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Title: Raga explains the Pamputae/Pinky kiss

Message Body:

Di big Pamputae mix-up

Prapa respek to all a mi Tambareen Fambily an mi Mix Up massive. An tun up di blessings pon all listeners of Ragashanti in di Mawning up ya inna Obama Lan, an listeners a Canada an di UK. An big up all a mi ghettoites linky-linky. Bless up to di whole a unu.

A mix-up mi say:

Well, by now all a unu know say di Pamputae mix-up gaan global. Di drama is all about di pitcha wid she an Pinky a kiss.

Jus fi provide context mek mi explain some tings first. Pamputae come fram Fletchas Lan an roll wid a crew fram dung deh weh name di Fabulous Girls. A di same Fabulous Matterhorn shout out inna di beginning a him song Dutty Wine.

Di Fabulous dem a par fram long time. Dem nuh blood related, but di whole a dem move like sistas. Is like a family weh everybady tek care a dem one anneda. Dem know dem one anneda fi years upon years. Dem very supportive a each oda, an wen one inna any problem di res a di crew always rally roun an help each oda.


A regula dem have parties fi celebrate birthdays. One a di Fabulous weh name Pinky did a have har birthday party wa day a one club inna New Kingston. Pinky did a drink nuff in celebration a har birthday, soh she did drunkish unda di liquor. Of course, Pamputae did deh a di party a support Pinky. Pamputae is also pregnant.

Apparently, Pinky wid har drunkish self did walk ova to Pamputae right inna di miggle a di club in front a everybody an staat emotionally congratulate Pamputae pon har pregnancy an a tell Pampu say a she nex – which is a very sensitive issue cause Pinky did lose a child. Pamputae, knowing how sensitive di issue is fi Pinky, staat to comfort har an a mek she know say everyting will be awright. In doing so di two a dem hug an kiss because it was a deep emotional and extremely sensitive moment weh fren-fi-life a support fren-fi-life.

Pamputae explain say she an Pinky nuh deh, an dat wen it come to intimacy, woman a nuh har ting. She naa fight gainst woman who goh deh soh, but dat she jus nuh roll dem way deh.

People, me know di kiss look a way, but why would Pamputae, a real gangsta dancehall artiste, deliberately goh fling on big kiss pon Pinky so publicly in front a everybady?? If a soh she did a roll unda di quiet, wouldn’t she be hiding it to prevent people fram find out?? Dem wouldn’t so open wid it. Da one point ya alone strongly support di argument seh Pamputae an Pinky nuh inna nuttin like dat.


But a bare tings people a mek up fram di pitcha. People a chat say di Fabulous dem a lesbian long time. An how di cameraman screechie pon him belly fi ketch dem roun a one cawna fi tek di pitcha. An how dem do threesome wid a certain popular dancehall artiste whose name me naa call. Dem all a chat say Pamputae an Pinky live togeda long time.

A BARE LIE DEM DEH!! NOT A TING NUH GOH SOH!!! A bad mind an wicked people who nuh like di Fabulous dem a walk an a mek up di lie dem, an a rinse bare almshouse weh nuh goh soh. Some a dem fi guweh an goh full dem belly before dem flush dem toilet!! Dem heart need fi know soap an disinfectant!!

A nuh di Fabulous fault mek dem a tek more man dan how Spanish Town road tek cyar! An a nuh di Fabulous fault mek some bad mind, heng-pon-nail dash out dem supm fi visa, an all now dem cyaan reach airport! A nuh Pamputae an Pinky mek Devon House grass know every muscle inna some a dem back!


A wa do some alien??!!

But pon a different note though, Pamputae, Pinky … dem trouble making crasses bwoy dem dung a Lan mus a give it to unu now eeh. Dem mus a draw bare card pon unu every day. Lol.

Big up Fletchas Lan straight!! Raga say dat!

Me a cut ya now. See unu Tuesday same place ya soh. Bless up unu self.


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