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I’ve worked as a HHA for a year and have been working in a hospital as a CNA for 5 years. I’ve made the decision to take the next step to become an LPN. I don’t want to challenge the RN program yet because its so rigorous, so I’m taking it a the pace that I feel comfortable with. I have been chasing after it so hard and I FINALLY(lol) passed an entrance exam. The classes starts in Jan 2013. The school is in Hackensack NJ and the hrs are from 7am-3:30pm Mon-Fri. The issues that has me scared now are: It cost 23 Grand and I have to take out a 16 Grand government loan where interest starts while I’m in school. The passing grade is 80% per class and if I don’t get that I can get dropped out of the program with a bill or I can repeat the class but pay out of pocket. I have 3 kids the oldest is 17 so he’s not so much a worry, the 2 and 9 year old is. I work nights right now and I won’t be able to work and go to school unless I change my schedule to work every weekend day shift and there’s no guarantee I’m gonna get that schedule. I’m trying to inquire about welfare but I’m scared they gonna go after my kids father for money. I can pay my next door neighbor to take the younger kids to school for me. I’m all over the place trying to figure out what to do that I had a migraine attack. With all of these issues I went and researched the school (The Center of Allied Health & Nursing) and the reviews are not so great at all. I’ve tried VEEB and they are straight thieves, I tried Boces and failed their entrance TEAS cause its not easy and I studied the wrong material. I was suppose to go take the entrance for the BOE but had to have emergency knee surgery. I’m also enthused by the 1yr and Jan start but keep coming up with these road blocks. If there is anyone that knows what I’m going through and have any good advice I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You


  • Dont do it!!!! Those schools are ripoffs. The board of ed have the same LPN PROGRAM FOR $2,500 AND THAT INCLUDE BOOKS AND UNIFORM, AND THE STATE BOARD EXAM.

  • Anonymous says:

    you should try monroe college in the bronx, this is an accredited school and not as many loop holes.

  • Anonymous says:

    pray hun let god lead u leave it up to him and every u do is a blessing

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi, Sender

    I have been an College Admissions Rep for several years now, what I would suggest to you is to just go forward and do your RN. I understand that you may feel a little apprehensive taking on the program however you will end up spending more money than you need to. Also, I would suggest trying at a community college level private schools will cost you a lot more money as well as the classes are a lot more flexible to work with you and your kids schedule.

    In my state, most LPN’s are limited to private duties, schools, or nursing homes. Also, I have heard of the possibility of LPN’s being eradicated. If you do the RN you will be in a more lucrative field with endless opportunities and more pay :)

    You are taking a step in the right direction. It will be hard but you just have to make up your mind that this is what you are going to do. I have cried at nights frustrated and tired, you will end up sleeping with your books beside you but in the end its worth it. Your kids will be happy with you and it will encourage them to pursue college as well.

    Check into the RN, make sure that the school is accredited, check to see the success rate of the program, and see if your hospital will help with your tuition.

  • Anonymous says:

    Monroe college offers a wonderful program and they are extremely helpful. I am currently a student there. They are an accredited College. You wont regret it. They have a campus in the Bronx and New Rochelle.

  • sllimz says:

    The problem with Community Colleges in NY is the waiting list to get into the program and the time frame. It takes 2 yrs for LPN and about 3yrs for RN. Then there’s the GPA issue, even with a 3.8 it still for my guarantee you into the program. So most end up going to a private school anyway and end up with about $40,000 loans. I didn’t really want to wait till Sept 2013 to go to school cause it seems so far away but it looks like that may be my road

  • No Joke says:

    Sender they phasing out LPN’s…. That’s something to think about . You might want to go ahead and do the RN.
    ALLIED SCHOOL …is thief and waste of money. You need to go on and see what information you can gather about the nursing programs offered and certified.
    Everything will work out

  • sllimz says:

    No joke they are actually phasing out CNA cause at my hospital they are hiring LPN and they are not looking to renew CNA contract. The LPN at my job get a pay rate starting in the 30’s per hr and they are regular staff

  • No Joke says:

    Is your hospital public or private?

  • Anonymous says:


    While on the waiting list you should be able to complete the general education classes. If you have to accept the private school route then at least they will take the transfer credits (which most of them will accept from a community college) and it will cut down on the cost.

    Realistically looking at it no matter what you will have to take out loans. The good thing about it is that you will be in a high paying profession where as you will be able to pay it back afterwards, you are guaranteed a job, and many facilities are now assisting employees with repaying student loans. Its a good field.

