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  • Bubbles says:

    couple times lets see where we went river, classmate house go cook, linstead market, LOJ mall. well me only get ketch when we did go river one time and mi shoes float whey mi badda tear mi ass up

  • Bubbles says:


  • Bubbles says:

    we neva skull di hole day we go school and leff before time we usually go tru a fence and tek some bush so di guardi wouldnt see we

  • Skipped and went to what my now Husband use to call his base (from the BX to Qns) to spend the day with him. Got my ass kicked by mi padre when they found out, the teacher called and the friggin #2 train stalled me, not to withhold my hair smelt like weed and curry :ngakak

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Lol @ Quena.

  • F. Cookie says:

    Too young to skip in JA..

    I skipped one time in 8th grade to hang out with bff and my boyfriend, her mother came home and caught us.
    * I think she was more pissed cause it was only ONE boy there and he was there for HER daugther.
    She called my mom..long story short my mama said next time carry ya ass to school, bout u a stay home wid friend and man lol

    High School – I stayed home at least once a week. Moms gone from 5AM. I dared my step peeps to tell pon me dwl

  • Tweet says:

    Went to the beach, had sex, got pregnant. DWL, I kid, I kid. I really did go to the beach though…also go bush go smoke weed…go river go hang out…nutten never come off it cuz I was too smart to get caught :angel

  • Quiet Storm says:

    Never skulled school yet (think I missed out on a lot there), but when school use to over half day on Tuesdays, mi neva mek mi madda nuh wiser…..mi used to meet up with mi bf and wi go Hope Garden, Devon House, him Aunty house, all over di place wi gone an den when 7 or so oonu waan si mi ah hawl mi tiad self go home like ah school mi juss ah come from lol. Mi was going CAST at di time so mi was big enough girl…..but MA!!!! when shi fine out, I get some rhatid lick!!!! Kakafawt, no sah

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Dwl @ Bubbles. How yuh manij mek yuh shoes float weh mi luv? lol

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Yeah Storm, mi did too fraid a my crazy madda fi skull school, but damned if I would tell her about half day or early let out

  • LUNDUN says:

    i cyaah participate inna diss topic rostah

    mi did way too fraid a my madda fi try any shit like diss. i always wimp out oh so badly when it really cum to di test.

  • MiNuhCareEnuh says:

    Mi NEVA skip school yet…caws mi did unda TIGHT :army: :army: :army: :army:

  • While attending Erasmus Hall on Flatbush me and my BF use to skip class and go to the movie house on Flatbush and albermarle not far from school and watch Chinese movie with other west indian kids. (that was about the only movie house that showed Chinese movie back then)

  • MiNuhCareEnuh says:

    It come een like ah mi granny create de school schedule, caws she know EVERYTING (so mi couldn hide rasta)….mi did juss have fe mek up pure cock n bull story tell mi fren dem so mi nuh feel outa place….but only if dem really know say ah ina mi twenties dah ting deh lef mi :D :D ….bwoy mi miss mi granny

  • F. Cookie says:

    Quiet Storm———–good school.
    Mi Autny and cuzzin both graduates of CAST. The two a dem a land surveryor.

    Mi used to love go spend time up there wid mi cuz when mi come pon visit a JA.

  • Bubbles says:

    @ cindy it was a loafer shoes and it did stretch way so it was loose pon mi foot, me stretch out mi foot a fake like mi did a go step in and it drop off and went down stream me did too fraid fi jump in and nobody neva volunteer, instead dem laff dem some a dem bawl

  • Yep! says:

    Played hooky with my boyfriend when i was 19 years old; He was my first love. We went to his house and he talked me into losing my virginity…21 years later, I have a beautiful and very successful baby girl.

  • Anonymous says:

    Met what u hear about Khago house gunmen run in pon them a MAndeville yesterday. N then Khago give interview about u post about $5000 a month. Him say a LIIIIIEEEE for the gal na show him birth certificate and him say yes him madda give the gal $5000 Khago seh him na mind no gal and her family gal fi go look work. Khago seh him first youth him mind for 3 years a jacket! How the news ppl dem a run in pon d pink walls and get u story and then run go interview the ppl them. Dem fi pay u for u story them

  • Met says:

    a reggylah ting dat

  • Anonymous says:

    mek dem pay u man. Ole fart them. How dem get the story so quick fi run go to Khago go get exclusive. N d article me read was addressed to MET u and u alone. Them too good man. Khago seh one jacket is enough LMAO

  • @Bubbles…..Crackin up, very funny story!

  • MAMA says:

    Lol i remember the first and last time mi cut school. it was girls day and me and two other girl meet up at school gate and then turn back and go back a portmore. we end up a one a the girl house because she say she ago cook and bare things. we walk go kfc and come back and her boyfriend meet we back a the house. while me and the girl a watch tv mi see front door open nuh the girl weh a fuck madda come home and a ask weh har daughter deh!!! mi never know weh fi say or do mi just knock pon the door and run thru the back door!! The mother draw fi har cutlass and kick off the door!!! good thing the yute did inna the closet and run outta the house wid him hood inna him hand!! the mother put har out beause she did a fuck inna har house!! mi help har back up har things and she come stay wid mi till har mother kool down

  • skull school go Sabina Park go watch cricket and go game shop go spend all day a play pinball machine and Donkey Kong.

  • Quiet Storm says:

    CAST was and still is a good school fi chue…..Bwoy memories I tell u, memories

  • Little Willie says:

    Wednesday is skull skool day. If a nuh Caymanas ah Carib. Those were some good days. If yu nuh get past di tief dem inna di short cut, yu pocket get frisk right out an den di long walk home…lol.

  • soap opera says:

    de amount a lie we me tell pon poor tom rectam library all now me noh reach up de yet me deh a de man mother back room all day and de fucker have de nerve fe take me green card and left, who is laughing now.

  • Met says:


  • kehkemkem says:

    i did some schooling in the bronx. and one year true mi hot fi trott. i eg my mother to go to ah night yankee football game caw me hear how dem nice and ah pure boy deh deh from different different school. so mi beg har fi go she seh yes. but mi did done have one big boy pon bronxhood weh mi want go see. my school never win nutting in dem life. so mi and mi friend gaw him yard and the boy feel up every part ah mi. so true my high school never win nutting yet mi go home bout how di school wokless and the boy dem too fat. das why dem cant run wid the ball. mi big mouth american stepfather weh innah everybody business innah the bronx go tell mi mother seh how mi school win miracular.

  • kehkemkem says:


  • Met says:

    kehkem :tkp

  • Anonymous says:

    mi man yard fi get some cocky inna mi hole

  • unique says:

    mi guh feel up one bwoy buddy i didnt get caught or got in trouble

  • scottishting says:

    Mi n Mi two fren dem skull a wednesday a lunch time every wk wen wi inna 11 grade beach carib hope garden n wi man dem house gud ole days

  • Roses says:

    Mi skull skool one time wid mi fren dem an go roun ah Blackroses corna. Mi skin catch ah fya wen mi see Bogle an Willie Haggart dem. Met mi deh pon cloud wen Willie call mi ova tuh dem, Met mi ongle hear wen him sah tuh mi ah Rden yuh guh, mi sah yes…mi ah grin off mi 32 dem…in front ah evrydody de man bawl out yuh can tek big hood cause de ongle ting round ere is nuff big hood. Met is de fasses mi ever haul mi ass bac ah skool….lol memories

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