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Title: Raga explains the Pamputae/Pinky kiss

Message Body:

Di big Pamputae mix-up

Prapa respek to all a mi Tambareen Fambily an mi Mix Up massive. An tun up di blessings pon all listeners of Ragashanti in di Mawning up ya inna Obama Lan, an listeners a Canada an di UK. An big up all a mi ghettoites linky-linky. Bless up to di whole a unu.

A mix-up mi say:

Well, by now all a unu know say di Pamputae mix-up gaan global. Di drama is all about di pitcha wid she an Pinky a kiss.

Jus fi provide context mek mi explain some tings first. Pamputae come fram Fletchas Lan an roll wid a crew fram dung deh weh name di Fabulous Girls. A di same Fabulous Matterhorn shout out inna di beginning a him song Dutty Wine.

Di Fabulous dem a par fram long time. Dem nuh blood related, but di whole a dem move like sistas. Is like a family weh everybady tek care a dem one anneda. Dem know dem one anneda fi years upon years. Dem very supportive a each oda, an wen one inna any problem di res a di crew always rally roun an help each oda.


A regula dem have parties fi celebrate birthdays. One a di Fabulous weh name Pinky did a have har birthday party wa day a one club inna New Kingston. Pinky did a drink nuff in celebration a har birthday, soh she did drunkish unda di liquor. Of course, Pamputae did deh a di party a support Pinky. Pamputae is also pregnant.

Apparently, Pinky wid har drunkish self did walk ova to Pamputae right inna di miggle a di club in front a everybody an staat emotionally congratulate Pamputae pon har pregnancy an a tell Pampu say a she nex – which is a very sensitive issue cause Pinky did lose a child. Pamputae, knowing how sensitive di issue is fi Pinky, staat to comfort har an a mek she know say everyting will be awright. In doing so di two a dem hug an kiss because it was a deep emotional and extremely sensitive moment weh fren-fi-life a support fren-fi-life.

Pamputae explain say she an Pinky nuh deh, an dat wen it come to intimacy, woman a nuh har ting. She naa fight gainst woman who goh deh soh, but dat she jus nuh roll dem way deh.

People, me know di kiss look a way, but why would Pamputae, a real gangsta dancehall artiste, deliberately goh fling on big kiss pon Pinky so publicly in front a everybady?? If a soh she did a roll unda di quiet, wouldn’t she be hiding it to prevent people fram find out?? Dem wouldn’t so open wid it. Da one point ya alone strongly support di argument seh Pamputae an Pinky nuh inna nuttin like dat.


But a bare tings people a mek up fram di pitcha. People a chat say di Fabulous dem a lesbian long time. An how di cameraman screechie pon him belly fi ketch dem roun a one cawna fi tek di pitcha. An how dem do threesome wid a certain popular dancehall artiste whose name me naa call. Dem all a chat say Pamputae an Pinky live togeda long time.

A BARE LIE DEM DEH!! NOT A TING NUH GOH SOH!!! A bad mind an wicked people who nuh like di Fabulous dem a walk an a mek up di lie dem, an a rinse bare almshouse weh nuh goh soh. Some a dem fi guweh an goh full dem belly before dem flush dem toilet!! Dem heart need fi know soap an disinfectant!!

A nuh di Fabulous fault mek dem a tek more man dan how Spanish Town road tek cyar! An a nuh di Fabulous fault mek some bad mind, heng-pon-nail dash out dem supm fi visa, an all now dem cyaan reach airport! A nuh Pamputae an Pinky mek Devon House grass know every muscle inna some a dem back!


A wa do some alien??!!

But pon a different note though, Pamputae, Pinky … dem trouble making crasses bwoy dem dung a Lan mus a give it to unu now eeh. Dem mus a draw bare card pon unu every day. Lol.

Big up Fletchas Lan straight!! Raga say dat!

Me a cut ya now. See unu Tuesday same place ya soh. Bless up unu self.


