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20 ways to know a desperate GIRL ……. MEN run baby run

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Women are emotional creatures and are very sensitive, but in dating that’s a different story because women need to really take to heart the things they do. Sometimes the things women do can actually mess up their dating lives and cause men to become distant and aloof and will result in them not returning phone calls, emails, or even visiting. Women need to really pay attention to their behavior because some of it can come off as being needy and clingy and men are turned off by women who behave like that. Women have a desire to be loved and cared for yet there are some things that women kind of forget when it comes to what kind of behavior will keep or scare men away. It’s time to bring some light on how men can tell if a woman is desperate for a date or relationship and some of these things listed are things a lot of women who are needy and clingy are guilty of doing:
1. Persistent serial dater-This is one of the ways a guy can tell a woman’s desperate for a date because she’s constantly with a guy and usually ones that doesn’t stick around very long and she can’t be alone she’s in and out of relationships before they really get started. Guys can tell if a woman’s needy and clingy because she’s changing boyfriends faster than Paris Hilton debuting a new boyfriend. If a woman’s had more than one boyfriend in a short span of time then you know she’s desperate, needy, and clingy. The average woman who dates seriously usually has 2-3 boyfriends and has dated them for at least a year or longer over a certain period of time. The average woman has had at least 3 serious boyfriends within 5 years. If you also hear from a woman’s friends or even acquaintences whether personal or professional of why her boyfriends don’t stick around that’s a red flag to pay close attention to as a sign a woman is desperate and needy.

