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69 Responses to DEM NEVA LEF OOOO

  • Bakkle says:

    She nuh look like much a spend pon har though, or she just need a stylist

  • OBSERVER says:

    luk ow em slightly put em han weh em tink di camera naw c dem ya man ya :hoax2

  • Oh Dear says:

    i don’t think they went out together, it look like him jus buck her and tek a likkle picha!…..

  • kehkemkem says:


  • omg says:

    Kmt…..At least Asafa a knock off all the black beauties than be seen with this much olderwoman

  • SERENITY says:

    As long as bolt continue win all di race dem fi Ja him can deh would anybody him choose :siul

  • Anonymous says:

    Of all the beautiful local citizens inna Jamaica him own up a immigrant..dont care about her color but dat still bothers mi

  • NoMan!!!! says:

    THis no mean dem deh . Maybe dem just kool n a hang out

  • Jus sayin says:

    Lubica is a nice hardworkin girl…..i like her x

  • Tawkchuet says:

    A one question mi have is where him find time fi service all these ppl. Dem man ya bad sah!!

  • Buenos Dias Metty Y Metterssss……YEAAAAAHHHHHH Lubieeeeee, don’t just f*$k on the edge, fuck and tek ova :) They look nice together!
    @Serenity…..thats what I think everyone’s focus with Bolt should be……WIN THEM RACES PAPA!! :2thumbup

  • zippy says:

    Lubica a one nice girl! A Canada gal dem and Canada gal fool like wah..suh him can give har bun wid

  • SERENITY says:

    Buenos dias Quena….that’s all me concerned bout enuh causen mi cyaa tell people who fi love,slap or date……mi just know him a do a damn good job at plastering Ja all over di world & that’s good enough for me

  • sett gud says:

    not a bumbo bloodclaat claath claatthh, a neva dem im did a draw round a house back fi fuck, wey dem did dey wen im tired and wann massage, wey dem did dey wen im wan sumbody fi listen to how dem a badmind im, wey dem did dey wen im wann sumbody fi teche im de new move wey dey a road, not a rass claath claath claaath mi sey, im belong to JA, is a JA ooman/people raise, nurish and support im an im nay turn im back pon wi a pussy claath like wi no gud enuhh fi im now an if im do wooooooess be on to im, go a all a the 14 parish yu mush find summaddy, no yanky to wi tink unless yu no mek it yet, awho……

  • sett gud says:

    a dem same ting ya promote de bleaching, cuz wi tink wi haffi light brite an damn near white fi wi own man fi lov wi, Usain u fi memba say a black ooman, support, promote and raise yu and luk wey yu dey now eeh, show lov to yu people and yu Country cuz wi feel sum type a way wen wi si yu naw pree wi an a gwaan like wi no matta no more, wi gi u lov an support an wi feel lik yu lov wi bk too chocolate skin and all, black pickney dem pretty too, yu heard, luk pon yu, yu no tink yu handsome being black, yes yu are, so no ramp wit me, 14 parish arite top to bottom u wifey await. to whom much is given much is expected tell de world yu lov you skin colour and yu people and no let me dung

  • Anonymous says:

    i’m pissed because not only Jamaican but black men in general, as soon as dem get success is a white woman/ becky dem go pick up!! like seriously??? smfh i’m very disappointed in you Usain #ThatIsAll
    but as everyone keeps saying, just keep winnin em’ races!!! but mi a beg yu please, dont be another statistic, find a nice likkle black, sexy girl settle dung wid man, draw back fi Mitzy, all now idk why yu leff her.

  • Marlet says:

    his life his rules they look gud together to me and the girl look gud to me they way she look dnt determine if money a spend pon har, they girl might be smart and a lock weh the money a black ppl alone waan show seh dem man a spend pon dem wid clothes and hair

  • ice man says:

    big up bolt. life is so funny at times before bolt be come a super star bolt was this tall black ugly rass county boy but from the man shock the world every thing change now him no ulgy again fi some a unno why you think both run go chat to over sea girls? i can related to bolt ting i remember when i use to live in st mary jamaica growing up i could not chat to some gal way did think seh dem all that dem use to run me rass bout black boy move your dutty rass from yah so well met things change me get a little bus and fly out come back in a the place 4 years ofter big hosue make and a driving big benz the same girls dem way use to run me now dem start fight over me lol life really funny me just fuck dem and cut kmt so unno leave bolt star make him fuck who him want fuck.

