jus a vent maybe a little bit off mentally because of the news…nothing fi get too excited about

  • Dwrl says:

    She 33 she not dat young, 15-21 I would understand and feel sorry for her but she’s 33

  • Riches says:

    You see weh mi a seh Met, poor ting probably aguh chu hell, i’m glad u told her its not d end a d worl. Sometimes wi afi put crassness aside annuh everything call fi it @DWRl y u want suh much info?

  • Met says:

    she looks younger to me when I checked her facebook..I would say around 27

  • Hanimal says:

    Met I see that this all the time on BB with broadcast messages on who have Aids and other rumours. So be careful people like to spread lies against people they dont like.

  • Met says:

    Riches a dat a gwaan…a lot of people go through that stage when dem find out

  • Met says:

    Hanimal this case different mi know dem do that but this girl personally a message people..I messaged her so mi will keep unno informed

  • OBSERVER says:

    Met mi speechless :takut

  • Riches says:

    Met, if d tory really guh suh mi sarry fi har esp seeing she has a child, everytime i hear bout dese tings a part a mi wonda, God a cum fi im worl and we dnt knw someone who she could have trusted may have given her, mi nah pass nuh judgement pon dah one yah causen seh she soun mental, like it a fuk up har meds. sometimes celibacy is best

  • Met says:

    it is really very sad and in times like these u dont know how to comfort them

  • mouth ah massi says:

    wats her fb mi wah go fast lol

  • Lady love says:

    Hey met …..just curious ….did you see any of the messages as proof to say she’s really sending these messages ? cuz really and truly this story is off for me…. messaging people with the same last name that is kinda strange to me…sender can you send in proof of the messages she sent you just curious this story doesn’t add up to me…my opinion.

  • Met says:

    The sender only saw this person’s post on fb..I messaged the girl so Im waiting

  • Jules says:

    Di diagnosis meck har mental.

  • Ms.B says:

    Oh no! That’s so sad. I am sure she is just lashing out trying to reach someone who is hopefully “family” to comfort her. I too late now to tell her she should have protected herself. I hope more ppl reach out to her with empathy . It means so much to now we are not alone sometimes in our darkest hr.

  • Fyahwife says:

    Dis a some serious bloodclawt accusation pon blast so mi a go hole my corner :shutup: until di gal ansa Met

  • blackfriday says:

    this is truly ah sad case and tell her hiv nah kill nobody again. if you smart and take your med she cant out live all her own pickni weh she have deh

  • i am not surprised by this reaction. Most people when they find out typically go through all the stages: denial, anger, sadness, fear and then hopefully acceptance. The key now is for proper treatment. It is pointless to play the blame game when in a situation such as this. She needs to seek medical intervention: get on the right cocktail and also look to homeopathic assistance as they both work well together. She has to keep her stress level down or else this will accelerate the disease. People need to remember you don’t die from AIDS per se but from complications such as pneumonia and so on. It is critical that she has support and not ridicule this will surely influence her attitude toward herself and others. I counsel all walks of life and it is not any surprise to encounter people with the disease. I personally know someone who has been HIV positive for 20 years! He looks and is healthy and that’s due largely in part to him taking better care of himself. I hope that she knows that the only person who knows the final hour is God and not a single other person can say with authority that she will die tomorrow. We in the West Indian community need to stop being so ignorant and stupid and realize that this is a pandemic of such massive proportions! No one is safe! i wish her the best and hope that she seeks out the help that she needs and she gets a good network of support to help her through this! HIV is an interesting virus: there are some people who are carriers with a high T cell count and who live a long time without showing symptoms and there are others who within months succumb to the virus’ complications. Education is life and ignorance is death. Real talk.

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