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Guards who beat UTech student removed from duty
Friday, November 02, 2012 | 10:38 AM

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The security officers involved in last night’s beating of a male student at the University of Technology (UTech) have been removed from duty, a senior member of Marksman Limited disclosed this morning.
Security-company Marksman is a part of ongoing meetings with the UTech administration to resolve the issue.

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According to the Marksman official, statements are being collected from students and security personnel who were at the scene, and a joint statement with the University will be released soon.
The incident happened after the student was allegedly found in a compromising position with a male peer, upon which he was set upon by a mob, a UTech senior staff member confirmed earlier.
Allegations are that security officers brought the student to a small room at the entrance to the school where two guards punched and slapped him several times.
Videos of the incident broadcast earlier on popular website YouTube have been blocked.

36 Responses to JFLAG MOVE FAST OO..

  • adwa says:

    sorry fi mawga dawg, him tun roun bite yu. dem nuh realize seh a di security spare di yute life, a betta dem gi him little box an kick, cause anyhow dem did release him inna dat deh crowd, a dem time deh utech woulda know bout scandal

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    …the onsite version states that the youth ran to security fi aide him. Therefore, dem set the stage fi whey we see pon de video. I say fire dem bakside and charge dem to.

    People can’t a run to a place designated as a safe haven and a get maltreatment PLAIN & SIMPLE.

    *Me cuss bout batty man tarra not because I don’t think two men/women should be together (me a nu christian eida). But we can’t stop people from do whe dem ago do and at de same time de malice whey de against de men dem fi go towards de oman dem to and I doubt that would have been the case if a one gal run inna de office.

  • honeybee says:

    @adwa… The security guards are no better than the rowdy students. Their job is to protect the students and the campus, but they choose to assault the young man. I was the video last night, and I didn’t see anyone of those security “spare” the young man.

    I would expect the University Dean and whoever is on the board to take action with the manner of behavior from the students and security guards. I doubt this is JFLAG doings. I don’t doubt for once JFLAG didn’t not make a call after the video hit the net. Again, Jamaica and Jamaicans are seen around the world as uncivilized.

  • Met says:

    honeybee yes kind of and no kind of…if a police in america saw a couple having sex or was called to a scene they may not beat them but they would have handled them just the same

  • adwa says:

    ok honeybee, i get you. i was just saying that while the guy was mildly attacked by the security guards, relatively speaking, he would have suffered a worse fate at the hands of the crowd. i mean, at the end of the video, someone actually threw something which shattered the glass to the room where the guy was being detained. i think that shows the level of intensity among the crowd and what their intentions were had they been able to be within physical reach of the alleged battyman.

  • honeybee says:

    So true @ PHANTON. If it was two woman who were caught in the bathroom in a “compromising” position those security guards and the students wouldn’t have behaved in that manner. The boys would be cheering them on and the guard would asked to join. And those University student who were acting like a bunch of wild banchees! In (my eyes) that video, and everyone in it, is such and embarrassment.

  • honeybee says:

    Yes Met, the police in America would’ve arrest them for indecent act in public, and they wouldn’t assault them because we know where that going to lead. From what I saw in the video; I didn’t see them (guards) protection the young man. I saw punching and slapping. If the young man was caught with another in a “alleged” compromising position as it was reported by the students then they were wrong to commit such act on the University campus bathroom. They should’ve take it somewhere else, because they darn well know the repercussion that will followed if they are caught.

    @adwa..I know it would’ve been worst if the students got a hold of him. He might have been dead or hospitalized at the moment. But I felt like the security guards should have handle themselves better than what we saw in the video. I wonder how many gays are in that crowd screaming “let him out so we can get a piece of him too” lol we all know there are alot of undercover gays in Jamaica.

  • adwa says:

    ok miss honeybee i see ur point…cool reasonings!!!

    on another note mi see mi dislike dem tun up inna di day yah… unnu gwan thru! :2thumbup

  • honeybee says:

    Lmoa @ adwa. anno mi dislike u comments oooooh. Let mi go upto go like u comments dwl

  • milikeit says:

    So now that everyone including the authorities agree that these students were having sex in the bathroom, I wonder if dem ago get charge for the act. If they don’t, this would be setting precedent that it’s okay to have yuh bottom stuff full of cocky in the bathroom, and you know all hell will brake loose. Bathroom will no longer be a place where you go shit and piss, yuh cyan go there and have sex too. I’m just saying.

    Look, I think all can agree that this kid was assaulted and the guards got what they deserved, but dem pickney yah fi know seh people nah guh waan see you inna no bathroom a tek fuck inna yuh bottom. Dem fi know weh dem ado, what if dem dik ketch inna place like waterhouse, jungle and worst fi dem St. Mary, straight cutlass dat. OOOO

  • ShaunPo says:

    i have di video, if yuh want it met i’ll send it on.

  • eyecandy says:

    all me waah know if a suh battyman passionate inna dem lust dat dem risk dem life fi it???