  • JohnnyBigHood says:

    @sett gud — DAYUUUM. Yuh sound BITTER no rathid. Take two panadol ULTRA and try cool off di thing. Yuh a mek we yaardie look kinda fool fool wid dem talk deh. Are u saying he and all other successful black men should only talk to other black women? Think bout it.

    Quick one:

    – Di comment bout ‘she no look like no money spend pan har’ show that some ppl just not getting it. Check the real rich people here in Jamdown or around the world, they do not flaunt/SHOWOFF their wealth and riches. No BHUTTO to mi thing, yuh zi mi.

    – ONLY IDIOTS BLEACH. SIMPLE. STRAIGHT. I’m convinced that the bleacherz dem really psycho cuz they are bleaching to please themselves.

  • Tweet says:

    I have mixed feelings on this topic- on one hand, I understand where people coming from when they say as soon as a Black man is successful, him tek up a white woman but on the other hand, mi nuh feel we shoulda bash him cuz he’s with a white chick…do we bash Black women who marry/date white men? Not as much. Furthermore when men become successful and start to attract women who never woulda give dem time of day when dem did bruck, they are not going to refuse di pums. Mi a woman and if mi a did a man in dat situation, I sure wasn’t gonna refuse it,lol. As for the whole “immigrant” issue… I don’t think that should be an issue…whether white Jamaican or immigrant, isn’t a white woman a white woman?

  • kgn13 says:


  • JohnnyBigHood says:

    @ice man – YO, REAL TALK.

    I think this is what these ladies don’t realize. If yuh nuh inna di latest fashion, big car, and spending to match, dem no have no time fi yuh.

    One of my friends had the same problem back here in Jamaica, meaning, MOST the women scrutinize/CRITICIZE everything about you on the outside, without trying to learn what’s inside. Regular thing for us men (and yes the innocent ones too) go a dance and yuh coulda deal, yuh caaan even get a ONE dance fi di WHOLE night unless yuh a TOP man or yuh ting TUN UP.

    When him lef and go a CANADA, him learn salsa dancing — SINCE THEN — him only talk to WHITE GIRLS (mainly because the black girls in CANADA do the same thing like back a yaard), and sometimes can dance with up to 20+ girls in one night. DAT COULD NOT HAPPEN INNA YARRD.

    OUR WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL, SEXY, ETC, but MOST of dem have issues. Now runn-einnn in and flame!

  • LadyWoW says:

    She look nice and simple. Instead of bashing bolt, I think woman need fi step outside a di box and date out of their race/culture.

  • Set gud bustfu you bleach because u have low selfesteem, the rass man sex life no have a rass to do with u. And that yankee chat cut it out bitch, unno no have nutten bout. Unno a dat mek unno tun second choice. Stop the fucking noise. Anno the gal mek Unno(mi a Jamaican to no get it twisted, ) no want unno, a dat shitty ass ignorant ass attitude


  • sett gud says:

    @Johnypusshhole if u hood did big u would’t haffi promote it cuz mouth no stay shut it open every day. YESSSSSSS mi bitta than cersi and crossa dan Bounty killa so cum test mi cuz mi nay promote fuckery so cum

  • Little Willie says:

    @ Ice Man…… sed way suh it guh. Real Talk dat. Remind dem seh dem neva used to chat to yu right afta dem swallow….nuff sed.

  • Little Willie says:

    @ Ice Man…… sed way suh it guh. Real Talk dat. Remind dem seh dem neva used to chat to yu right afta dem swallow….nuff said.

  • sett gud says:

    ooman a bleach pickney from birth and a tech dem no fi lov dem self den dem is dis iconic figure a wife up white ooman like white is right, an being black means yu r less than not = to , cum johny etc others mek mi spread out pan yu like butta cuz mi no giv a damn bout like or dislike

  • kgn13 says:


  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Bolt have a RIGHT fi de wid who him want. De girl NAH badda not a soul. As fi de immigrant and white versus black oman…really??? Jamaica have all sorts a people. From de rate a how black oman dem a bleach de man might as well go fi de real thing.

    Me see onu mention Asafa, yet de ‘black’ Indian mix oman belly did have name a call pon it, and the rate a ‘dunnings’ whey tek place yah so pon all sort a Jamaican black oman Bolt have no choice but fi de wid one oman that is FAR remove from de dutty wata suss. Has long as no one a dem daily dancehall krebie whey get fling up pon yah regula more powa to de man.

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    kng13…yu sure a money crazy yu wan fi sey or money CRAVEN? lolol.

