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batteyman bambam by metshani

20 Responses to IT SOON BE DONE

  • simplicity says:

    We’ll soon be done with troubles and trials,
    (Troubles and trials. In that home)
    Yes, in that home on the other side,
    (On the other side, and I’m gonna)
    Shake glad hands with the elders,
    (Lord, and)
    Tell my kindred good morning,
    (Then I’m gonna)
    Sit down beside my Jesus,
    (Lord, I’m)
    Gonna sit down and rest a li’l while. :kr

    yah ooman nd ntn nah gwaan fe yuh nd me weh a try fe be ooman tings a gwaan fe me…kiesha my hole tight and wen hole get slack mi throat hole and if not mi nose hole yuh knw mi caan laff :tkp

  • simplicity says:

    suh phone hole him have …… mi caan stop laff no man dis c-rus,she nah pop she drop a wah yuh shock :ngakak :tkp

  • Too much says:

    Sprinkling holy water……….my poor ears

  • Fyahwife says:

    “She” READ dem ………..a baaaaay :ngakak

    No sah dem no easy

    ” When one HOLE get loose “she” say she move on to the other HOLE ” ……a “she” fi tell uno

    Met if a kin ova in yah today

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Wat a mess eh man yuck matta of fact which hole him a talk bout.

  • mi tell unnuh fi lef dem battey man yah alone fi dem mouth cut round suh.DEM HAVE AND AH USE ALL THEM HOOOOLES NOT ONLY FI LEARN WE TACTIC BUT FI TEC WE MAN DEM TOO, ah we jamaican woman teach them fi trace and gallong up. seet deh it outah control now pon wi and ah tumble dung pon wi, and ah tek we man in light and in DARK. WE MEK DEM FALLAW BACK AH WI AND LEARN ALL THE SECRETS WEH WOMAN BORN WID. THEM ADAPT IT LIKE COMPUTER. AND IN OUR ARENA NOW. NUTTING CANT CHANGE BOUT THE MATTER. WE JUST HAVE FI LIVE WITH THE MESS WEH WE HELP FI CREATE BY LOWING THEM FI EXIST.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    :ngakak mi shudden a laugh but……a baaaayyyyy! Wat is rong wit yuh? :ngakak

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Did he say him choww di phone gi him “pickney dem”? __________________________________________ poor children

  • Riches says:

    mi sey one a mi co-worka mek i listen it dis mawnin, all i afi seh is yuh si dem shit pits here lol, him seh im nose ole, nopes i r :travel Keisha ole nuh comfortable, an look a weh him good ole gi im to nuh one phone lmao

  • simplicity says:

    cindy mi sey mi try not to but i cuden hold it in dat him sey of course while sun a beat har a spanish town him inna ac ..bwoy kion guh sleep wid man nd have him a done keisha ..libatty at its best

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Hey, Simpli, Spanish Town sun nuh nawmal enuh dwl. But is how him ask “wat is wrong wit yuh?” like him really wah know weh wrong wid Keisha. But him right still, Keish fi gweh, shi know seh shi deh wid a batty fucka, suh weh shi a come gwan pan di man fah choo him batty get him betta value? kmt A cyah manij dem yah man.

  • Riches says:

    no sah a weh inna simpli comment up top fi dislike? Mi nah loie sum a oonuh bittah bad, all now i a dwll, but tell yuh bout dem dutty man yah weh dibble and dabble inna shit and a sex oman, i cyah manig

  • simplicity says:

    riches doah luk pon dem………………cindy him draw out the word nothing long mi nearly drop,him throw bolt 2 inna him bak yard suh a iphone him have nung :ngakak

  • A YA SO NICE says:


  • adwa says:

    bwoy keisha….u have it pon yu. i wouldn’t wish that phone call on my worst enemy.

  • Baby Sham says:

    I was utterly disgusted and felt violated has a woman when I initially heard this VN. I’m not homophobic, but when they insist on flaming in the spotlight like this they deserve anything they get!

  • Anonymous says:

    Gosh man….ain’t no laughing ting caz dis can happen to anybody….poor Keisha pussy shit up deh now….dem tinz ere mek do I fraid aman mi naa lie….ole nastiness…can u imagine getting a phone call from yuh mate an di mate is ananda man…..mi naa laugh man….Jesus is nearer than we think….halabashamba!!!!!!

  • YAADMan says:


  • YAADMan says:


  • Met says:

    babysham I agree mi did feel a way after neva funny to me after a while

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