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Met i cant help but put Khago on blast!!!!! i happen to work with his Baby mother she has 5 yr old with him he is going to school nice gurl she has moved on and is now engaged but a why mek dem man yah suh wotlis……….. D dutty man a guh send 5 GRAN wid him madda come give har afta him send 5 gran last year d same date November 2nd. My Question to Khago is 5 GRAN YEAR A SUH YOU DO IT!!!!!

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  • LAWD MA says:


  • Cindy Royal says:

    I remember Khago admitting in an interview that he was a deadbeat dad, even went as far as saying that’s y 1 of his baby mother gave the child to another man, he blamed it on the fact that he didn’t have a father in his life, so I believe this senders story.

    I don’t even know what description suit Khago. Kinky rasta a mek money an a hype & really don’t know how him pickney live. Kmt

  • @ work says:


  • Met says:

    not us ooo

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Wutliss bwoy dat man I would send it right back to sender him out a order.

  • LUNDUN says:

    so diss bowi a spend him money pon threesome and head and naah mine him pickney??

    cindy did he say he was gonna try be a better dad, or a desso him stop di fadda issue?

  • Tweet says:

    Yuh know mi wouldn’t want fi disrepsect him mother, so mi wouldn’t fling back give her. But I woulda go bank mek dem change it out inna $20 coin, full a socks wid dem and find him anywhe him deh and slap him straight cross him dutty face wid it.

  • Lipstick says:

    a must us dollars she meant, a caan jamaican :sorry

    morning family

  • Cindy Royal says:

    A deso him stop it enuh Lundun. He was just kinda explaining y him have 2 pickney at di time, but none a dem nuh deh roun him. In dat interview him all claim him di like an want up Alaine, as if, shi have har ways, but shi nuh dat dyam fool fi guh tek up wuklis beata man (yes him beat tuh).

    Now as fi him mumma she, a which pickney of mine can come gi me J$5000 once a yr fi gi dem pickney madda? It jus goes to show seh we (women) not raising wi sons right. Dat’s y dem kill women who leave dem, dat’s y yuh have 2 brothers a rape a house full of women & children, that’s y they r beating women, bcuz we, the women who are supposed to set the standard for them on the appropriate treatment women are doing a fucked up job of it. Khago wukliss, but him mumma wukliss-er.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    @ Cindy a real talk u meck just now

  • joey says:

    khago wud a affi rape me fi breed me. u know mi know one a di bbymoms, she seems like a nice girl. she couldnt help but to move on cause di fuka look like him wutliss fi tru, and di likkle boy look like him so much. $5000 cant even pay a term school fee(and mi mean basic school).
    my hubby always a ask if mi see him eva come a di school yet cause a only she and one nxt lady u see drop off a school. mi use to wonder if him know him exist. well now she preggo (or have baby by now), so i wish her all di best. when her son turn doctor or whichever good good professional bet u di nasty dutty dread boy ago come run eenn.

  • No Joke says:

    Khago…memba yuh ago get ole one day…and dat same child might be tge only person fi tek care a yuh . DO DI RITE TING KHAGO ……TEK CARE OF YUH CHILD WEEKLY…..NOT YEARLY.

  • Lipstick says:

    if its true khago’s mother fi tek di money an fling it in his face an tell him to man up, that cant serve for a week much less a year

  • TalkHowMiFeel says:

    This is kinda old news, well to the people that know/ know of him. Funny thing is he was a bit different, but when “fame” buss inna him head it all went downhill from there. That’s why everytime I hear him song “Nah Sell Out” I literally cyah stop dead wid lauf den shake me head cause even the ppl dem inna da video deh him turn him back pon (speaking from facts). Mi nah go talk bout him madda cause up until what early last year him never did even a gi him madda nuh money, so who is she to tell how much him should give him child. Also it wasn’t that his dad wasn’t in his life, his dad passed a very young age. Anyways that’s my tid-bits on this issue, like I said it’s a bit old. Ricardo is not worthless, it’s just the way he is and every DOG will have them day.

    P.S.( blood clawt) A this is not, never has been or ever will be 1 of his concubines. Mi just the yute from before him “buss”. And clearly from mi information I’m not the SENDA.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Lipstick, a choo yuh nuh know how some a dem mumma stay. Dem a scrappa, even from dem granpickney. Dem want all a dem son money, nuhbody else, not even him pickney fi get nutten much less dem son ooman. Cuz if shi was a decent smaddy him cudda neva ask har fi duh dat.

  • Tweet says:

    TalkHowMiFeel, mi understand what yuh saying but you would think that for someone who lost his dad at an early age, he would make sure to be there for his kids. But him seem to just be a selfish person, whose only priority is him self and his pleasure.