  • simplicity says:

    good morning met,metters,peepers nd others……….

    wen dis did fus guh up i neva sey a wurd cuz mi did a wait fe smaddy frm lans run in nd sey a line ar few but dat nay gwaan,anyways mi knw raga nd dem a fren nd him rate pamputae like dat worse chue she fiesty nd open wid certain things but in dis day nd age not even mi own pickney mi aguh swear fah…….

    congratulation on yuh pregnancy pamputae wid dat sed if pinky a di drunk wan nd yuh pampi de sober nd in comforting pinky bcuz she get emotionally remember her lost why not a hug,a pat on the back,head pon shoulder how de fuck kissing her aguh comfort her coming from de same sex nd a passionate wan at dat…….

    a bet if a did two man him response wuden be the same,mi a die heart raga listener nd all but mi notice wen ooman nd ooman a gwaan wid sum sexual antics de man dem we back it nd all tawk bout dem waan inna d mids but wen a two man dem memba sey a gun need to be loaded.

  • OBSERVER says:

    like di post seh WAT A WOL HEEP A EXPLAININ luk ere ragga like yu seh “big up yuh fren dem” :hoax2

  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    mawnin jmg simply thank yu :shakehand2 oh plz raga cuda explain til thou kingdom come….a picture is worth a thousand words pampy sober an a mek nex ooman buss big passionate kiss pon har smh not ina my cabinet b4 shi grab pinky an jus hug it out kmt

  • Anonymous says:

    Regardless of Ragga’s explanation, it seems to me that in that emotional moment Pinky’s real love for Pamputae came out….a drunken mind speaks a sober heart.

  • woooooow says:

    Eye shut and all …. We all know when ur in a deep emotional embrace you’re eyes are closed and enjoying the moment… Seems suspect to me Lol things that make you say hummmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Long fucking explanation indeed, even fi Raga standard, but den agen mi naw too cuss cuz mi si late las yr 1 man pan yah tek up 1 whole story wid a crocus bag a explanations in defense of a nex man batty suh dis is certainly not di worse.

    Now as fi Raga’s justification bout “di two a dem hug an kiss because it was a deep emotional and extremely sensitive moment”. Wud he be so accepting if 2 men shared that kind of kiss for the same reason? An gyal a breed nuh mean nutten where sexuality is concerned, a nuh ppl inna dem relationships an still aguh to ppl of same sex dem way deh. Dem mus cudda find anodda way fi share dat emotional moment. What about hugging? kmft Dem luddy.

  • Met says:

    cindy a dus one question mi have…..whats the big fus if a nuh nothing? enough already! dis jus a draw more suspicion

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Ahhhh, yuh seet Met! If smaddy come call me lesbian rite now, mi wudda seh “yuh mumma chat tuh much” an keep it rite along wid a big raws smile pan my face, cuz me know who me is, not be explaining or have frens explaining it. kmt

  • Cindy Royal says:

    *keep it moving rite along*

  • LUNDUN says:

    well diana king ave pickney and she is still a dike

    raga why pampu couldn’t explain diss harself? why u affi be har mouth piece?

    di fact still remain fi all who want si it, dem a rub cratches, dat is not an innocent kiss.

    an innocent kiss is a peck on di cheek, dat pic uppa top is a mouth 2 mouth resuscitation, pinky want give pampu di kiss of life

  • simplicity says:

    den raga really see pinky a swallow pamputae mouth weh perk up and sey dat anuh ntn…a bet if a did spice nd saw she sed pampuate wuda done dem nd sey nuh gal cyaan but dem lips pon har lips.

    not even matterhorn pinky kiss suh wen dem was dat is dem still not is.

  • Buenos Dias Metty Y Metters…….I don’t to like how the mouths look especially the one with the blue earrings. I’ve kissed my emotional girlfriend before but quick peck long embrace is usually how you console an emotional friend. The full on openish mouth…..not so much!!

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Murderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr big toss up ova Raga Lady Ann n ppl inna a war the ppl dem say lady Ann have on a oleeeeeee jacket n she oldddddddddddddddddd

  • WapDem says:

    BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!raga a chat. me like him allegiance doe. the passion n technique cant be explained away . no GYAL cant kiss me so OH

  • MiNuhCareEnuh says:

    Well it seems like this is the “new” way fe come out de closet…DEM AH FREN FE YEARS PON TAP AH YEARS….fuck dat. No friggin fren of mine drunk or sober CYAAN step to mi dem way deh….

