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MEN ONLY: Things you should never SAY to a WOMAN.

They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus. This explains why most men have landed in trouble after their well intended complements get a very different reaction and sometimes the consequences of a seemingly harmless comment like you cook like my mother can be disastrous. Yeah it can be a reason not to get laid for sometime..

Below are 7 things men should NEVER say to a women.

1: Never even imply that a woman is fat.

Don’t do it, under any circumstances! Not even if: She’s bone thin. It’s a joke. She really is fat. She just called you fat.

It’s never okay! Women internalize that kind of thing much more than a man will, so if you call her fat, she will remember it for the rest of her life. It will wreck her self-esteem because women are taught that being fat is basically the worst thing they can ever be.

Maybe they’re too sensitive. Maybe they need to lighten up. But that isn’t an excuse for you to be a tad disrespectful.

If you want to tease her, find another way. If she really is fat, get a life and find something more worthwhile to talk about. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

2: Don’t talk about the women from your past, and especially don’t compare your current lady to them!

If you find yourself getting ready to break this rule, glue your mouth before it’s too late! No woman wants to hear it, even if it’s a compliment. If any of these statements are part of your normal conversation, drop them immediately: I’ve been with a lot of women. You’re hotter than the last girl I dated. Don’t worry, I’ve been with bigger women than you.

Save that kind of talk for your buddies because ladies definitely have no interest in your other conquests. Unless they gave you an STD.

3: Don’t compare her to her mother.

Even if a woman does want to be just like her mother, she definitely doesn’t want you to be attracted to her mother!

Avoid all comparisons whatsoever. You never know what she does or doesn’t like about her mom. She could love her sense of humor but hate her fashion sense! She could want to emulate her cooking abilities but loathe her parenting skills. If you don’t comment on any of it, you’re better off!

4: Never compare her to your mother.

There are few things worse than comparing your girlfriend to your mother.This will imply the following: It’s hinting that you’re attracted to your mother. Women tend to have a complicated relationship with their mother-in-law. She may hate your mother but hasn’t told you to spare your feelings.

Even if she is the spitting image of your mommy dearest, never say so. Keep it to yourself. Forever.

5: Don’t talk about how hot another woman is.

The girl you’re with is the hottest, sexiest person on the face of the earth. She might obviously not, but she wants to feel like you hold her above other women! Even if it’s someone completely harmless, like Angelina Jolie, I promise you that your girl doesn’t want to hear it.

It’ll make her insecure. It’ll make her jealous. Do you really want to have to deal with the behavior that stems from that?

6: Never ask a woman’s age.

This one is pretty obvious. As women get older, they start to feel like their body is falling apart. They realize that their looks are deteriorating, and they much prefer to think that nothing has changed.

So when you comment on her age, or try to fish the information out of her, it’s like pointing out that you’ve noticed she isn’t as young as she once was. There are two alternatives that can help in talking about a woman’s age:Either Guess that she’s at least 10 years younger than she probably is or Don’t bring it up at all.

7: Never call her by someone else’s name.

Women like to feel special, and one way to let them know that they mean a lot to you is to call them by their name. It’s an easy way to show that you care!

But on the flip side, calling her by the wrong name will show her that you couldn’t care less, and/or that you’re confusing her for someone else.

Not cool! Learn her name, and use it correctly. Trust me on this; she’ll really appreciate it.



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