    Poor man money wud a spread from mada to all three times remove cousin and closet full a things. Den not to mention them not knowing them self when it comes to him business relationships with females….

  • simplicity says:

    1333333333333333333333333333333333333 :peluk

  • Some just dont get it people have their own opinions and are FREE to Love WHOMEVER they want. One life to live, LIVE YOUR LIFE AND ALLOW BOLT OR ANYONE ELSE TO LIVE THEIRS FOR THAT MATTER. Get your life!!!!
    Lubie you look happy and I’m sure thats with or without him….cause yuh ah live!

  • @Phanthom…….dat mi ah tawk bout!! Smaddy finish your mantra for me…OUT OF ONE____________________________________________

  • Or is it OUT OF MANY_________________________________________________ :)
    Yo no sabe.

  • kgn13 says:


  • simplicity says:

    deh yah a gwaan pree how de wehdah?!?!?!?

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    …One People… o uno el pueblo. Todos locos…lol Mi espanol rusty…

  • Anonymous says:

    A lot of Jamaican women get upset when their men date anyone outside of them. Even if the lady was a black Amercian it would still be a problem. Just be happy that he still bigs up JA.

  • does she have jamaican heritage? i so mek we go easy pon har powwwwww!!!! but I knew they never left,it was only a public stunt as the olympic was coming up. Not hating on this young lady one bit, but at the same time bolt are your own jamaican ladies no good for ya? just draw back fe mitzy yaw star, a she deserve the earnings£££££££. a good girl wey did support you from scratch, no be one of those wey sell out. a love sed speed!!

  • OBSERVER says: debate. Let me say this quote “Out Of Many One People” means we have MANY people in ONE people to choose OUT OF. Anyway, a person is free to choose whomever they please. On the otherhand, PEOPLE MUSS MEMBA WEH DEM A CUM FRAM….dislike all unnuh wah MI CARE 0000000. “wok a hous bak, gyal up di lane, gyal roun di road, HS preps, HS sweetheart, Prep shool babes all a dem gud enuff fi boast an showoff wid wid r widout fame n status SUM MAN FI NOE DAT!! As black women we are readily offended but I say this to you my fellow black women….yield not to the temptation of degrading Usain. Rather ignore this because this too…shall pass :)

    Note: A ope wen di yawd man dem fuk unnuh a lef unnuh doah dawg dem caz man a man wedda race, color r creed cazzen seh unnuh 8 di yawd ooman dem but unnuh quik fi fuk yawd man :travel

  • @Servah……….don’t you say that shit, not all of us hate yaad ooman (speaking for myself although many t here think I do). You married to a Spanish man and I hate to assume but I don’t think Spanish Women hate on you as the shade I get erry time I step anywhere that the majority are Jamaican….that is until they get to know me or I start to attempt to speak patois and they laff me tuh scawn :) Love who loves you….ah so mi feel!

  • KeshaDaZZle says:

    Some of you need to live in the South to see how pale ppl really view you. The younger generation will mingle and mix, but trust and believe their parents and grand parents will never accept you. They look down on you, always have and always will.

    The min, they get in a argument. She gonna think dumb n**ga in the back of her head!

  • OBSERVER says:

    Quena don’t say that shit! He ain’t spanish he’s Dominican. It was nice of you to say “not all of us hate yawd ooman” that’s it right there, speak for yourself!!! Hell yeah I’m hated on the only thing saves me is the little ass I’ve got and the fact that I’m a shade closest to theirs. Let me point out that I never said anything about hating the lady in the post mi seh an mi repeat a hope she n oddaz memba seh em is duss a man wen em mess up an nuh badda class em as yawdie otayyy :)

  • Tweet says:

    KeshaDazzle, you made a point whe mi haffi agree wid….I have observed dat when yuh friends wid some caucasians, and even some other non-Black minorities, it’s all good til you and dem fall out or something goes missing- di first ting outta dem mout’ is black bitch and goddamn nigga…smh

  • LadyWoW says:

    I agree @ Ice Man some ooman rally have it twisted, dem nah ting about a man weh have ambition, pride and a mind of his own. Pretty car and clothes dont mean nothing it is just decoration, Some man nu have a pot fi piss in and threw clothes and hype some gyal really pic dem up and carry dem home.