2. Micromanaging her entire life and existence around a guy – This is something that would drive the average guy nuts because she’s got everything she’s doing that day, night, minute, weekend all mapped out without much consideration for a guy’s schedule. She also expects a guy to re-arrange his schedule to make sure that she’s penciled in 90% of the time. Her plans are excessive in detail and will fit you in at a moment’s notice not having regards for anyone else she may have plans with. Plus she’ll begin planning her future prematurely by already thinking marriage and kids before the second month of dating it’s stuff like this which have many guys bailing on a girl because men want to know that the woman they’re dating is not mentally unbalanced. Men like to take their time in dating and getting to know a woman, but usually after the first few months to a year men know if the woman is worth something long term or marriage material. Ladies if you want to keep a guy around longer than a month keep the chat about marriage and babies out of the equasion until the time is appropriate to address the subject. Guys if you find yourself dealing with a woman who has an agenda meaning she wants marriage and kids by a certain time and it’s way too early in the relationship to be discussing marriage and family you have a needy, clingy, and desperate woman on your hands.
3. Getting too attached way too fast – This can creep guys out when girls start getting attached to them too fast and even more saying ‘I love you’ after a few dates and usually before the first month has even gone by. This can border on excessive and many guys will bail when this happens by not returning phone calls or emails. Guys if you find that a woman is getting too attached to you after the first 10 dates you’re dealing with a needy and clingy woman. This is the time to make a clean break if you’re involved with a needy, clingy, and desperate woman.
4. The need of calling, emailing, and texting way too much – The fact that we all like to have that sense of communication, but some women take it overboard by calling, texting, or emailing a guy more than several times a day. What women don’t realize is that guys find it annoying when they’re having their phone blown up with calls and text messages or excessive emails more than several times a day. It’s fine call and check in or text if the guy’s someplace where he can’t answer the phone, but to call every few minutes until he answers will result in you talking to his voicemail more than him. Women learn the hard way when it gets to the point that their calling and texting and emailing can get out of hand and they find themselves having to talk to a voicemail, text messages being unreturned, and emails being blocked. If a woman can’t go so much time without blowing up a guy’s phone with calls and text message or his email inbox you need to consider drastic changes and one of them will be cutting this woman completely off.
5. Has a profile listed with every single known dating site online – This is a serious clue that she’s desperate because usually someone who uses a dating website or service will only use 2-3 different services, but if you find that a woman has listed herself with every dating site she comes across that’s another red flag that she doesnt have much success with dating or meeting guys and not having them to bail out on her before the relationship has had a chance to take off.
6. She’s an easy person to pushover-These types of women are ones that make many guys want to leave quickly and not look back because she’s one of those types that is devoid of a personality and identity. Men like women who have indivudual thoughts, feelings, and opinions and is not afraid to challenge him on things. Guys if you find yourself dealing with a woman who basically has no qualities about her that make her unique it’s time to jump ship and move on someone who’s going to be interesting in personality and mentality.
7. Attaching herself to your social circle – Part of dating is to have your own circle of friends, but some women find themselves wanting to attach herself to a guy’s social circle. If you find that the woman is wanting to hang out with your friends all the time and not have any time for her own separate friends she’s clingy and needy. If she’s needing to hang out with your friends that’s a sign she doesnt have many friends of her own and tries to make it up by insisting on hanging out with your friends and when you want to spend time with your friends without HER she’s insisting on doing stuff at her house or at a place SHE picks out. It’s hard to shake someone like that off and can become rather creepy.
8. Always wants to spend time with you-Guys every now and then want to spend time doing other things or being with other people, but when a woman starts to want to be around you all the time it can become annoying and after a while a woman is going to wear out her welcome with a guy if she’s not able to do her own thing. Men like women who are independent meaning they’re doing their own thing and not always hanging around a guy so much. If guys find themselves with a woman who doesnt seem to have a life of her own it’s time to move on because a guy is going to get sick of seeing the same girl all the time.
9. Putting off her priorities for a guy – This is one thing that’s never clearly understood with females is why they’re putting off their priorities for a guy and even more when they ditch their friends for a guy and the only time they’ll speak to them is when the guy stops calling and dumps the woman and she needs to unload her problems on her friends. If a guy finds that a woman is like this she’s not someone you want to be involved with because she’ll be prone to want to hang around all the time and sometimes having a day with the girls is what some women need other than ignoring things of importance.
10. Too overly sentimental – This is a classic sign of emotional weakness because the mushy, romantic sentiment can lose meaning after a certain point. Women who get too mushy can become annoying and guys will likely pull away when dealing with a woman who’s too overly-sentimental.
11. Constantly buying a guy gifts – Getting presents is nice, but when it’s too much getting a gift can lose its meaning after a while. Guys usually like a woman they can spend time with and it’s the time that’s the best gift for a guy. Guys can get tired of getting gifts and will eventually lose its meaning after a certain point so women learn the hard way when it comes to this.
12. Talking about a past partner or spouse too much – We all get into that when we begin dating, but when it comes down to it sometimes women can overdue on the chat about the ex-husband or boyfriend. We’re all curious about another person’s life with someone, but when it gets to the point where it becomes the normal part of conversation it can take its toll on a relationship. Guys especially feel out of place when they’re dealing with a woman who’s constantly talking about past boyfriends and husbands since it makes them feel like they’re still in the picture when in reality they’re not. If this happens too often it’s time to make some changes.
13. Wanting to meet the family too soon – There’s that rule of thumb about dating that you should give so much time before introducing family and other relatives. If you’re dealing with a woman who’s pushing to meet family and other relatives and you’re barely dating two months that’s a red flag that it maybe time to hang this relationship up and move on to someone who knows how to let a relationship grow on its own.
14. High immaturity level and childish behavior – The fact that clingy and needy women act like immature children this can also cause some guys to not want to date women for a while because if they’ve had to visit this issue on more than one occasion this can become a problem. If a woman is not acting appropriate it’s time to reconsider whether you want to deal with this woman romantically anymore. It’s better to deal with someone who’s got their head on straight and understanding things that’s age-appropriate.
15. Constantly having a conniption if a guy is unavailable for a date – Guys find this to be a bothersome trait and that’s women who constantly have a fit if they’re not available to go out and have the audacity to ask you to put your family member or friend on hold even if they’re in the hospital to come and hang out with them. If you encounter this kind of behavior it’s time to ditch this chick because someone who cares wouldnt have a fit in that manner and wouldnt trip if a guy is unavailble for a date.
16. Has a territorial-type attitude – This is a sign of insecurity when a woman has to constantly cling on to a guy when other females are in his precence and she always has this look like she’s ready to fight. What women don’t get is that men like women who are secure with themselves and not acting like they’re in combat-mode all the time. If this is something you see too often it maybe time to back away and tell your girl if she wants to fight to go play with G.I. Joe figures because you don’t have time for the crazy nonsense.
17. Dressing in attire that’s too provocative and inappropriate -This is also an indicator of insecurity and low-self esteem when a woman has to show off her body especially if she’s overweight or deemed unattractive. If you come across this type of female it’s time to move on to someone who’s comfortable in her own body and doesnt need to show it off to everyone she comes in contact with.
18. Has the incapability to do something by herself – This is something guys find hard to deal with are women who are unable to be on their own for a certain amount of time which opens up possible unresolved issues. If you’re finding yourself having to visit situations and problems again and again this is the time to decide whether you want to continue seeing someone who’s got attachment issues.
19. People pleaser – This is a toxic element for dating is someone who’s a constant people pleaser and has to find reasons to please a guy, but only to find out that it was starting to annoy him and he put distance between the girl and himself and winds up slipping out of the picture and the girl doesnt hear from him again. This is a problem a lot of the time with women when they’re dealing with high insecurity levels within themselves.
20. Always agrees with what a guy says – This also points to someone who doesnt have the ability to think for herself and to not challenge someone on things in general conversation opens up another issue with insecurity. If you have someone who’s constantly agreeing with you put the breaks on and walk away because you want someone who’s also got her own thoughts and opinions of things.
Guys are not too hard to find for a date, but when women are not paying attention to some of their behavior that can also make things hard for them if they’re wondering why that guy they like hasnt called them back, or returned emails and text messages. When women start acting desperate and needy it can cost them a possibly good guy for dating and relationships. Needy and clingy behavior can prove to be detrimental to potential relationships if women are not careful in what you say and do around a guy. Any sign of desperate behavior can make guys want to put some distance between you and them and body language is the biggest giveaway with a guy and women need to pay close attention to things when it comes down to what they say. Guys study a woman like a homework assignment and if he’s seeing desperate behavior in a woman he’ll be out of there before a woman even has a chance to figure out what she did wrong.

Men like women who are real and not playing games and especially who are confident and comfortable in their own person and not exhibiting creepy and disturbing behavior that’s not age-appropriate.
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