  • Mattaznot says:

    A fuckery ragg a chat. Pinky look like r tongue done inna Pampu mouth long time. Di batty man and sadamite dem now-a-days nuh fraid fi show dem affection inna public. dem coulda inna di public eye likkle more.
    Dem get soh brite from di odda day.
    So what if she a breed afta bi-sexuality nuh new. Pampu di just want a choops based on how r mouth stay but pinky di anda r juice and mek dem secret slip.
    Mi ave close girlfriends who are like sistas and wi go through nuff nuff tings togedda but mi caan see miself a kiss one a dem pan dem mouth. a hug or a kiss on the cheek yes but neva the mouth

    Raga talk di tings dem come and tell yuh public why yuh feel the need fi defend dem soh. How yuh fi a swear fi ppls sexuality.

  • MiNuhCareEnuh says:

    Eyes close + lips seal = Passionate kissing for lovers. PAMPUTAE YU N YU FABULOUS FREN DEM READY FE JUMP OUT AH DE CLOSET MAN

  • Hanimal says:

    Raga a big pussyhole from long time. He like to tell lie and defend him fren dem. Mi naw bun out Pamputtae still. Its har life. If she wanna rub cratches its har bizness. Met you frighten fi know how much a dem female dancehall artistes a dweet quietly.

  • WapDem says:

    same suh MiNuhCareEnuh !!! all the MARSHA RIDGELINE she . dem sickening and gwaan like dem a prepz .

  • SERENITY says:

    Pam a mi dj….ragga a di mix up king but da explanation yah wrong up
    Mi not even a go speculate too long but a only God alone can come dung come tell mi say pam & pinky naw fuck. Pinky under har liquor & a so the public display come bout but from di pitcha you could see that was nutting new to dem……pam mouth was familiar playground fi pinky tongue…..a man & woman or lovers alone kiss so. All when baby from cash money did kiss likkle wayne,it neva look so sexual……ragga you lose da one yah papa

  • Fletchers Land Muma says:

    Raga a big pussy ole long time when it come to defending Fabulous Girls and lee Chin Girls. Raga is a big battyman long time and Fabulous girls and Lee Chin girls are all lesbos, the whole a we in Fletchers land know that. People unnuh need fi understand where Raga a come from why him ready fi give detail explanation of an incident that him wasn’t in attendance. Raga used to fuck Pinky, Pamputae and another one name Masha Ridgeline. Marsha man is a big time hustler from miami. Marsha a the one who lend Raga money when him get kick off a the radio in ja and was bruk as a church mouse. Last month Marsha man kick har out of him house because him find out seh she a fuck woman. The next day raga was in jamaica to console marsha.
    People, no matter what raga a guh tell unnuh and try fi cover up fi Pinky and pamputae, it is a known fact in fletchers land seh them gal deh a fuck them one another.
    Fuck the alcohol excuse, suh wah raga a seh, if him and him friend out a drink, its ok fi a man come push him tongue in a him mouth. Well we know seh raga push man tongue in a him mouth all the time, but that wouldn’t be cool with the average man.
    Raga is a fucking liad and the biggest fake ass you could ever know.

  • Highclass says:

    First of all raga say ah motion in the middle of a camera shot, to me raga ah defend him fren bc them eye shut like true lust as if u can’t wait to drink the other spit to rass,, this is a kiss a very passionate one the body all join up… Nuff said.. Met run the ting for yeesserday nuh

  • is him big fren dem suh dem call him fi ask him fi clear up the incident fi dem but it r not working……….pinky drunk and pamputae sober why she never STOP har if is not a regular ting,kmt very passionate in my eye sight eyes are close and all pamputaee nuh hav a lil boy already u a use pregnancy like that can stop nothing, Kool off raga you ain’t changing nobody’s mind from this, I’m sure even u puzzled!Dem soon send miss kitty pon RE.Tv fi clean up dem tracks!!!!

  • BABYGIRL says:

    Pinky look like a something wah she use to, dat explanation nuh mek no sense. Mi console mi friend with a big hug, no mouth to mouth, a because pinky drunk she figget how fi hide har true self Ina public, when yuh drunk it show de true desires of your heart.