  • ShaunPo says:

    my bad!!! u have di vid up already hehe

  • Riches says:

    If the alleged gay have any sense he can sue the guard and Guardsman, his sexuality is already obliterated suh mi knw JFLAG aguh tek up d case, it sad dat him run in a d post fi refuge an d guard dem tun roun beat im, such irony, an Met one a mi past lecturer dem confirm d gay guy ran to the gate trying to escape d mob dats how im end up a d security post as it is right at d gate a Utech

  • Riches says:

    sorry *Marksman not Guardsman

  • Saddened says:

    The most disappointing thing of all is these students are supposed to be our future leaders.

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    sadden…it’s okay. I see a humanitarian visa in this youth future while four nah nu job fi school fi dem own.

  • Tweet says:

    @ Saddened :thanks2 The sad part is that I won’t be surprised to see this video used as a smear tactic against Jamaica by LGBTQ groups. Now how can I argue that gays in Jamaica are more likely to be killed by other gays when this video exists to be thrown in my face?

  • input says:

    it’s bigger than people think when the guards react like that.

    it won’t take much for the guards to get beat themselves in a situation like this or stigmatized after the incident. Plus ‘man a man’ and because them have to work there i think they reach in fear themselves. funny how fear control people and them not even know.

    Them shoulda leave it @ some earzaz and couple drape up.

  • a feel a de bwoy Pablo dat dem a beat..batty bwoy..but still dem security de shoudnt a put dem hand pon de yout. buggery illegal so if dem claim say dem see de youth a break de law dem suppose to hold him and hand him ova to de police fi charges..but everybody inna Jamaica once dem put on uniform dem feel dem must throw lick pon people..police,soldier,security,warder..everybody a throw lick..

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Observa update sey de BUMS have been fired…contract terminated! Magilla gorilla, missa limp wrist, Ms. Magilla gorilla and likkle ole man whey look hungry note to self…onu nu hab nu right a beatup pon people whey cannot defend dem self and turn to onu fi proteck dem inna time a crisis. Matta-a-fac…onu neva know sey onu paycheck was once guaranteed by protecting dis man life? lololol

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Iam…yu funny, mad and bad at the same time. Can’t help but like yu.

  • Met says:

    phantom iamheretocall out mi love him all a can do is laugh when him get mad …him mouth nuh normal :ngakak

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Met, yu need a 1/2 an 1/2 button fi agree wid him/her and disagree at the same time and can’t help but laugh at the same damn time.

  • Met says:


  • Met says:

    phantom di pablo part floor mi and a from lastnight mi a dead wid laugh him too bad

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    A de Pablo part have me to…me like de banta between de two a dem. Pablo soon come sey him did check sey a Iam to rass…lol.

  • fashiondoll says:

    Iamhereocallout _____________________________________________________________________
    me literally deh a grung. You mek mi evening

  • de one Mayor Bloomberg haffi cancel de NYC marathon..too much pressure.too much people a lick out..bout him a come chat bout de marathon will help the city recover..when everybody know say a through de money

  • Belly Bang says:

    Evening to everybody & all & Met & who soeva….


  • Met says:

    Belly dem did haffiiiiiiiii :nerd

  • Belly Bang says:

    But mi haffi now wonda if dem yah “trained” security guards haffi undergo psychiatric evaluation before dem licensed by the authorities.

    Seriously!!! Wat the fuck were they thinking????

    Dem is supposed to be the figure of common sense in the midst of the excitement and seet deh now, ah dem ah di excitement.

    And dem student uppa UTECH…..back to unno…..unno ah supposed to be the future ..OF WAT????? from wah day wi ah hear bout how much ah unbno up deh naw or cant pay unno school fee and unno ah beg & plead, ah wonda how much ah unno did involve inna di excitement to???? Unno fi know dat when fuckery ah gwaan, whether unno agree or not, unno fi tek weh unno self!!!

  • honey says:

    the video still deh pon

  • Real says:

    a save dem save him life …regardless him dem slap him up if dem did turn dem back pon him ..he would be dead and as u can see dem have di female security at the window so at least dem how ever way it was done protect his life…him know how di place set he should have conducted him self accordingly

  • The Reality says:

    Buggery is still not permitted in Jamaica , and a country is entitled to its own law and customs having sex open and publicly is wrong point blank, by law in Jamaica the guy should have been arrested. The security should not have hit him but the guy also broke a law and the reality is that its offensive to our culture for that to be done so openly. Im just saying there is 2 sides to every story!

  • jermz fr harvey rd, kgn 13 says:

    since i was a child..i learned that if you do anything wrong…yuh get beating…so why do we have this commiserating and sympathy for these homosexuals that invaded the domains of heterosexual in a compromising position and dug themselves in an equal compromising situation..JFLAG or any entity do not have no right to contest the security guards’ action because GOD destroyed a whole city, Sodom and Gomorrah, for this said action..when are we going to put a stand against homosexual behaviour..i have no problem with homosexual..its their behaviour that is i passed them everyday..i am sure that the students knew they were gay before..yet they did not beat them then..their comfort led them to expose their behaviour in a PUBLIC restroom..oh god man…nuh beatings that..stop the f…kery bout ‘dem shouldn’t beat..’ and the ‘security dem in uniform tht…’…beatings

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