  • sllimz says:

    Private @No Joke
    I know students that went to VEEB that got hired at public hospitals after a few months out of school

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m a Lpn don’t listen to anyone telling you that they’re phasing out Lpns. All my fellow graduates have gotten jobs that pay really well and in addition not everyone can go straight to rn some ppl have to do it in steps. Also after you finish doing Lpn you can do a bridge program to rn.

  • Anonymous says:

    First of all, I applaud the Sender for her initiative and steps she has taken to further her studies and uplift herself. I wish more of “us” would do the same. I happen to agree with the first poster, that most of these private Colleges are just in it to rip off students and leave them in debt. There are thousands of horror stories where individuals attend these for-profit schools and rack up huge debt and don’t finish the program or finish cannot pass the Boards or pass the Boards and cannot get jobs in their field of study.

    In the state that I live, they have LPN programs through the Public School and the cost is only $3700 for the entire program (12 moths – Full time Days or Evenings). I don’t think you should spend that $23K for the LPN program. I would do some more research on the schools available (non-profit) and also look into retraining programs with government support. Good luck and don’t give up!

    On another note, this site should put up more threads like these to seek to help our people…less time on suss (I know Met is going to ban me now). Look at how the Haitian community advance themselves from nothing, to getting their GED, all the way to being RNs.

  • Lisa says:

    Are the hospitals you work at affiliated with a school? Because usually when you work for the hospital or school they pay some (like 1/3) of your tuition. That is the way it works in DC. If you work even as a janitor in Howard, George Washington, Georgetown hospital or school, you can attend school for a discounted rate. Like other people have stated there is no use for LPN’s anymore, they train CNA to give medications now and you can pay them less, and if more advanced techniques are needed they usually call a RN. Oh and another thing, please try and get the BACHELORS not the associate if you can help it. There is a new thing called “magnet hospitals” (look it up) its where the hospital gets more money from the gvt. For having a high percentage of bachelor degree holding nurses, so of course the hospitals are more inclined to hire the BSN vs the AASN

  • Yep! says:

    Sender, I wish you all the best. Go ahead and pursue your dreams and don’t let your fears ( nor any other obstacles) stand in your way. People, let sender be an example to us all and let’s pursue our dreams within the next 4 years while Obama is in office again cause GUARANTEED by 2016 the Republicans are comin for us with a vengeance!

  • Yep! says:

    **at us with a vengeance

  • Congrats sender on making a positive step for a better future for u & ur family. I have been in this country for the past 8yrs,i did my LPN 4yrs ago at a government technical school & it cost me $0,yes zero! I got financial aid (pell grant) and books & uniform even my graduation dress was covered by workforce one. I started my RN 15 months ago,thanks be to God i just graduated & i was able to work full time & the tuition was approximately $7500. Classes were flexible & it was not difficult as ppl make it seem,nothing is too hard when u work hard & put jesus as the head of ur battles. I would advice u to consider other options & not pay that ridiculous amount,my total cost for my education was $3000 for my LPN & $7500 for my RN and there are many grants & schoolarships to aid with ur tuition,also many jobs does tuition reimbursements or schoolarship. Pray about it,I did & i can testify becuz I am now a Graduate nurse & I got my education with government funding. I have no student loans to repay. Private schools maybe alot more convienient for us working folks but they are too over-priced & majority of the times not fully accredited.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sender I totally understand what your going through. I myself have been doing a lot of research for an affordable LPN programs that’s accredit. There’s a school next to the school in Hackensack call Eastwick they have a LPN program that is accredited it cost around 23,000 , around 11 months ur finish could take the boards day and evening classes. When your finish, you have first hand to get in their bridge program LPN to RN and they in the process of turning it in to a college so u would have a degree at the end. There is also a NY state program call the Mid manhattan nursing program it s 12 months, 2,500 u do have to take a entrance examine much like the teas but they have review material u could purchase fr the program u do have to start applying fr now cause the placement test runs fr jan to feb . Also the BOces now have a review class for their teas test cost like 400-500 those classes prepare for the placement test , good luck all the best!!!

  • F. Cookie says:

    Best of luck!!!

    My aunt is a DON (Director of Nursing)
    Anything is possible if you set your mind to it!!

    Great advise from the bloggers :)

  • Yep! says:

    Sender, my friend girl also told me about the (W.I.A) Program that she is enrolled in. This is a program that has been implemented by the Obama Administration that pays for your college tuition/ books. I don’t have the full details, but look into it.

  • cocobailey says:

    People please stop saying LPN are phasing out, that is not true. many hospitals are not hireing many LPN, but there are long term facilitys hiring Lpns. sender put your mind to it, whatever your will you can achieve it.