    Da Thing is dat man nah carry some gyal home and wife dem up, dem picky. Women need to be picky and pick wisely, based on morals and a good work ethic. All dat superficial shit dont matter, and wen puppa lick u know u have smady strong wid u. White, black or whateva as long as di person loves u and u share a common goal

  • j says:

    @iceman at 11:03 so mitsy neva deh wid him when him ugly?…me see ugly ugly man get pretty gal a yard,a wonder how jamaican woman dem nuh yet rich since dem only want man with money, a wonder how so much unwanted kids born especially fi corner boys weh nah work or man weh love dance or badman cus a lot a woman just want to see 2 chop inna yuh face and dem inlove…yuh know what is unu problem man pon a hold feel like every skirt dem chase dem fi get all when unu have few already. yea unu might look some and nuh get but even duppy have smaddy out deh fi dem….me run weh man nuff time simply because i dont feel anything for them or i already have a boyfriend…and pls all over the world yuh have women love money a which set a woman did a drain tiger woods pocket oh boy unu bias sah…observer big up yuh self…and write weh yuh wah write cause weh yuh say a true..when di man dem slip up u aguh hear say a dutty yardy buoy…funny because one thing mi notice with yard man a foreign when dem get a woman from a different background…she could be english or american as long as dem a foreigner…dem c worship dem like a di best thing since slice bread lol unu fi stop it…

  • Class says:

    I am a beautiful black woman #beentold, and I wouldn’t deh did Bolt for love nor money because he’s just not my type. he’s a great athlete and I am proud of him. Mi might not have million$ like him but mi alright did the likkle weh mi got so no Bolt fi me.

    If he was with a ugly black girl unu would say the same thing so let him be. All him haffi do is don’t marry nobody til him sure cos a white woman can become VERY BLACK after marriage; in terms of the “loving money” part.

    and oh, I AM JAMAICAN!

  • OBSERVER says:

    Bless up yuhself ‘J’ :)

  • @Servah….Point taken, I’ve made that statement to my Husband before “you Jamaican men” :) If your Husband is Dominican as in DR…..Dominican Republic then yes his ass is Spanish :)
    @some of the other bloggers… honest to yourselves, many have said and thought when in an arguement with a caucasian woman “this white Bi*ch” so it goes both ways. I’ve never thought or said the N* word because I find it hurtful when used in any context, but yes I’ve also gotten in many arguements where I have said this black bi*ch, whats funny at times while defending a black friend, guess it’s programmed in all of us.
    Continuing to love who loves me

  • OBSERVER says:

    ayeeee mi seh di lickle quino is dominican otayy i refuse 2 believe oddawise all mi beautiful blackness duss shade em up nice nice nice em luk like dis>>>>> :malu2 well tanned :)

  • j says:

    @class so when yuh say white woman can become black in terms of love money part…a weh yuh a say a black woman alone love money?because if that is becoming black… a must dat u a say…so when di white woman dem go clubs weh the footballers dem go so dem can sleep with dem so dem can o blackmail dem or sell them story to the press a nuh love money dat to…or weh dem do tiger woods…first of all dem a gold diggers like anybody else and even worse because when dem a tek a nuff cause a lawyer dem say so u can gwane speak fi yourself…i dont wrong black women for wising up and want money cause a dem wash,cook and clean and actually there for u through thick and thin.mi know nuff man weh a nyam out women pockets and a laugh bout it.. so unu gwane talk bout women ,women kmt

  • sett gud says:

    Luk ya kno photom phenix mi kno wey yu a talk bout cuz a pure shit yu a talk boiut but mi granny still have a pit tiolet, since a pure shyt u a talk yu waann the address talk quick

  • sett gud says:

    move yu bloodclaat yu cant talk to mi, a up mi a luk not dung yu caant talk to mi unless yu over 5″5 yu betta off a get brik/coke stuff inna yu pussy. wey de bloodctaath yu kno bout struggleinlg bitch

  • Berry says:

    I guess Haitians are Spanish too! :travel

  • eyecandy says:

    Observa a yah yuh deh a trace…???

    The sight if them too is depressing..i guess the anger stems from notnowing if its a true love match or if its just another tale of a successful black man dating this white woman as a s so called status symbol **shrugs

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Yow setgudd! which part a my post yu a tek offense pon? Whey yah call me out bout? ME DID A CHAT TO YU? Me neva utta a wud inna yu direction unless whey me type pretain to yu den me can undastan de bunup feelings….

    yu see since yu regula pon de board me ago gwan like yu neva did a address me cause I’m certain MET would not welcome har constant log ons acting like wildabeast pon dem one anada. Me can roll wid de bess a any wild dog and because I am well aware of that fact I’ll pretend sey yu is a online mad mavis an ignore yu fi de sake a Met and the other regulaz who may become repluse from whey yu a try fi draw me inna .

