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“Hanging Obama” truck makes way into Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – A truck with a disturbing display has made its way into Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention.

The truck is hauling a trailer with eight mannequins hanging from ropes with nooses from a rafter.

The mannequins are all dressed as different people, including President Barack Obama, North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue and Senior Resident Superior Court Judge W. Douglas Parsons.

A WBTV web producer snapped a photo of the truck as it traveled up College Street near uptown Charlotte on Thursday afternoon, ahead of President Obama’s acceptance speech.

The truck is owned by a man who calls himself “Patriot Phipps” on YouTube.

He says the truck was made to bring attention to a murder case for William Henry Phipps, who was shot and killed while he was riding down the highway with his father.

“You say it’s racism. I say it’s not. Absolutely not,” he insisted in a YouTube video from May 2012 that explains the display. “Had we been hanging people in effigy when George Bush was president, I would have hung him, no problem. It wouldn’t have been a problem at all.”

Phipps says that he took the display to New York City, sans President Obama, two years ago and “people hardly remember, hundreds of thousands of pictures was taken then.”

He says they added the president to the display after a federal case into the murder investigation went nowhere.

“Wouldn’t it have been better for Timothy McVey to do this, than what he done?” he asked at one point in the video. “We have nothing else.”

Phipps says that people don’t understand how long and how hard they have fought before going to this extreme.

“We did not want to do this, ” he said, gesturing to the mannequin display. “Mister Barack Obama can get down, he can get his mannequin down any time he wants to, but it is a federal investigation we are after.”

He says the display isn’t a racist display.

“It is not our fault that Mister Barack Obama is President and he just happens to be black,” he said in the video. “We had nothing to do with it. That was God.”

He says be believes most people would do the same things in his situation.

A WBTV viewer also snapped a photo of the same truck on Wednesday after it was stopped by the Highway Patrol along Interstate 85 at Peeler Road near the Rowan, Cabarrus counties line.

According to the viewer, the truck had a sign reading “Obama on board. Dummies in nooses.”

Troopers told WBTV they stopped the vehicle for a vehicle equipment violation. The driver was issued a written warning and allowed to leave.


  • Regula says:

    Morning Met and Metters, I can see how his protest would offend some people, it does have some racist undertones as it relates to the lynching of blacks back in the days. But I think his explanation is quite reasonable and I believe that if he were a black person protesting about the said issue by putting a noose around a white president’s neck, it would not be seen as a racist gesture.

  • Met says:

    but regular if it were a white person they would not have done that…a jus excuse him a look fi carry it out…which president dem eva do dat?

  • sexy eyes says:

    The nerve of some people smh there are others way to go about protesting but bcuz him it wud attention him do it its very offense and disrespectful to the president

  • sexy eyes says:

    Know and get (missing words) sorry

  • sexy eyes says:

    Offensive to cho

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    There is Zero excuse for anyone to be riding around wid a fucking hangman noose round the likeness of ANY human being. And it is fucking RACIST that it’s round de neck of the first black president of the US. Fuking KKK and neonazis’ are still alive and having fuking barbeques while hanging black people…dem just smarter and not leaving bodies hanging from trees.

  • soap opera says:

    freedom of speech my ass, it’s very disrespectful.

  • Berry says:

    Hey, it sure drew the attention he wanted right? He might even get the federal investigation into the case he’s “protesting” for. So, kudos to him.

    Mi jus wah know why we can’t say what we wanna say to gays without being arrested and sued but he’s allowed to disrespect someone like this? Even when his disrespect has a lot to do with racism. Government continues to fukk us up under psych’s.

  • Anonymous says:

    To make any kind of threat on a U.S. president is a crime.

  • I hope he gets attention but not the one he wants.

  • All Smiles says:

    This is fucking disgusting n racist to the 10th power!!!! Never in my life have i seen so much disrespect on a president displayed so freely!! until Obama took office! I don’t care what he’s doing fr not doing! The presidents before him fuck up this country to the max n i didn’t see nobody scrutinize their every move and so called “protest” in such a disrespectful manner!!! A Obama alone them have strength fah because he BLACK!!! For we as black ppl don’t deserve any fucking respect despite our position or credibility!! THE WHOLA DEM RACIST FUCKA FI GUH KILL DIG UP N SUCK OUT WI HISTORIC BLACK LEADERS DEAD BONE DEM!!! KILL UNU RASS SELF N LEAVE OUR RACE THE FUCK ALONE! TIRED A DI WHOLA UNNU!! :marah :marah

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