  • OBSERVER says:

    yes BG same suh oooo

  • Met says:

    Babygirl mi neva think of dem as gay or doing gay things when mi first si the pic..the first thing that came to mind was how dem love falla and tink it cut but di bag a explaining is drawing suspicions ..jamaican people nuh know when fi mek tings die fi attention dem give what fi lef as is a bag a attention and in doing so it bring out all kinda tings whey people neva pay attention to before

  • MiNuhCareEnuh says:

    I just finish read over the article one more time cause mi cyaan believe say Raga ah try use him brain pon ppl. Raga, yu might have yu doctorate degree in ah anthropology so yu feel say yu can use reverse psychology pon ppl fe COVER UP YU FREN DEM SECRET WEH JUSS GET BUSS WEH. Raga said above, “People, me know di kiss look a way, but why would Pamputae, a real gangsta dancehall artiste, deliberately goh fling on big kiss pon Pinky so publicly in front a everybady?? If a soh she did a roll unda di quiet, wouldn’t she be hiding it to prevent people fram find out?? ” WHAT IN DARKNESS MUST COME TO LIGHT. YU NUH C SAY DE BATTYMAN TING PUBLIC NOW, DEM NUH NEED FE HIDE DEM FEELINGS FE ONE ANNEDDA (SO DOES PAMPUTAE N PINKY) Raga know say dem roll like dat LONGTIME. But him ah fool fe ketch wise…..

  • MiNuhCareEnuh says:

    Raga ah play fool fe ketch wise

  • Met says:

    minuhcare mi think a jus cause a ragga fren dem and him know dem feel a way him a try quell it…mi nuh believe seh dem ina rub cratches business.. mi jus seh everything dem si people do dem falla..jus like how pinkie did deh pan di sideway pose forever and ever

  • WapDem says:

    >faint wey<FLETCHERS LAND MUMMA? WEY U SAY? u kno de tings dem enuh . omg wey biggyDrewsland deh mannnnn?

  • MzBee says:

    body language says alot…the hand round neck says looks intimate..more dan a choops…so raga yuh cudda tek di nail outta Jesus hand an remove him from di cross..das more dan a peck..das a no know which one is which but di one ina di blue earring har top lip ova di next one top lip like how me kiss me husband…so it quite intimate

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Anon 8:44, yu said it bes. Dr. Stewart, as PH.d holda in anthropology which covers Human behavior yu know sey all that explanation don’t add up to much. What is presented by this imagery is more to be deemed as factual (method of observation).

    Dis is not no simple kiss. Women are affectionate but when we aren’t tolerable to certain situations we don’t embrass, set we head so and linga pon nu kiss- we save dat fi we man. Anon @ 8:44 already cover the result of true inhabitions while unda spirit. So Ragga a so de man dem fi operate to when dem drunk an a come from whappey kill phillip which mek dem tighttttt?

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Fletchas Land Mumma PAN POINT…highFIVE!

  • Met says:

    mi gone from dis topic mi nuh know y mi go read di comment deh…mi is rooting for ragga mi gone :tkp

  • simplicity says:

    raga dem may pitch yuh tell yuh sey a small shellings tek place oba yah at 12:09pm mi wuda like dem return cuz mi always a sey bad tuh bad there is sumtin abt de ppl dem name weh call everyday a use as by pass fe run joke espcially the marsha wan she she a de head master fe broking out ppl yuh sey wooooiiiieeee nuh pay mi nuh mind yah mi jsu a read and laff.

  • Met says:

    simply di people dem too bad dem have di pinky ting and ragga mixup a neva suh mi hear a heard ragga was with one of them..a tink she name annakay I am not sure though it may be a rumour but mi nuh think him did deh wid pampe dem ..but dem a fren…fletchers lan mumma mixup bad bad mi shame :nohope:

  • kgn13 says:

    a fool raga teck ppl fah,if wicker man did kiss a next man like this,and say him sad cause barkey get slap way,how it would a go.

  • Met says:

    13 how wickerman ?? barkey?? mek a peddal :tkp

  • simplicity says:

    good question 13…….met a doah knw a jus deh yah a read nd tretch out dwrcl nd yuh knw bad tuh bad as much as raga nd biggy hab dem fall out best b-lev yuh nah get shit outta har bout him weh may seem steep mi wuda luv she leggo har mouth doah if dem a tease pampy nd pinky a lans dats all

  • Regula says:

    Goodnight everyone, If Raga was my lawyer I woulda fire him cause him not making any sense with dat defence. I love Pamputae but it dont look good fi real. I have GGFriends an even doe they are open with their sexuality, they still dont kiss infront of people, because they know the average Jamaican wud take offence to such open display of affection. Based on dat, I could accept the drunk defence but it still look fishy.