  • No Joke says:

    Unnuh know seh mi draw fi di calculater….5000/56=$89.28…per week. KHAGO IF A DIS YUH GALONG WID …U IS WICKEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Some a dem mumma so bitchy, dat wen dem si seh di son a ova some kinda support to di child dem instigate a bag a shit an demand fi di son tek him pickney mek she raise di chile, jus so di child madda doe get no money. Some a dem mumma demon outta hell man.

  • TalkHowMiFeel says:

    Then nuh that mi a say TWEET. Him nuh wukliss, a just so him stay and him naw go change. But Karma is and will always be a bitch when she ready fi bite you.

  • Tweet says:

    Mi still woulda claat him dung wid di socks a coin,though. :mahongintip <—– (socks fulla $20 coin).

  • LUNDUN says:

    mi cyaah undastan weh u mean by “him no wutliss, a juss so him stay”

    mi no undatsand dat statement.

    cuz if u ave pickney weh u know a urs, di pickney affi eat, sleep sumwhere, and go school, an u only gi dem $5000 per annum, mi tink dat was di definition of a deadbeat pussyole.

    if a did him alone, dat pickney would be 6ft 6 because of starvation, and dunce juss like di sperm donor

  • Lipstick says:

    cindy dem mother deh licky licky an greedy, dem luddi, what is fi di child di mumma must not try tek or block, mi sure dem never want fi dem son puppa mother fi do dat to dem

  • Lipstick says:

    no joke yu fi stop it, i died :ngakak

  • TalkHowMiFeel says:

    Ok well before you dislike the comment you could’ve just asked. Or maybe I should’ve been more clearer.

    “Worthless: Lacking worth; of no use or value.”

    The word “worthless” is a too good of a definition to what can actually describe Ricardo ‘Khago’ Gayle. That is why I said it’s just him cause there is no words that can define him.

    There’s no where in any of my previous comments stated that what he’s doing is excusable, please dont just assume smh.

  • No Joke says:

    LIPPYYYYYY :peluk

  • Anonymous says:

    It would have been real stupid of him to say its because of his dad y he’s not apart of his children’s life….that should have been a motivation…and fuck him because he hardly pays any of his family members any mind…I’m a cousin and yes a very close cousin,we share the same grandmother so that should explain it….Rick is not so literate so he talks a lot of shit….man step up to the fucking plate an trek care adi youth dem…..stop blame it pon yuh dead fada…kmt.

  • Real says:


  • LUNDUN says:

    @talkhowmifeel, if i me u a address, mi neva dislike u comment, mi no press dislike unless mi get joke anna tek di piss.

    an just so u no affi waste u time type ova nuttin nex time, just type weh u mean clearly so ppl no affi assume cuz wi a go offa weh u type seh.

  • keep it real!! says:

    straight worthless!! them man yah only know fi pay fi 3 some wid groupie gal…. I just hope the mother of the child hold up her head and do her best

  • Never liked this fake asshole and now i hate him even more, it is inexcusable for a man that is holding money to disrespect is baby mom and give her 5gs a year or twice a year, get the hell outta here. I would have sent that shit right back to him.He definetly need the sock of coin in his damn face. I hope the little bit of fans he has left, boycotts him loser ass!

  • Quiet Storm says:

    Bwoy Khago mi hope mi an yuh nuh related caw mi wudda bury mi neck inna di sand like ostrich if mi know sey one ah mi family membah who clearly can do betta ah behave soh.

    But Met and Metters, mi ah wonda if ah Khago gi di madda di $ fi carry or ah juss she tek one likkle tupance outta whey him gi har fi harself an go gi di pickney (truss mi ppl, nuff ah dat gwaan, caw mi have one auntie whey ah she affi gi di granpickney dem $$ an gwaan like ah di son gi har fi gi dem)

    Khago if yuh reading or if smaddy ah read it fi yuh, mi ah beg yuh please papa do betta dan dat and stap use excuse bout fawda neva inna yuh life

  • Quiet Storm says:

    And Sender mi ah beg yuh fi please give di babymother di directions fi di fambily khout

  • The Truth Hurts says:

    At the end of the day is women who raise the kids to be blamed. Stop having kids for people who dont want any and group up your kids with their fathers or you going to have bad kids no matter how unu feel unu doing a good job. Studies show and continue to show that kids from single mother homes are the worst kind to society, they rape, rob and take drugs at a much higher rate than regular kids with mother and father present so unu blame the mothers cause a dem a grow up the kids to be like this.

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