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25 Responses to LOST

  • Where he gone?

  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    :bingung senda mi beg yu contact ur local law enforcement office a low met indox

  • Met says:

    kia :maho


  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    mawin met guess di indox survive sandy eeh :maho

  • Sender says:

    Lol I’m trying to find this man…. Anybody know where I can link met so she can pass on the info
    We were very close at a point in time then we lost contact

  • LadyWoW says:

    Lost or Missing ..Adults are usually missing…maybe him dissapear from di senda

    Mawning Met

    Look like JMG is reallly multi purpose, we find criminal, matee, man, ooman, anyting :babygirl

  • Kremlin4life says:

    Ain’t this Adrianna man last time me check

  • Countrygal says:

    Hey senda u sure u want find that man. Him look like something weh should stay lost for good. Also, u sure im want u find im, maybe im get lost from u for a reason!

  • Sender says:

    Country gal he did try to find me sent his number to me with friends by the time I received it phone number don’t work and my friends not gonna give out my number without permission.

  • Countrygal says:

    Senda, have you thought that it might be a sign and it would be better to leave well alone. Don’t you see from some of the comments that the man have im woman and u just might be calling down crasses on urself?

  • Sender says:

    My dear I know dj full a woman I’m not interested in him in that way ….

  • Googoo says:

    That boy deh a dance every night kmt

  • Countrygal says:

    Senda, if u not intereted in im dat way den why u so desperate to find im. R u short on friends? Low di man alone u must be a damn stalker.

  • Sender says:

    Country gal why it bother u suh u run the site? If met had a problem putting it up she wouldn’t now find a next post wid yuh miserable self.
    I can’t understand why u mad that I’m tryna find my friend
    Go have a seat please and thanks.

  • Countrygal says:

    I already have a seat and I am sitting on it thank you very much. It doesn’t cost me nothing to respond to whomever and whatever i want to. I hope u find ur “friend” and it turns out to be your worst nightmare.

  • Outsider, Looking In.... says:

    Countrygal yuh sound well bitta!!! Worst dan cerassie tea…..

    Must be a side piece… or the “main” side piece cuz u a defend him bad

    You don’t know what kind of business they have you just jumping in.

    I don’t know the sender nor him but damn…. Sometimes y’all females just so bitter and bitchy for no apparent reason. SMDH….. All a wish bad fi di sender and don’t know the person, really?? Are things that bad?

    **Met** MNL mi like di likkle suss dem….. It’s entertaining but sometimes mi caan tek di evilness inna dem ppl yuh heart

  • Sender says:

    Lmaooo Misery love company bitch yuh miserable bad guh look a man get sum buddy or have a drink cause idk why u so mad bout me looking for a friend of mine…obviously u never lose contact with a valuable friend yet… Ur condition bad

  • Sender says:

    Anyway any of u ppl that happen to see dj on a regular or knows how I can find him please pass on the info thanks

  • Regula says:

    When mi deh yard an a live inna my little hole besides see and blind hear and deaf a one other thing everybody else know, when strangers come asking for info about others, even if is yuh enemy, shet yuh mouth! cos u dont know what them want wid di smaddy and by virtue of them being a stranger, yuh dont know if them speaking the truth when them seh ‘mi a look fi mi friend’, dem can a look fi dem enemy unda sikes. I would advise others thinking of sending in post similar to this to add a photo of themselves as well, maybe the person u are seeking will see ur pic an get in touch or decide to stay lost. js

  • oh plz him caan stay weh him deh says:

    did boy is a johncrow, him probally theif somebody money and run wey, one time a few years ago him did a look mi, come over to my house and was literally begging to eat me, when i told him i dont get down like that he got mad. disgusting, when lie and theif did a gi weh him join the line and dont move

  • Met says:


  • Lol tiefing dj who always a take people money and run way. Adrianna yah man a dog shit and no stop fuck on you all the queens woman cantell you about your man buddy. Met he lost because him tief money and run way.

  • DaBabe05 says:

    David was one of my bestfriend from Ja & he will even screw over his family for $. He borrowed $$$ from me over a yr now & try to hide from me which is hard since he’s a family ‘friend’. I still have his contact info if u really want it. I don’t know how to sent direct message but I don want to post it on a public wall

  • Baby girl says:

    No lie him can suck a good pussy good :2thumbup :2thumbup

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