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Title: killing of humpy

Message Body:
met mi jus waan sort out dem dutty bad mind hypocrite ppl deh weh did a talk bey tings seh humpy a murderer. met everybody know seh humpy annu murderer, and mi couldnt answa di nasty hypocrite espute caz mi internet did cut off. but met humpy a good youth. a 2 time him get a chance fi guh a farrin and him come back caz a him 2 youth dem a jamaica. nuh body nuh know humpy as nuh killer. dem youth deh jus listen to dem music and tek care a dem family. met mi nah ask nubody, even the police weh come a di crime scene after dem kill seh him know seh di man a good man. di same night before him dead di police dem inna di lane and humpy seh him glad fi si di police dem caz at least the place inna peace. sum a dem cowad jancrow weh a chat off dem mouth betta stop hide behine dem computa a seh weh dem a seh. as a bystander a di whole ting mi bend fi si a innocent youth just dead fi nutten. if di youth did wanted him wouldnt inna him house a sleep wid him woman and 2 pickney. and all di germs a chat dem caan name one man weh dem seh humpy kill. humpy nuh deserve fi dead dats why di ppl dem a protest, and him nuh have money fi gi nuh body, a just humble youth a suffa inna di getto. dats why di killing a jamaica caan stop becaus sum ppl nuh care bout other ppl life. just tru dem lose fi dem family dem waan si other ppl bawl to dem nuh care if it right or wrong. dem a crab in barril met. same way jamaica police dem kill di youth dem a central village a di same ting gwaan wid humpy. jamaica need fi stop kill di innocent dem if dem an deal wid law. dung to di same police dem admit seh dem get wrong infamation. dat mi a seh

Met dis a youth name Humpy from mckoy ln weh di wicked police dem kill off. di brown youth in a di middle widdle the plat up hair. him a nuh murderer met a good youth and all who chat bout di youth fi dead lef him pickney dem a sum bad heart people weh nuh like getto youths. Humpy aka donavon johnson a peaceful youth and dem need fi stop spread rumor and mek di police dem a get weh wid murder. mi a ghetto youth miself suh mi a try fi mek a difference suh di police stop kill off the ppl dem. clean heart wi seh.


Romantic, Tenament for Claro/INSPORTS final
BY GERALD REID Observer Writer
Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ROMANTIC United of Kingston and Tenament Youth of St James registered contrasting 2-0 wins last Sunday and will square off in the final of the CLARO/INSPORTS All-Island Community League Football Championship.
The Kingston champions defeated Crook’s Street United, also of Kingston, at the Constant Spring playing field, while the St James winners tagged the St Ann parish champions, Ocho Rios Sports Club, at the Elletson Wakeland Centre in Trelawny.
Romantic United players celebrate a goal against fellow Kingston side Crook’s Street United during their final-round game in the CLARO/INSPORTS All-Island Community Football League at Constant Spring last Sunday. Romantic won, 2-0. (Photo: Garfield Robinson)
Meanwhile, the Grand Final will be played on Saturday, May 28 at the National Stadium beginning at 3:00 pm with the third- and fourth-place play-off game scheduled to start at 1:00 pm at the National Stadium. Both teams will be boasting unbeaten records entering the final.
Crook’s Street, who went through the round-of-16 as a qualifier, quickly applied pressure on Romantic through flowing passes produced from Jermain Thompson, Oneil Marshall, Sheldon Foster and Victor Robinson. However, they failed to convert a number of close calls inside the penalty box.
After weathering the early attacks from Crook’s Street, Romantic came into their own with some smooth-flowing counter-attacking plays. A long ball that went over the heads of the defenders found Kemar Woodley, but with only goalkeeper Jermaine Frazer to beat, his shot went straight to the custodian, who parried it onto the crossbar.
The ball, however, was kept in play from the rebound and another shot from Gerald Reid inside the 18-yard box deflected off a defender for a corner. Reid’s shot from inside from the corner kick deflected for yet another corner. The ball was eventually clear from the second corner taken by Romantic.
From a swift counter-attacking combination, Damion Taylor of Crook’s Street received an opportunity to put his team ahead by collecting a pass at the edge of the penalty area, but his low grounder towards goal went off target brushing the upright.
Action switched from end to end from then onwards, without either team converting chances created on each other’s goals. Romantic, however, looked more positive and purposeful than Crook’s Street, especially with their attacks, and from one of these productive co-ordinations, they finally took the lead in the 36th minute.
An attack from Romantic on the right flank resulted in a spot kick taken after a player was fouled by a Crook’s Street defender. The kick floated inside the penalty box where goalkeeper Donovan Barrett left his line to try to take possession, but the ball fell from his hands and gave Damion Barrett the opportunity to cannon home a low grounder into the back of the goal for a 1-0 lead.
Crook’s Street, however, should have found the equaliser a few minutes later and in the process squandered the opportunity from a ball squared from the right flank inside the Romantic penalty box.
The ball eluded a defender and a melée resulted. Three chances were wasted as, Marshall on the left of the goal missed the ball that rebound off goalkeeper Frazer to the left side of the goal, where Foster also missed before another player, who shot wide also from the edge of the penalty box.
Reid should have put Romantic 2-0 in the lead after another high-floating cross inside the Crook’s Street penalty area that once again went over the heads of the defence on the left side.
He had goalkeeper Barrett at his mercy to beat as his header to goal went past the left upright. The half ended without any further goals being scored.
The second half was evenly contested with Crook’s Street looking more dangerous in their approach and applying more pressure on Romantic as they went in search of the equaliser, but they failed to take a shot at goal, thus losing possession of the ball to their opposing defenders.
Romantic, however, came back strongly midway the second half, carving out neat combinations through Gerald Reid, Damion Barrett, Rohan Reid, Courtney Reid and Dujohn McMorris. Several of Romantic’s shots to goal went either straight to goalkeeper Barrett, or off target, but they were dominating the proceedings.
Kingston parish champions Romantic finally scored their second goal to clinch the match from a ball played long on the left flank. Two players went in chase — a defender from Crook’s Street in the right back position and Donovan Johnson of Romantic on the left flank.
The defender carried the ball inside his goal area but slipped in the process and lost possession of the ball. Donovan Johnson seized the chance and unleashed a hard, low grounder past goalkeeper Frazer, who had left his line and left the goal unprotected for a 2-0 win for Romantic.
Meanwhile, in the other semi-final played at Elletson Wakeland, first-half goals from Curtis Cameron and Roman Wilson in the 11th and 18th minutes, respectively, gave Tenament a berth in the championship decider.

