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Dancehall artistes Ninja Man and KipRich say they are willing to clash at Sting this year, but only if the money is right.

Ninja Man, aka ‘the original one teet, gold teet Don Gorgon’, is now demanding that Sting promoters pay him $10 million for the clash.

Although he has been paid his deposit, Ninja Man says that was his performance fee, not a clash fee.

“Mi nah clash nobody till Sting gimme $10 million. Mi see nuff man a charge five and six million fi clash and none a dem nuh bad like me. Mi a di undisputed champion fi Jamworld. Dem pay mi fi perform, not fi clash. If dem nuh shub out mi $10 million, then mi nah clash,” Ninja Man warned.

With rumours circulating that he would be clashing KipRich, Ninja Man stated that he would only be passing down his Sting title to the artiste.

“KipRich a mi son, mi a go pass down mi title of ‘Clash King’ to him because him a di only one whe can take over from me. Him have the capability and the will so mi a go gwaan guide him.”

KipRich, who recently collected his Sting deposit, says if he is given more money, then he will definitely be clashing Ninja Man.

“Mi nuh want so much like wha Ninja Man a ask fah. Mi nuh want so much money fi make no duppy. If dem top up mi money den mi ready fi clash Ninja Man. Mi a di new clash king. Foot a go kick a Jamworld,” KipRich said.


  • simplicity says:

    sting nuh all dat agen but dese promoters tend tuh behave like dem dont have nuh money wen dem very much do suh, if dem pay de international awtist dem-dem big money deh why not the locals dem as well especially the veterans dem..i dont wrong ninja man him knw him worth nd nuff a wi as jamaican luv bawl out but afta him nuh mek nuh song lately or hot like wan time but as a 80’s or 90’s music play a it wi up unda more dan de 2000 on.

    ninja man is a smart man wen it comes to making money but spending it rite is him downfall.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    :ngakak @ $10 million….. I just kaint :ngakak

  • simplicity says:

    mi still a wait fe hear a uh much tommy lee get :cd

  • Cindy Royal says:

    But how much have they paid Ninja already? I never heard the figure.

  • Riches says:

    Simpli while i hear u, 10M? no sah Ninja Man too brite lol, mi lub im still but 10M ludicrous btw a how much ppl guh a sting suh? i doubt Laing mek any profit afa Sting

  • Hanimal says:

    I bet Joe gonna pay Ninjan Man the 10 million easily.

  • yoko says:

    su a wah kippo sing mek him can clash di don gahgan?

  • Anonymous says:

    Kippo a. Better dj fi ninja no match.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ninja Man a murder, why continue to give him an audience. We need to remember a yute is no longer of this world due to this thug, masquerading as an artist.

  • cc says:

    leng bin a rob di man dem suh a nuh nuttn if dem a ask fi big money now…10 mil kinda steep thou…hey simpli killa goodly hear di figure weh tommy a get an a wullout fi more cuz yuh know him naa guh too happy knowing tommy a get more dan him lmao tink him easy

  • A wha do dis bumboclaat clown doe sah?? Eeeedyat, humble yu raasclaat self. Di likkle attenshon yu a get since yu get bail ah get to yu head? Yu leash short fool, mine big people pull pon it. Fukkin numbskull.

  • Anonymous says:

    Can anybody name 5 of ninjaman songs.i would pay not to ever see ninjaman proform.just taking space in dancehall

  • ja says:

    Them need fi add super car to sting line up

  • ja says:


  • DFDR says:

    HEAR WHA! a bere joke ting gwaarn a sting, right now there is no bad clashing artist to hold any crowd a bere stupid gimmics fit to entertain a 5yr old…

  • Justsaying says:

    Some a yall comment really had me shaking my head i mean mek it be the boys to men or some old crew from america back in the 90 and yall would say pay them what they want…..yall crazy ninja man at least the money i get spend back inna fi we country and not going back a USA we better off than we…..yall think these promoters dont have money are them nah mek nun from the show guess what if nun never deh deh dem would not do it all this time much less keep having international artiste weh dem haffi pay one bag a money….the man done his time in the business and as crazy as him come off sometime yal know seh him clashes a the best so why not pay the man accordingly…start uplifting your own suh we can all rise together

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