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  • scottishting says:

    Stretch to fit

  • Espute says:

    Cement gravel and sand

  • channel 7 news says:

    dat azz :ngakak :nohope

    lmao str888 concrete black dressed inna big red riding hood tights :angel :matabelo

  • channel 7 news says:

    Goodmorning Ms Met and JMG

  • Baby Sham says:

    one size fit all!!!!!!!!!

  • eyecandy says:

    fix a flat n cement..:D

  • Sue says:

    Whitewash face and Alabaster body!

  • Nope says:

    Fix o flat, paint primer and bubble wrap

  • That ass there need a refund she looks like they filled her up with cement. Big up cement batty. Tarik. Lolllllllll

  • mawning met an metters. di ole time big woman weh in a di bac ground face look like shi deh say(den a who shi tink shi deh fool..a real real batty dat). shi look like a damn drag queen. ar back broad sah

  • Dwrl says:


  • wen u have money u do wat u like.. di girl have har money no lie so no comment

  • Prayer says:

    De woman inna de background describes it all

  • Anonymous says:

    what a gal fi where brite colour makeup

  • Britney says:

    That one look like what Kim K did. Fat from the stomach and put it in the ass. Fat graft. It don’t match her frame because her legs are small.

  • MAMACITA says:

    Remember Tarik is reading… be nice ya’ll. I see cement….block….red paint….ply hood…..couple nails and a mop to clean up after. The mop is hiding somewhere in the pic. Can ya’ll find it???? Hint: it’s close to the man’s face. As fi di man…him look like him have a proppa koki. Maybe dats why Tarik a fling on di minnings. Koki pawdna fi di good up koki. Rayyyyyyyyyy. Lol. Tarikkkkkkkkk come on over hunnie. Come tell we a who dat. A Steve????

  • WellWishes says:

    I’m happy to see that people are happy and confident in their skin and I applaud her for doing her because some of us can’t step out the box and be themselves, so she’s seems to be finding herself, I don’t know here but that’s the impression that I’m having and to each it’s own becaue apparently her man is loving it and he doesn’t look to bad himself, we need to remember that slim and skinny not popular like before we are still here but thick and lovely is now in let’s admit it!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    1/4th industrial latex glue, with a pint of floor cement, an once of cook oil, 1 prayer .

  • Block, steel,sand, gravel and cement, omg lets not fi get di wheel barrow. Wooooo! Sum gal ole before dem young. Weh u a seh T u young, heh hayyyyy u cuda fool me.

  • Real says:

    BACK HOE11111111111

  • Regula says:

    Is this the chicken I mean chick dat was hoping hurricane Sandy would blow Met ‘sight’ down?

  • Kisha says:

    Met that Ian cry cry him brok like wah. :
    :berduka :berdu

  • Good day ppl and Lawd it come like JMG love mess wit mi frens dem lol…ah mi good good fren man Mr.Shy Shy

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Yoooooooooooooo gorilla glue cement steel lumber ply board nail gravel. Tarik di surgeon shoulda chip off u two broad shoulder cause it obvious say u hip trapped inna u shoulder. When u have up u good good bloodclaaaat money dem suppose to give u a proppa liposuction n body sculpting but then again Wat gone bad a morning caaa go good a nite. Tarik mi can see all a di wata bucket whey u carry pon u head top goo up di mountain inna u foot back dem u tuff nuh rass.

  • Baby girl says:

    Unno nah see a two man in di pics. :hotrit :2thumbup

  • Anonymous says:

    nasty looking ass.

  • Dwrl says:

    Wait dis a the same Tarik WEH did deh yah a cuss we?? Bayyyyyyy puppa Jesus watch the whale :cd

  • Dwrl says:

    Wid had football player body looking like a damn quarterback :nohope:

  • Dwrl says:


  • Dwrl says:

    Kisha him look very well gay to, look at the pants , like each had blast painting on each other tights

  • Dwrl says:

    Dem a the clones for sponge bob and patrick

  • Tarick ahow u nuh run in ya today, bout u a bad gal, all mi know u a tuff gal, dumpling an huffu yam, Hard ware and lumber mi seh fi u. Hand over the money cuz it nuh nuh fi u, all the money in di world cyaan fix u, bout u young and look good, u mean,fi seh u ole and tuff and tan bad. Yuh bad fi true, really look bad. Heh haaaayyyy.

  • Tarick this is a stick up and robbery, hand over all the money right now, cuz it nah nothing fi yuh( in my Ma Baker voice. Dem gal ya pose up wid broke pocket man, cuzen seh nuh sensiblean wid money nah pose up wid cart wheel dumplong.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Tarik di Giants a look a defense player n u body look up to it u fava a bloodclaaaat sumo wrestler u caaa give no body no talk ova yah a Neva know say a so u tan badddddd u money nahhhhh meck no sense starrrrrrrr u money lazy Tarik u money a sleep rass claaat a Steve alone di money a wuk fa r wah?

  • Dwrl says:

    She no have no money a le UNNO a tell, who ave money and inna dance in $4.99-5.00 tights?? Me and you know those shoes on her feet no cost more than $9.99′ that old woman polkadot top, can we say played out, she look stank, she can’t dress to compliment her weight lifter type body, how she look tuff so like if sandy did blow gainst her it wouldn’t even shift har , no sir she naw nooooooo money like mi self yah :thumbup

  • Dwrl says:

    Mi convince a she dress the man to enno, yes a she all left for her to do was made up his clown face also

  • Calling Tarick, yuh nah cum, how u run eyne pan wi like a line backer cum defend Angella jet set. Suh wha happen, yuh dune now, a picture says a thousand words. A u tuff self dune u, anuh we, cah u body speak out loud fi it self. The material dem surely talking ma.

  • Good Good says:

    she stay very baddddd, look like when humpty dumpty guh pon di wall. My girl mi know seh a 1 whole bokkle a make up yuh use fi dat big broad face deh. Yuh tink true yuh duh batty it’s a good luck wooii nuh man still nah guh waan yuh cuz it nuh look good a rass, a nuh mi a talk a di streets a talk

  • kehkemkem says:

    breast do, batty do. bellydo. toe and that annoying voice need fi do. to mi ah bucket of cement down her throat would she lean. if the toe do the body would straighten up.


  • Met says:

    kehkem :tkp

  • **PRADA** says:

    from you look pon it can tell say ah nuh something wah she born wid, ah add dat haffi add on………lol dis nuh look good at all

  • peeGIRL says:

    tarik favor the tasmanian devil worst with the red tights.

  • Dwrl says:

    Mr girl bring back the batty, bring back the breast and continue save for a full renovation, you can’t repair half and left the rest pop dung, go refinance the batty and breast den man cho, a dat batty you did a tell people to kiss?? You favor when breadfruit fall affa tree and batta batta

  • OBSERVER says:

    dese metters r not nice luk pon frenchie a wonda a wich construction material dat i diesssssssssss oooo good evng Metty :)

  • kim says:

    mr shy shy is a bomb an a gambler

  • Look like she’s wearing Pampers or adult diapers, no butt job caan tan so. Batty square no raas

  • Tawkchuet says:

    A mus Depends lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • sameone says:

    is har madda dat inna di backgroung..dem hump-up alike…

  • DEADING says:


  • kehkemkem says:

    its suprising that tina ah turn innah her auntie fay, or cousin. but mi did hear seh fay cut dung so heridity does have alot to do wid how we turn out.

    mammmmmmmmmmmmma cum hear and show mi all of you sister them pictures
    mi want see how mi ago turn out

  • She favour mama bird from Tottenham at least she dress better though, but the two a dem shape bad still lol

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