  • Met says:

    simply di people dem bad :nohope u too good oo

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Kng 13…is always a thumbs up to de gal dem. Mek a man do anything close an see de reaction. Man dead pon spot while international bran get fi explain fi de gal dem side a things. yeah me born two hours ago.

  • simplicity says:

    pamputae yuh have a small thing cuming wen cum back frm it off it yuh lie down nd a minute spare JMG a small interview with met 10 questions ask nd answer wud be great at dis mumz.

  • Met says:

    simply u have di ten questions dem prepare up?

  • Regula says:

    [email protected]:53 dats correct, a wonda why di person left out dat? dat mek everything dem say sound lie.

  • ISpy (With my two big black eyes) says:

    We want Fletcher’s Land Mumma….she just come drop in the escallion and gone so…come stir the pot nuh mums!!!!!!!!!

  • Met says:

    regula because dem always have an agenda ..I dont like that mi cyaa do whey dem do eno man…..

  • Met says:

    Plus ragga eva bruck when him lef radio…aftah radio cudden really pay ragga him always a work like do shows and suh ..regula is a good laugh still but dem fi stop lie pan di people dem when dem come talk

  • kgn13 says:

    nix ragga can fuck off wid him phd.nuff a dem a hype pon this educated trip,like me good friend madda always say,a no every body can ride high horse, smaddie affie deh fe lock the gate.friend greet friend wid a chups pon dem cheek,no shut eye and suck tongue ting.

  • Regula says:

    Met an all now dem nuh call di queen sadamite name, cos dem fraid a har.LMAO

  • simplicity says:

    1.How are you today Eveana,just a mess with you how things Pampuate?!?!?

    2.If its okay with you i have read where you are expecting a second child,how is the pregnancy thus far?!?!?!

    3.What really went down with you and the pinky kiss?!?!?!

    4.You think your people/fans will look at you any different?!?!?!

    5.What was going through your head after this went viral?!?!?

    6.How is pinky taking it since its been out there like that?!?!?

    7.Anything new coming from you where music is concern?!?!?

    8.Being that this as happened and is now the talk of the town if it was some other female entertainer would you look at it the same way you want others to look on it the way it went down with you and your friend.

    9. Ragashanti said his part you think his explanation made it any better?!?!?

    10.Last but not least how far along are you?!?!?

    something like dat :-/

  • simplicity says:

    de bruck part wrong fe real a neva dat mek him cut a chue him a deal wid a law suit him tan suh back wid dat part and him seh afta all is sed nd done him wi get back to it…wan thing wid raga as educated as him be him dont behave as such by flinging it into ppl face him is a ppl person nd can relate tuh

  • Fletchers Land Muma says:

    Raga fi gweh and stop think seh him can tek everybody fi idiot. If him a do mix up him fi do mixup and stop mixup other people and quick fi come defend him lesbo friends., ……..because him a fish to.
    Wah inna a dat deh kiss deh fi deny. Raga think seh pink wall is his mixup wall weh him can delete any post and picture wah him nuh want.

  • Met says:

    u a mixup yah now and a mixup ragga and jmg..doe seh whey him nuh seh how u a go seh him deh wid pinkie dem and a nuh true and bay tings?

  • Met says:

    I dont know what unno get outa mekking up one bag a lie and come dash out one long book like a true..unno good nuh bloodclaut :travel

  • Met says:

    Talk and seh him and dem a fren and him a defend him fren dem ..nuh wrong nuh deh desso but u come involve other people unno good oo

  • Regula says:

    Pamputae seem to be quite ok on fb. so I dont think she herself is taking this too seriously so mi nuh have a ounce a energy getting worked up ova it. If it was anybody else and mi mean anybody else, we would talk and speculate so dem must expect dat and to me most ppl just a talk bout di pic and naa really talk bad bout pamputae cos at the end of the day, she is a genuinely nice person and dats wat matters to most.

  • kanye east. says:


  • WapDem says:

    WHO memba when raga say him would a stop do him show and lock dung him 2 fb page dem if biggy and solid buss a certain mixup bout MARSHA RIDGELINE? and all now dat mixup no buss or mention EVER again. Now it all mek bludklaaawt sense

  • MAMACITA says:

    When mi emotional mi want a hug….not a kiss. Worst when mi a bawl an nose nawt a run dung mi face. Chuuups…..mi want a hug. A nice teddy bear hug. Maybe a squeeze or two. A shoulder fi rest mi head pan. Noooooooooo gyal lips pan mine. A coulda mi mummaaaaaaa. Dem too wukliss.