  • blackbeauty says:

    Hello Sender

    Please check out the W.I.A Program you can google it based on the state you are in it’s through workforce one and they will cover your tuition through government loans and grants, I am going to be attending a session to find out more information however I am in Atlanta, Georgia a friend of mine told me about it she did her accounting degree through them it’s always better to go through the community college or non profits as it won’t cost you as much, for mind you the private school thing is a rip off I owe over 12k in student loans and don’t have a degree to show for it
    remember WIA program it’s through workforce one

  • Anonymous says:

    im doing my lpn program at VEEB. I know 6 other people who all went to VEEB and are all employed….. why are they thieves? its wayyyyy less than 23grand!

  • WadDat says: and search for diploma RN program in any state-some take 24 months start to finish. lil difference in pay of BSN RN

  • complex says:

    As a few others have already stated, they are NOT phasing out LPNs. Some hospitals who would like to become magnet hospitals ONLY hire RN’s, but there are lots of places that are hiring LPN’s. As an LPN, I’ve worked at rehab facilities and am currently working at a family clinic of a well know hospital. Don’t let anyone discourage you! New York department of education has a LPN program that is free or low cost($2500-INCLUDES BOOKS, UNIFORMS, ATI TEST PREP AND NCLEX EXAM FEES). Go to and you will have all the information u need. Good luck and god bless.

  • sllimz says:

    I say VEEB is thieves because their time frame for the entrance exam is unrealistic and after speaking to several people that went there it also changes. I know the government way is much cheaper but I don’t want to wait until September. I do thank you ALL for your input. Also, I want to take this process at the pace I’m comfortable with and that means my LPN first. My coworker who is a manager and also teaches at a nursing school also advised me to take my LPN first 1: To be sure I want to go further in this field- 2: The RN program is grueling for someone without kids and I have 2 little ones, so get the feel of and experience before make that commitment.

  • Dwrl says:

    Mi reply lost in the www and mi sorry but mi naw retype a fart

  • X says:

    Congrats on your acceptance:)
    I graduated. From Hackensack this January and passed boards in March. It’s rigorous but doable. You are not allowed any slack or absences even in ad weather (they constantly flood) I can answer any questions you have regarding specific teachers, etc. it’s a predominantly Hispanic school (I was originally accepted into the bilingual program)
    I’m currently pursuing my RN and I strongly suggest you do the same. Good Luck

  • X says:

    Btw… When I enrolled in Eastwick the tuition was $17K and a substantial amount was deducted bc of credits from previous degrees. The program is 12 months long and NO HOLIDAYS off(not even Jewish holidays) Only one week in July and another in Drcember
    Books are included in the tuition and they assist with financial aid and loans

  • Anonymous says:

    Sender, i too know what ur going through, i have a similar problem, my kids r first in everything i do, i have been trying to get a job for months now and i cannot because i will not sacrifice my kids, everything i try i meet upon a stumbling block but i am not giving up.
    If youre gonna dream, dream BIG, i am not familiar with the nursing levels but i see that you are limiting urself go for the RN and make sure the school is accredited, and in whatever you do ask god for his guidance and believe that it will ne done. I applaude you.

  • A Fellow Stressed Out Student says:

    I know exactly what you are going through. I’ve been a CNA for 6 years and recently started an RN program at a Community College. The program is full time Mon-Fri and have to work two nights Fri & Sat at a hospital. I chose to do night shift so I at least have Sunday as a break.

    I looked into private schools and 4 year Universities and found that my Community College had a 100% NCLEX pass rate for the past three years while other BSN programs were a lot lower(86%-95%). I applied for a fee waiver so I was able to attend school TUITION FREE and there was NO WAITING LIST simply because the school is in a “ghetto neighborhood”. Doesn’t matter to me the pass rate says it all and at the end of the day I have the same degree as everyone else.

    My advice:
    1. Get your RN degree
    2. If you really want to be an LPN maybe you can challenge the board exam after taking only one class which is Pharmacology. That along with your years of experience is enough. to take the NCLEX. At least that’s how it is in my state.
    3. Don’t go to a private school unless you are sure you will put your all into it and pass. We borrow thousands for a car but hesitate to invest in our future. Most RN I know had to take out loans.
    4. Understand that it is a sacrifice but it will pay off in the long run.
    5. Check out Community Colleges people always are too quick to dismiss Community Colleges because they hear there is a wait list. Spend $100,000 for BSN then when I tell them I didn’t have to wait and it was free they feel stupid. (100 grand <— Sorry I could put that towards a house).
    5. Most Importantly, make sure your kids are safe when you are studying and away from them. You will not have a lot of time for you kids until you are done so find someone that you can trust to help.

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