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  • nameynamey says:

    Met I am witholding my name on this one cos if my friends read this, they will know its me but they wont know my blogging name.

    Well dis is my experience(inna mi Bounty vice)

    Met from me born mi a hear duppy story, an grow wid a fear, when mi fadda dead mi dream see him many times and like a lot of ppl mi have dat experience of being held down many times but mi neva se duppy a Jamaica so imagine my shock when mi com a England come have mi first real ghost experience!!!

    Dis was back in di days mi deh ya bout 2/3 yrs an a rent a room. Meet dis yard youth an mi an him a get on well. Him did a rent a room also but it was like a self contained bedsit within a larger building wid several similar rooms. It was used to house youngsters temporarily til they got permanent flats so basically nuff ppl pass tru dis place.

    Mi an my youth a get on so well mi stop sleep a my yard an a bounce wid him so one night wi deh deh a get ready fi bed an (TOM) a se him caan sleep so him ago turn him head a bed bottom an him a se mi fi turn to cos him an him woman nah sleep head an tail. MI like sleep inna draws alone an dis night was no exception.
    Hours a beat, mi feel like mi a dream but it was so vivid in di sense dat, inna di dream; mi deh sed place inna real life, lying next to TOM pon mi back, wid one a him hand unda mi back an one cross mi chest. Only difference is mi feel like a weight deh pon mi. So mi start to try say OUR FATHER but no words so mi a se no man dis is a duppy dream and I wanna wake up so mi start holla at TOM fi wake mi, but is like him naa hear, so mi start holla louda ‘TOM TOM wake mi up!!’ so by dis, TOM jerk mi and mi seh MET, only fi see dis young boy no more than 20, weh mi neva se inna my life yet, jump offa mi and disappear inna di wall(GOOSE BUMPS) di boy well dress inna him lilac 3 pcs suit wid him hair in a afro and a corsage inna him breast pocket, like only a dead would dress. Mi still caan believe mi see it cos even now it seem like at dat point I was still dreaming cos TOM nuh se it but him confirm him jerk mi cos him hear mi a mutter but couldn’t mek out a word, him seh a when him se mi start to struggle him decide fi jerk mi confirming I was sleeping up to dat point also when I ‘dreaming’ mi neva se nothing just felt a weight. but mi always end dis story by saying ‘Mi wake up inna di dream a se it ‘ cos mi still cant undastand weh really happen. I would love di blogger to come and share their stories.

  • Met says:

    fi real

  • Anonymous says:

    fi real real met. first an last I eva experience anyting so!

  • Quiet Storm says:

    Come bloggers oonu come wid di stories, aldoa mi get goose pimples from reading this, mi would like to hear more caw yuh have nuff ppl out deh whey yuh cyaan tell dem bout duppy

  • Regula says:

    Met do you kno any ghost stories? My Good ole granny use to tell wi some stories

  • Regula says:

    Met Mi Granny use to tell wi seh when she inna har teens duppy tek har weh fi 3 weeks and have har inna bush a feed har pon rotten wood. She seh di duppy dem did a try pull/push har ova one precipice but she had an older sister and her dead dad fighting to save her, she say she been missing and whole community a look fi har, even visit di exact spot she deh an caan find har, so fi har dead dem dream a family memba telling them where to go an what to do an is afta dem perform the ritual dem find har, now me always wonda if something can go so but being a mi granny mi had no choice but fi believe har, then one Sunday evening couple yrs ago mi a watch ‘HILL AN GULLY RIDE’ pon JBC and see them a interview dis old lady an hear she a tell tehm seh duppy tek har weh one time fi 3 weeks and feed har pon rotten wood. Me waan kno how tw ppl from separate part a di island have di same story, a Wonda if dis a one a our ‘Legend’ or what?

  • fashiondoll says:

    @ Regula it seems like believe kill and believe cure. My madda had a similar story only that it happen to her in Kingston and she was taken to May Pen Cemetery and fed rice. She vividly describe the episode on more than one occasion and even explain what they had to do to catch the man inna bottle and dump him a sea.

    I have experience two or three encounters of demonic/duppy encounters that mek me think seh duppy deh but me no badda dwell pon dem tings because me have a fierce spirit and always seh no evil kaint conquer me, so me jus reach fi me psalms, me prayers and me God

  • Regula says:

    @Fashion mi use to seh dat belive kill an cure and mi always tek duppy story as story, mi use to fraid til when mi was bout sxiteen an one Deacon RE teacha mi di have tell me seh nothing nuh deh name duppy in other words who dead dead, but yuh have evil spirit wat can tek di form of others an from dat mi figet bout duppy an stop fraid til I had a very surreal experience when di last thing pon my mind was duppy so I think it is what it is but just that we dont understand it.

  • Regula says:

    @Fashion mi woulda like fi hear if a even 1 a yuh encounter them, BT seh its good to talk. these stories/experiences are part of our history and culture. I am so glad my Granny told us so many things and a lot of youths today neva hear some of these stories before, an by us talking about it now, they can have it for future reference plus I like a good duppy story cos mi nuh fraid.

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