  • Hanimal says:

    yow Wapdem mi memba dat mixup on the wall it was about some pot from macys raga did gwan like a pussyhole when him find out seh biggy have some gunman links and smaddy did get rob and kill fi $50,000 US. and that drama reach on his wall. thats how raga and biggy did fall out cause he didnt want anything to do it that mixup.

  • GrandyNanny Version 2.0.12 says:


  • GrandyNanny Version 2.0.12 says:

    Where are my mannazz??
    Good evening fammmiiiiillleeeeee
    Mi n and out like a ninja…. Bu mi deyah same way…

  • latty says:

    A from. Mi a watch dutty fridaze and see this pampute girl mi smell lesbian no hard feelings tho to each is own and mi like har song pat u pu$$y an call u man name …but a publicity stunt this right now the way things a run the gay thing large a ja and it only ago get worst u watch dancehall tape dem now an a backwords everything ago gal a wine up pan gal an all a kiss like dem 2 yah dem a get a hype outta this wether good or bad all ragga to. All when the pic is there fi prove question and escuse deh deh all the fake baby weh inna har belly weh nuh born yet. Coulda see this and tell u a thats y dem so tight dem a sex

  • Met says:


  • Met says:

    hanimal rewindddddddddd

  • Met says:

    U si Ragga wall, it neva have a limit, people mixup yes and can play cuss but u do haffi draw a line where people nah go cross …biggie and di next one neva have no right fi bring Ragga business or mixings pan di wall..Remember is nuff tings people call Ragga wid n him hold it down just because a limit haffi deh deh mi glad mi neva know bout dis ooooooo

  • NoMan!!!! says:

    Raga pick and choose who fa mixup him buss and who fa mixup him hold dung. Dats why him lose sumuch fans affa him page . He is bias!!! diffrant rules fi diffrant people

  • Met says:

    Well mi nuh deh pan di page like dat fi know di dealings but ina di business u have to can play your cards and dat a go mean seh somethings u haffi jus hear and leave it and some u can bus it depends on what it is..a nuh bias cause that…people haffi trust u fi give u mixup and in bussing out all what people will hold ur integrity to will make people not trust u and mixup wont come in..

  • Hanimal says:

    that why mi rate Met cause you no bias .you nuh fraid fi dig deep inna the mixup. Raga keep too much friend and company and he always gonna defend him friend. mi use to listen to raga but mi find out how fake he is with him bagga lies and fuckry that why him always getting in trouble with people suing him and if you notice withing the last 2 years him been on about 4 different radio stations. him mek a whole leap a enemies too.

  • Met says:

    Hanimal Jamaican media complicated so mi cyaa too blame Ragga….di same people that will be for you when di mixup a gwaan when it backfire they will help to chastise you..Jamaicans nuh stay like farrina at all dem tek di tings dem real personal so that will force media people fi form allies complex…I dont know Ragga like dat nor him fren dem nor what go down

  • Met says:

    I si nuff a dem entertainers deh will send in tings and when dem name reach di wall a judgement..all of a sudden dem doe read here and all that..a jus di way a di majority but mi notice u cyaa too fren dem because they are really two sided….as a story drop ”oh mi cyaa believe u put mi pan di wall” den dem get amnesia bout dem celebrity status and that none of this is personal.

  • DivaNista says:

    This is when you say… Don’t piss Inna mi back and try tell me say ah rain. Summary tek weh Raga mike please and mek him exit stage left. After we nuh ediot. Those ladies are in love and showing it passionately.

  • Lipstick says:

    met di person weh a chat bout sleep wid pinky an borrow money when him cum off a radio an how di man bruk a tell one bagga lies, pinky an mattie a fren, weh raga a do wid pinky, an raga like a next one in di crew weh a like pinky sister caz di whole a dem move like family fi choo, dem too lie an bad bout di man bruk like church mouse, unu fi stop it

  • Met says:

    lippy mi did haffi laugh dem good

  • Lipstick says:

    dem more than good, damn lie

  • Anonymous says:

    OH DEAR!!!!

  • kaskas says:

    :cystg luk how Pam well n pushup har mouth to nuh

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