Read more:–Tenament-for-Claro-INSPORTS-final_8875517#ixzz2Bn7GzvBD

16 Responses to THE KILLING OF HUMPY

  • Dwrl says:

    Don’t know the person, don’t think I saw this story being spoken of but:

    You state he had TWO(2) chances to come to America and he chos to stay in the ghetto because of his 2 children, DAT NO SOUD RIGHT! FOR ONE EVERYONE IN TH GHETTO I’M SURE WOULD HAVE LOVED THE OPPORTUNITY TO LEAVE THE GHETTO AND IMPROVE THEIR LIVES IF EVEN TO SEEK BETTER FOR THEIR CHILDREN. MI NO KNOW BUT DAT PART NO MEK NO SENSE. ” YOU SAID HE LEFT AND CAME BACK, DID HE GET DEPORTED??” mi just a ask because dat line deh puzzle me

  • Espute says:

    Sender mi dun seh humpy a killer and mi nah teck it back so weh u a go do bout it …my cousin use to have him good good job a daytime and kill ppl a night. Humpy a woman killer.. u could a cuss till god come mi nah Tek back mi take hike

  • Espute says:

    Go beat up u gum wid the ppl dem a mckoy lane weh inform pon him

  • MzBee says:

    weh di story weh unoo a refer to so me can go read it to…cuz me ina di dark

  • OBSERVER says:

    Espute a yu dem hawt fah b4 dem guh tek on di police dem

  • Espute says:

    thank u observer

  • fashiondoll says:

    Good day Met & family. I will never swear fi a ghetto youth unless him a sleep inna me bed a nite time. I know quite a number of youths from Spanish Town as I was PRO fi one of the football teams and me can tell u most a dem a sweet sweet manasable youths but nuh mek no mistake dem a also gunman. I reason with dem a lot of times and some even started up legitimate business (car wash, higgering, etc) or get jobs after dem get a pickney but God bless the few whey ever retire from the badness.

    Notwhitstanding, if a youth change him ways and a try pree a different way of living me believe him deserve a chance at redemption.

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    MI a main culprit so Espute nu feel lonely. Mi live an witness many things so me nah swear fi nobody and anything whey nu mek sense is nonsense. Yes, there are the innocents, nuff guilty by simple association and others jus damn guilty of known and unknown crimes against humanity.

    If people stop claims every police shooting/killings as that of an innocent ghetto youth then it will be much easier to sympatize with the truly innocent. If all a dem innocent then who a committ de crimes and a join gangs?

    Ghetto people get over the fact sey it is from those regions that the ‘badman’ dem live and hide inna. This is a matter of honor fi onu cause it helps to drive fear into those who don’t come from de fi present a false sense of security fi onuo.

  • Espute says:

    @Phantomphoenix same suh dem a come wid dem lame story that dont mek one ounce a sense,go seek justice if unuu kno him innocent…

  • milikeit says:

    A wah dis now. Is this one of the bredda dem di police kill wah day? Somebody Clue me in nuh?

  • Met says:

    yes milikeit

  • milikeit says:

    OOO,Thank yuh very much.

  • Regula says:

    The senda is obviously very upset at what was said cos a good while now, but what is the point of dis really?? was it because they sent the original post an maybe ppl did not sympathise as normal due to things said about this guy. Senda if he was your family you may not know everything he did/doing so dont shoot di messenger. I am not saying he is guilty of anything just dat I kno wat it feels like to have police kill ur loved ones, they killed 2 of my uncles when I was Iess than 5, how can I swear they were innocent when I truly dont know, They killed my mad uncle when I was 10(I wud swear HE was innocent, but how can I truly know?) They killed my cousin 3 yrs ago an I would love to say he was innocent, but HOW CAN I? when deep inside mi really dont kno. But if someone should come an say they really were killing people I would not doubt it for a second for the mere fact is: Why would anyone say that when there is nothing to be gained from making allegations against the dead?

  • my good friend gone says:

    Humpy was not a bad man

  • zinga17 says:

    humpy was my uncle that I truly love him and it bothers me that people would think that he is a killer. Mckoy lane is no joke and people did what they had to just to survive. I would like to know who is the sender and how do you know my uncle thanks for the pic cause i haven’t seen my uncle in a while so I really appreciate it.

  • zinga17 says:


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