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35 Responses to INJUSTICE!

  • anna says:

    met are you african? just wondering cause always put up stuff pertaining to africa eg Nigeria..just curious

  • Met says:

    Anna u haffi use a next name blog………….we are all African :nerd

  • SEXII says:

    Met lady saw over Twitter a cuss you..a pure pink wall she a talk bout

  • Yep! says:


  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    SEXII…tweet har and tell har de forum is open to her if she want fi mike check Met.

  • TheChosenOne says:


    Plz dont respond to Lady Saw and her psychosis. Let her conscience be her guide.

    Let’s all ignore her from today and her on. She must be smoking that Molly.

    Peace Met.

  • Met says:

    chosen a dat mi jus tell someone…mi nah look and why should i? is like she waaa deh pan di wall every week mek she gwaan man and a call down dead as to what smaddy seh…di way she bad mi never know she can dead :travel

  • LUNDUN says:

    good day met and metters

    met plz plz plz don’t put up a topic on saw and her tweets

    we have said all we need to say to and about her

    no wonder john john fuck he she and di old lady pon har, cuz she sooooo obsessed wid di pink wall, she mek it tek up har time instead of riding john john hood.

    she sick mi man

  • Met says:

    lundun mi wont oo mi busy roun yere plus tax

  • LUNDUN says:

    lady saw mi know u reading so read diss


    now put dat pon john john hood and smoke + ride it

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    lolol…Lundu! Yow Met, de hand tool hot fi yu. lolol Mussy a contemplate a pupalick ova har balcony so she a set yu up as de reason why. JCF have a suicide awareness program har family need fi log on fi know when she really ready fi leave de toolshed.

  • Met says:

    phatom :maho

  • LUNDUN says:

    mi seh phantom, she very rude bout jmg mek ppl call har anna hang up. afta u no important saw!!!

    a john john tek weh u apple computa and studio equipment fi sell it an buy trisha one a di blue ivy prom fi him son.

    u pic weh u inna di tub look nice, but di one weh full up di twitta page wid di soap sud all ova u don’t look good, u face look haaaaard to beat an is not easter.

    gwaan yaah man mascot

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Yu gwan go call Ja…me de yah fi when dat tazmanian devil come bout.

  • Met says:

    lundun she nuh know seh when we chat and done thats it until the next story…who wudda have saw numba fi call har a ja…and she been home since last week..she is sicker dan mi think

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Lundun, a since when phone numba a run pon JMG ? lol…A de alligata man a ring har phone fi collect whey she fi rightfully pay to de housekeepa whey har rabid dog dem bite up…mad like dem owna.

  • LUNDUN says:

    lady saw who know di bible betta dan di devil??

    all battyman quote scripture, and di bible tell dem straight seh dem is an abomination.

    so gwaan quote lady saw, di worl dun si seh u a idiot and dashing scripture naah go change dat.

  • Met says:

    Lundun doe pay har no attention o doe acknowledge because when she doe read she have har man/gyal dem whey read so dem read and tell har fi ansa mek she gwaan talk to harself she used to dat :ngakak

  • Met says:

    n mek she gwaan promote she need fi get di site name right dow

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Lundun, shhhh yu have fi whispa da name de call it something else it love when yu use de name. Yu summon demon when yu call it…lol

  • LUNDUN says:

    phantom a grudge she grudge stink pussy candy cuz candy deh pon jmg bout 3 days now. saw no like dat, a she one fi mek di pink wall so much time.

  • Met says:

    lundun and candy dem have a next post waiting ina mi box but dem need sleep cause dem nuh sleep since last night :hammer

  • LUNDUN says:

    met mi dun wid har now

    mi did juss need fi set har straight

    a candy time now saw abaaaaaaaaay :najis

  • bev says:

    lady saw or mumma saw the pink would would be here waiting for u to run to when john john wood stary again so please do keep connect as it would up date u daily

  • LUNDUN says:

    fi real phantom????

    mi neva know dat

    so what name mi fi use when refering to dat creature?

  • Met says:

    lundun doe ansa har …because when she waa post bout people post sen in doe…if me ansa har she vanish so mi a gwaan laugh

  • Met says:

    Someone fi tell har seh jmg mixup but mi nuh mixup because all the talk she has been talking…the site isa site and we post celebrity gossip..if I were to take it beyond that it would be unprofessional but both of us are warriors we war very different though so mek she carry on I will ignore

  • OBSERVER says:

    Met saw naw get no airtime?? She neva pay yuh laaswk? :kr

  • Met says:


  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Lundun, creature would be just fine…lol. Met, de tool use microphone and yu have a website. Garlic fi vampires, kryptonit fi supaman and JMG fi dah madekks de. It’s a fact that media in any form is a celebritys worst nightmare.

  • Met says:

    Phantom a like how she seh a fi one year n when she wanted to know her mate where did she ask and who show har? I think I am too nice but I like to be nice cause when mi a war its called for so mi will :maho

    u cant pay stupid attention seekers attention

  • SEXII says:

    Lady saw say if she dead a jmg kill har..
    Met she say you a call har phone and a hang up..lmaooo

    I think she need help…lady saw go get help!!!

  • Met says:

    yes she need medication…bipolar

  • Annadiva says:

    Met me naah fawt pon Lady Saw. This video mek me heart bleed! You mean dem push di iron up ina di ooman and damage har so bad? Lawddd it terrible man! Dem friggin corrupt police! An di DPO nevah even know wah a gwaan. Nawaoooohhhhh!! Wicked People!!

  • Met says:

    its so sad and now it seem like she have permanent problems memba she said she couldnt pee straight…all because dem believe seh she kill her husband

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