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Richard Lynch Sr. People are free to do what they want. I don’t advocate beating or abuse to anyone; however I do not think people are born gay I think it is a choice. And I think people also have a choice wether or not to accept a straight or gay person. What I see in Jamaica is unfairness. a teacher was chased beaten and killed and there was no blow up in the news and then the Utech incident happened and that went viral. And I am just saying. There should equal shouts its all a crime against humanity. We know Jamaica is homophobic. It is a life style that was not accepted, a law is even in the books that allows you to be charged if you a caught in the act. Still better than the Middle East where one is sent to their death if caught. But many people are now tolerant of the gay life style in jamaica. It will be awhile before it is totally accepted. Again I am just saying. I am not directing this at anyone. A lot of us at sometime in our life have said bad things about gay people and even people who were once straight and now gay. I respect the choice that one makes. That’s on them.
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16 I am not ashamed of the Good News. It is the power of God. It is the way He saves men from the punishment of their sins if they put their trust in Him. It is for the Jew first and for all other people also. 17 The Good News tells us we are made right with God by faith in Him. Then, by faith we live that new life through Him. The Holy Writings say, “A man right with God lives by faith.”

18 We see the anger of God coming down from heaven against all the sins of men. These sinful men keep the truth from being known. 19 Men know about God. He has made it plain to them. 20 Men cannot say they do not know about God. From the beginning of the world, men could see what God is like through the things He has made. This shows His power that lasts forever. It shows that He is God. 21 They did know God, but they did not honor Him as God. They were not thankful to Him and thought only of foolish things. Their foolish minds became dark. 22 They said that they were wise, but they showed how foolish they were. 23 They gave honor to false gods that looked like people who can die and to birds and animals and snakes. This honor belongs to God Who can never die.

24 So God let them follow the desires of their sinful hearts. They did sinful things among themselves with their bodies. 25 They traded the truth of God for a lie. They worshiped and cared for what God made instead of worshiping the God Who made it. He is the One Who is to receive honor and thanks forever. Let it be so.

26 Because of this, God let them follow their sinful desires which lead to shame. Women used their bodies in ways God had not planned. 27 In the same way, men left the right use of women’s bodies. They did sex sins with other men. They received for themselves the punishment that was coming to them for their sin.

28 Because they would not keep God in their thoughts anymore, He gave them up. Their minds were sinful and they wanted only to do things they should not do. 29 They are full of everything that is sinful and want things that belong to others. They hate people and are jealous. They kill other people. They fight and lie. They do not like other people and talk against them. 30 They talk about people, and they hate God. They are filled with pride and tell of all the good they do. They think of new ways to sin. They do not obey their parents. 31 They are not able to understand. They do not do what they say they will do. They have no love and no loving-pity. 32 They know God has said that all who do such things should die. But they keep on doing these things and are happy when others do them also.


  • Anonymous says:

    Now that I know what the Utech issue is, let me make it clear that I support homophobia and open condemnation of those who challenge the moral fibre of our society. I abhor the two young men in the bathroom just as much as I did the the two men that raped the five women, and incesteous fathers or even incesteous adults. As an educator I can’t support the actions of the mob, but I will say with the authorities hiding their heads in the sand while deviants blatantly traverse the norms and indeed the law (because buggery is against the law), and misguided civil society groups preach tolerance at the expense of our value concensus and morality; what is one to do. I add my voice to the church and boldly state that “I WILL NOT BE TOLERANT”. I WILL NOT SIT IDLY BY AND ALLOW HOMOSEXUALITY AND UNCLE DEMON to BECOME THE “NEW NORMAL”. We are so caught up in being modern and enlightened, that we have forgotten what is wrong from right. I will not be TOLERANT!!!!!!

  • Met says:

    AMEN..dem fi gwey sickening set a fucks…mi seh she deh pan one piece a chatting pan har page…bitch ure still a liar it nuh change and u know ure a liar das y u hurt

  • Met says:

    They are supposed to use a public restroom fi carry on private activities and people supposed to protect dem? mi nuh seh di mob fi get involved but he and the other one should have been arrested…no winners here but mi waa know why this empire state nose gyal nuh use har gay flag why she haffi use the jamaican map fi show dem fuckery??? unno cudda deh every inch a di island God says NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • kk says:


  • Met says:

    a dat dem fi know

  • good girl gone bad says:

    The media are just giving this young man so much power and bypassing the fact he committed a crime. I wish the the security had not dealt with this situation violently so this young man could be held accountable for his actions. As for Ms. King, I wish she would shut up. Thats like saying who would choose to be a liar? A tief? A rapist? Being gay is a choice ppl make based off of their feelings and emotions just like lying, tiefing, etc…cut the crap and stop playing the fucking victim!!

    There are consequences to every action. The consequence to the guards actions were they were terminated. Its obvious to me that Jamaica is not as homophobic as the world thinks they are because if it were this young man would not be so bold as to think ppl would let him slide for sneaking a fuck in a public restroom.

  • SERENITY says:

    Not eena my cabinet says I…….the security should have just turn a blind eye & let the mob deal wid dem case cause seet deh nung,dem likkle job go dung di drain fi dese 2 nastiness. From what I remember,the buggery law should still be in effect if Patterson or Portia neva find a way fi secretly amend it. If the law still exist on this,this would be the time for it to be enforced…..lock up di 2 nastiness dem & throw whey di key

    As fi shark hole diana,smady pull di plug :travel

  • alistargaze says:

    so met, let me ask you this question. since being gay or straight is a choice…when did you CHOOSE to be straight????

  • Met says:

    when i first had sex I made that choice…but since people think other wise why are people who are claiming to be gay not seen as having a flaw apart from nature’s norm?

  • Met says:

    also…why when most women are moleste or get hurt from men they go the other way? does that have to do with ”being born gay too”?

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