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  • Nik Nok Nok madd

  • Belly Bang says:

    I WILL BE THEREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :travel :travel :kr :kr :kr

  • Why this f%$#er wearing pink if everything red??

  • SERENITY says:

    nik nok nok……go thru rostah…..good luck pon di man dem career

  • JohnnyBigHood says:

    Mi see that the xyclone a try, but honestly MetShani, mi tired of this dude taking up so much of my web page space. Shrink him nuh Met, or gimme an option to minimize his ad. The little respect I was building for him as a trying artiste is slowly turning into HATE. UGGGHH!

  • SERENITY says:

    Johnnybighood you bad nuh rass…you need fi sell some a you badness rostah….da bredda yah a one a di only dj who dig inna him pocket & pay him money fi advertise pon metty site & mi fi one respect that & di fact that he is really investing plus trying. Just ignore him ting if it a badda you so much but you really cyaa serious say you a go hate di bredda cause him a tek up web page….really…are you really serious?

    Black people always a trail behind causen we never support each other…not even a kind word we have fi offer each other more time & me even guilty a dat more time but I am proud to say I am trying to be good…i am getting better at being good…i am woking on cutting out passing unnecessary judgements but I am not perfect & i am a little off so oonu plz to see wit me oonu hear….at di end a di day doh….a str88 support mi say…dj continue to do you ting rostah….one day you wi get you reward.

    Johnny doh come back in yah come start wit me causen even doh you entitle to your opinion…sometimes we haffi bill & let certain tings fly…mi sure you know that real well :sungkem

  • me too pretty says:

    Met if you a go den me ago leggo the ball and chain and come wid yuh. lol

  • Met says:


  • me too pretty says:


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