    Calm down, remember this is a public forum stop trying to become duppy conqara pon line…you’ve proven yu point yah badgal an me a sprat…otaaaay I get it. :hammer

  • Anonymous says:

    @ Quena, Dominica and Dominica Republic are two different countries…plz luk it up

  • Met says:

    Puerto Ricans and Dominicans di spanish ones are rivals so she shudda know di difference

  • DivaNista says:

    So him left pretty girl ride or die know you before you have nutten girl…. Mitsy and go deh wid me wouldnt piss pon you if him was a fire hydrant and never come with fame… Lubricant? Even him madda muss disappointed

  • PPL busineSS says:

    FUK U USAIN DUTTY BOLT…ME NO CARE HOW MUCH DISLIKE ME A GO GET AFTA DIS I=UNU GO CHUK OFF,,,MET me hate c when a BLACK MAN get likkle status n den go pik up a white gyal fi be by him side cause me kno if never a WORLD RECORD BRUKKA dis bitch wouldnt gi him d time n d day, dats y me LOVE OBAMA cause unu no c MICHELLE a straight black girl if dat de head de no perm it go nappy laka fi me 1 ya….#BLACK COUPLE ME SAY

  • PPL busineSS says:

    @ICEMAN ole a decent FUKOFF cause a no every yaad gyal a d same – a true u attract SHALLOW GYAL mek d sed gyal dem whe did a try look no gi u d time n day but as soon as u cut go farin n fwd dem gi u d front, may b a true u mouth did stink dats y dem never fuk u but wen u go farin get use to mouth wash n flossing…#just saying- –MITZIE did de wid him long time b 4 him start tun champion so me no kno whe u get u story dem from, as fi me me would a never fuk him cause him just no look right him look short a somen n me wuk me own a money so me no suppose to still a fuk man fi dem tings, USAIN fi go find a nice girl dem bloodcloth DUTTY HIGH SOCIETY DUTTY WHORING GYAL DE FR UPTOWN wussa dan d SKETTEL dem DWN TOWN – once again USAIN U N D DUTTY SENIOR CITIZEN FUK RIGHT OFF

  • ice man says:

    @PPL busineSS 9:54pm. why it bun you so dutty bitch can you read? i say some of unno i didn’t say all jamaican woman are the same you sound like one ignorant market bitch. clam your fat ugly ass down. me know why it bun you man you get fuck from a hype man and the man cut. @met sorry for my words.

  • PPL busineSS says:

    @ ICEMAN dnt come pon ya n lap u frock tail please n tanx its not a good sign u ere, nutten no wrong if me get fuk n duk by a hype man me na b d fuss nor d last is a mutha fukin cycle…which is clearly not d point at hand , u a come pon ya a gi u sorry life story n a try style d gyal dem whe never waan gi u nun n a intertwine it in a d USAIN saga which is clearly not d same – n now me see y no gyal never a fuk u wid out u pay dem, cause dem fraid u tek d fuk n cuss dem…dislike all u want #care 0

  • Mekagirl says:

    All I wanna ask why Lubica deh wid him? isn’t because him have money, him popular and is a celebrity? Look how much man inna Ja quote on quote whey unnuh call ugly, same built like Bolt etc…why she neva find one? why is the ugly one with the money she find?

  • Class says:

    @J>>> notice the quotation marks? Just going off what was mentioned before; that is that black women esp Jamaicans love money. When u say “speak for yourself”, what exactly do u mean? also notice that I declared that I would never be with a man for money! that is equivalent to selling punny and once it’s been sold it nuh belong to me again! find out from d gyal dem who sell it; after the first transaction dem cyan stop then the value depreciate like a LADA! Go inna JMG archive and look pon the groupie dem from D’angel go right down to Javanna! Look pon Kim Kar also, the amount a men she fuck!!!!! From Reggie to Ray J. and she still huh rich like ZaZa Gabor; cos d ting n”av noooooooooooooo value ya now so when she sell it she haffi give brought did it cos she done! She sell heart, soul, and batty hole!

    Mi good did d likkle whe me have and my pocket never fail me yet. Counting my blessings.

  • OBSERVER says:

    candy mi a cuss no oooo i’m not ooo mi inna church like lady saw :angel

  • Met says:


  • Samantha pretty says:

    Him ugly so he have to look a white woman to bring him off.

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