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Message Body:
margret like how you love people business why you na tell the people say money train evict you out of him house margret your face crush up like ja brown scandal bag margret your teeth them shell out like gravel pon floor so sort out yourself old fowl i hope the rusty nail them cook you a go soon old fowl


  • sweet says:


  • Anonymous says:

    met a she dis candy say a di ole woman she ago send it wah wayne say tek out the dentures fi suck him and call ziggy phone and tell him the tings dem

  • Met says:


  • Original Goodas says:

    no say me caa bother

  • Met says:

    goodas dem a di bes lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooo a cyaa tek it

  • deading lol says:

    look how the bleach do her sick stomach

  • Original Goodas says:

    met dem is a set a dont even know what to call dem

  • Met says:

    dere is no name fi dem goodas

  • candy this a the woman wa you say you did a go put up candy me think you did a go wake up and go a the gyn quick before clock put on him draws

  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    a shi name hamaspik r wateva?! :ngakak :ngakak anodda case a age papa lost in dancehall :kts:

  • Met says:

    kia!! KIA :tkp

  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    helloooooooooooo met how yu doing lol

  • Met says:

    i am doing very well thank you :angel
    and you :maho

  • sexy eyes says:

    Some people just dont know when throw in the towel or when fi realize seh sum lifestyle stop at a certain age har family need fi ole a intervention fi har but mi fass all di head side shave out to :ngacir2

  • joey says:

    no seriously whose great-great granny is dis??????????? my granny dead at 70 odd and never look so and im sure she is younger. a she u call dun(done). senior citizen where is ur wheelchair. if it was my granny str88 old ppl home she ago

  • Granny u 2 wicked 2 uself!!! I caint, d mek up face pose showing up ALL ur wrinkles? the pose like u waan sit pon a toilet, the shribble up foot in d slippas dem, no grandma…wear close up shoes.

    My final recommendations…..find a church, stay home, with ur grandkids (if u have any) or find d nearest nursing home. They keep bingo parties regularly and always playing card games there. U might meet a husband dere cuz u a goodas ole oomam. Woiiiiiiiieeee

  • so sad says:

    these ppl stay bad, mi know one gyal who get breast implants and she can’t even pay har rent

  • nah laugh says:

    Rudy an Trudy wah mek unnuh wicked suh sen in Melissa mother ah war u an yuh donkey face sister ah look de people dem soon beat unnuh nasty fuck out rass

  • Taliban says:

    Bouy she tan bad, how it look like one a di slippers heel gone so.

  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    taliban if yu si dem bun up chicken foot guh near yu..yu nuh run leff dat all tacksi di slippas prolly bawl out fah :ngacir2

  • deading says:

    kia no man you mean her face bun up like chicken bac stay bad wow cant stop laugh pink wall wow

  • dwl says:

    so how margret make money train evict her no de so she sell food money train must a tired of the beating them now melissa can beat him you see

  • Regula says:

    While this woman seem to be aging at about 10 yrs per day her brain obviously stopped aging circa 6/7 yrs old. She should donate that body to research.

  • simplicity says:

    fe smaddy weh 1 day older dan dirt she brave bad mi sey dawg a live betta dan nuff a dem yuh betta guh seek a kennel

  • bx says:

    margret you na see say you and pickney them salt because unno pussy curse and man fuck unno and duck unno out like fucky dolly

  • Anonymous says:

    margret u stay bad the gal them a backto look better than u and them live a ja trust mi margret u look awful u need fe bag u old face masey look way better than u need to seek the lord and leave young people place dancehall u old u and my mother a play mate .


    ooooh God man! Lady/granneeee wid a face like dat , who the blousenaaut need enemy. Yuh need bout 4 weeks a pressuring fi tenda or a di presha cooka top blow off inna yuh face? anyhoo beauty is in di yey of the beholda or juss inna ur yey it dey? I CAN NOT!!!

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