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Cop fires at unmarked car with SSP Knight
Thursday, November 01, 2012

A senior officer of the constabulary yesterday blasted his colleagues over a weekend shooting incident in which the member of a police patrol opened fire at an unmarked vehicle, almost injuring a senior superintendent.
The Jamaica Observer learnt that head of St Andrew Central Police Division Derrick ‘Cowboy’ Knight and another policeman were on Saturday travelling in an unmarked service vehicle along Spanish Town Road, in the vicinity of Weymouth Drive in Kingston, about 2:00 am, when it was fired on. Senior Superintendent Knight and the other policeman escaped injury.

Information about the incident was still unclear, but an Observer source said the officers were travelling along Spanish Town Road when they noticed that they were being trailed by a police vehicle, after which shots rang out. The source could not say if the police had signalled the unmarked car to stop.
There has been no official report on the embarrassing incident and Knight yesterday refused to comment.
However, a senior policeman who requested anonymity because he was
not authorised to speak to the media about the incident, said the development had again cast a shadow over the operations of the police and the use of force.
“…If Mr Knight was shot and killed, maybe we would not know the truth about that incident,” said the senior policeman, who has knowledge of the shooting incident.
“The incident brings to mind that sometimes, too, our civilian population may find themselves in a similar dilemma,” the cop said.
The lawman said the incident was very “heart-rending”‘ in light of the work that the police commissioner, Owen Ellington, has done in stressing awareness among members of the constabulary about the use of force.
“The police need to follow the commissioner’s strategic objective as it relates to how the public should be treated and the use of lethal and non-lethal force,” said the officer.
Carolyn Gomes of the human rights group Jamaicans for Justice yesterday expressed concern about the incident when contacted by the Observer.
“It’s very disheartening and brings into sharp focus concerns that members of the public have been raising for years about police use of force,” said Gomes.

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17 Responses to AINT THIS A SHAME?

  • Mi read it today mi glad a so it turn out. A so dem kill innocent ppl and put gun pon dem and talk bout shoot out!!!!!……mi nuh know wah kinda animal dem have bout dem a protect and serve.

  • Met says:

    How can you just shoot after someone like that?This a big embarrassment man

  • Met the officer said not even a signal fi dem pull over. Dem just start fire shot……smh

  • LUNDUN says:

    again, mi not buying diss

    cuz cowboy a big big police bwoy, so how cum di odda police boy dem neva recognise him?

    mi expect civilans or gunman fi step pon gas when po po a falla dem cuz wi know di po po dem trigga happy an a sum old criminal.

    but big big cowboy neva pull ova an flash him badge or ask wats di problem?

    noooo blood cum wid sumting betta, cowboy did deh pon sum runnings, but di po po dem weh didda trail him u naah go hear di truth from fi dem perspective cuz fi dem badge no big.


  • maybe dem do sumn n a try get rid a d bigger headz so dem nuh get kinck outa d force or charged??

  • kick**

  • cc says:

    a dis dem du all di time dis nuh nuttn new, a suh dem kill innocent ppl all di damn time only dis time di table turn and it turnout to be a few of dem own smfh.

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Ms. Itzy yu close to de truth. I say it was a damn hit and de wretch dem fail!

  • Riches says:

    happens all the time (Lord plz forgive me for my utterance) but Cowboy shuda get a shot an dem d news wud have bn different! not buyin dis a rass, just goes to show how innocent civilians get gunned down by these badmen inna police clothes dem dem seh a shoot out! weh him a duh pon spanish town rd 2 inna mawnin inna unmarked car? kmrt supn fishy

  • LUNDUN says:

    @phantom all dat 2 mi gal

    hit gone wrong, cowboy did deh pon a runnings, di fassy dem do diss fi attention, cowboy fuck up sumting fi one or more a di police boy dem so dem a look revenge.

    di possibilities are endless, wid dem police boy yah, i naah put nuttin pass dem anna expec anyting.

  • No Joke says:


  • Foxy says:

    There is so much wrong with this story. It’s excessive use of force when it comes to one of their own but justified when it involves civilians? If killing an unarmed pregnant woman wasn’t cause enough to know they need training and accountability for every time a weapon is drawn, then nothing will ever change.

    Secondly, someone above hit the nail on the head by saying, this was an inside job, a hit. They don’t mistake a well known officer without him even identifying himself, just like that!!! I call bullcrap on this one!

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Riches, SSP Knight have alrights fi de any way him want at 2am. All police officers don’t ride in mark vehicles and at 2am they may be on their way home or on the way to work. Most senior officers were at station houses for more than 48 hrs straight because a de storm. Nu move neva a mek. The news states that SSP was being driven by another officer…

    Dem uniform thugs just happen fi run out a luck dat night.

  • DFDR says:

    I very much doubt it was a hit cause if it was he would be dead!!!
    At 2:00 in the morning the patrol police got suspicious of this unmarked car, the patrol police seh him nah tek no chance dem time a morning and a must gunman inna di car and buss up some shot to see if and how they will retaliate, cause gunman will return fire or drive eratically to get away, I suspect no fire was returned or eratic driving followed…

    To stop a suspicious car at 2:00 in the morning on Spanish town Road is not a easy task, the police will have to be very brave as they can stop the car walk up an bad man just shoot them…They need to develop more tactics and training of how to deal with such situations…AS PLEASE STEP OUT THE CAR WITH YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!!! Lol…

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    DFDR…you’re nuts…lol and a nu all hits are successful.

  • kgn13 says:


  • YEA, Man not rejoicing, but mi glad the table was turned, unnu see how it feel when unnu terrorise and fire shot iina innocent people car? two shot shoulda connected while they were at it, sooo it could have made a better story!

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