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December 3rd will be the next court date

20 Responses to KARTEL’S TRIAL PUT OFF

  • Anonymous says:

    why dem keep on a put it off suh,suh wen dec 3rd cum it aguh get put off agen ?!?!?!?no sah dem a beat kartel bad wid de put off put off mnl

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  • LUNDUN says:

    diss is becoming rediculous, now

    why fi him trial or hearing always a get push back?

    if dem no ave no strong evidence pon di man, dem need fi let him loose.

    now, him fi get punished fi any and every crime him commit, but when dem hold on pon ppl and hype up di population like “yeah wi finally ave di pussy, him free paypa dun now”, den tun round a lu out di ting, it mek ppl continue fi tink di jamaican justice system is a mockery.


  • Met says:

    lundun remember they just had bad weather

  • Fyahwife says:

    Dang a how long da nigga yah a wait fi trial

  • LUNDUN says:

    so a bad wedda mek dem push it ova a month back?

    met as much as mi no agree nor like sum tings weh him do. and as much as mi want justice fi di family of him victims, mi a put myself inna him shoes, diss is fuckery.

    a betta dem cum out and seh ” we are afraid to release kartel on bail cuz we feel he will be sheltered by the criminal elements in society and go into hiding, thus making it difficult to find him and try him in a court of justice when the time comes. because of this, we will be remanding him until we have built a strong case against him”

    cuz lets be honest here met, dem don’t ave a strong case against kartel at diss moment, anna try build a case, cuz we both know if dem did ave a case, dem wouldn’t a put off di case so many times.

    case a put off b4 sandy, so diss is not about sandy.

  • Met says:

    Lundun i understand but remember a one judge eno..justice pusey and Jamaica get hit bad by the storm…almost every home pan di east side a ja get a little damage and remember trials that are scheduled haffi be rescheduled so this push back I understand because they may not have the an power fi put on a trial now

  • Anonymous says:

    First person to sue Jamaica Criminal Justice system will be a millionaire.

  • simplicity says:

    even b4 de bad weather de a put off de case hard lundun a suh mi seet as tuh it seems like a gimmicks things wen dem keep on putting it off so much de man deh deh ova a year and what 3mths de fe duh weh dem a duh nd get it ova wid

  • Met says:

    Also putting it off a gimmicks pan di public…dem jus a look a way fi throw di case out

  • simplicity says:

    it seemd like a dat aguh happen wen dem finally duh weh dem a duh nd call it time serve ….dem have him deh real long doah fe ntn nuh pop off yet

  • LUNDUN says:

    met mi undastand di sandy ting, but wat i’m trying to say is kartel trial a put off put off long time now. mi tiaad a dem.

    dem fi stop shedule court date weh dem know dem ago put off, dem a piss mi off wid diss shit

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Met, anuh bad weather y dem put off trials in Jamaica, is slackness. Some simple likkle community dispute issues (smaddy get scratch) all tek 3yrs inna di court system b4 it come to a close. Di judge dem come to court as dem please, wen dem please, di police dem slackitidy wid di evidence dem need fi present & jus 1 whole heap a bullshit. Look from 2008 di dutty police bwoy kill di likkle girl an dem know he had sumting to do wid it, an a 4 yrs lata b4 trial happen. kmt

  • ace says:

    Met why didn’t you post the reason why dem put is off. The prostituters ask for another date because the are not ready with their part of the case. So when di ppl dem come pon di site and a talk bout judge and a one judge dem need to find facts and stop chat fuckry.

  • Prostituters???? mi gone yaa man
    btw same like how dem convict d 2 man last week, d day after Sandy a suh dem did fi carry on wid kartel case. D man weh kill d girl n dash har a see n d soldier man weh slash d girl from NCU throat get convicted last week. Dem shudda carry on wid kartel case n stop d rubbish

  • Real says:

    maybe a world loss lawyer dem a ask fi nex court date it could be the other way around

  • Lipstick says:

    i want to be a prostituter when i grow up :nohope

  • SEXII says:


  • SERENITY says:

    lmao…..sorry fi be di bearer a bad news?ahhhm….good news for some but this is all just a ploy……kartel case a get throw out….sorry for the victims & their family but I have absolutely no trust in the Jamaican justice system…..the man wid di nuffest money talk….sandy doan have nutting fi do wid dis…..all a di evidence got swept under smady rug :travel

  • Justice system or injustice shitstem

  • serial serial…… how cum lizard nuh surface yet???????????????

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