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Captain Barkey,Wayne Hamilton funeral will take place on takes place Friday, November 9,2012 at the Portmore Missionary Church in Bayside, Portmore,St Catherine.Jamaica.

Wayne ‘Captain Barkey, Hamilton’s body arrived in Jamaica over the weekend in the care of The Brite Lite Funeral Home who will direct the funeral arrangements.

Following the service, Barkey’s body will be interred at Up Park Camp in St Andrew, headquarters of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), where he servers as a member for several years and as a result a speedy permit was obtained.

Captain Barkey, 50, was shot to death in the parking lot of a motel in the Bronx, New York City on Saturday, October 13.

Police there report that he and his 38-year-old lover Tracy Bennett were about to leave the motel in her white Toyota Camry when a gunman, later identified as Joseph Kernizan, shot them.

Bennett also died in the incident while Kernizan, her former boyfriend, killed himself three days later in Miami.

Barkey was best known for the 1990s hit songs, Go Go Wine and Bun fi Bun.


  • Belly Bang says:

    This episode is finally winding down in a sober manner. :nerd

  • Berry says:

    Did Tracy get buried yet? At least him get fi guh Jamaica guh bury.

  • Sue says:

    @Berry. I heard that she was buried last week in NY.
    I feel bad for his wife, you can tell she is one of those ” the sky is Orange ” kinda woman.
    The entire thing is just sad…. The kids are the ones who are left to deal with this tragedy.

  • Moor n Learning says:

    Portmore Missionary wow…went to church and school there. I’m not sure if they still have the prep school. My trek from Armada to Portmore Missionary, memories. RIP to the lives lost.

  • SERENITY says:

    Good morning Metty,Metters,Belly & Berry

    Thank God him body reach down so all his family,friends & his entertainment family can bid farewell & get closure.R.I.P. Captain Barkey,your memory will live on. Glad that as an ex-soldier,Camp do dem part

  • Berry says:

    Thanks Sue. I figured she was, but tru mi neva hear nuttin bout it.

    Morning Ser, sed suh. I’m thankful that everyone will get to be there and also thankful that Camp ah help di family in a huge way as well.

  • Belly Bang says:

    Suh wah bout di “fundraiser party/bashment/drinkout” wah did fature wah day???? Wat becomes of it & where dem put di money collected (after expenses deducted)???

  • OBSERVER says:

    Sue weh yu mean by the ‘sky is orange’? A ope wifey stay rite ya a merca. RIP fallen soldier

  • fashiondoll says:

    RIP Capt. Barkley. I hope wifey will be able to have a good time in JA and wish that the ongoing passa passa will be resolved amicable after the funeral.

  • Finally he will be laid to rest., but as the wife in this saga.. I would not attend that funeral sorry, but then again until death do we part.

  • If a true sey Tracey bury in NY Why??? Har family shame fi keep har funeral dung a St Bess? Mi nuh like dat at all. Har spirit haffi go travel allllll d way a Jamaica fi look fi Barkey? Joke yaaah…

    So Kernizan bury yet???

  • Sue says:

    @ Observer…the kind that will look in the sky and say its blue and the hubby/bf will say, ” nope – its Orange ” and all she’ll do is agree and really believe him despite seeing for herself the shit is Blue….Genuinely clueless!

  • OBSERVER says:

    Oh she had been fooled for a longtime she’s a hurt puppy but God will help her to get by

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    It seems that at the end of the day the man paid his dues to society, it in turn pay its dues to him. BIG UP JDF, THE FALLEN AND THE LIVING :rate

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    *Paid** ( like me really care…lol)

    Nex…me see de mention bout de ‘charity’ aka beggings jus fi kip a dance and get good name. YIP I SAID IT.

    De man family did tell onu sey dem did need charity fi bury de man? If camp honor him as one of them own that means de man did have him life in orda.

  • Sensational says:

    @phantomphoenix, no disrespect to the dead, but on which you should check out, it said they were raising donations to bury barkey. his wife Mavis also put her money so he could be sent to jamaica for burial.

  • Sensational says:

    @Enter your name Joseph KERNIZAN HAD A Big funeral in Haiti. They fiXED him up good, he had a chrome casket. it was an open casket funeral where the mourners can see him and touch forTracy last i heard she was buried in new york some where. no body knows where she was buried in new york.

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