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15 Responses to LALA BOUTIQUE

  • Anonymous says:

    Lad Gad…u couldn even put one decent sheet or curtain fe cova yuh closet door? I respect and appreciate the flow, but if u gonna do it, do it right!

  • OH Dear says:

    mi nah go criticize, at least dem a try a thing, gwaan thru wid yuh hustle!

  • Bakkle says:

    Wah Lala a have garage sale? She can fit the garage inna one a dem frock deh

  • No Joke says:

    Metttttt…..a shi sew di frock dem up a top ?

  • Brooklyn Cutie Pie says:

    Where is Oliver Samuels??? Cuz dis anno ’boutique’, dis is CLEARLY. Ah BOO-TEE-Q! Lol, but hey, everybody need a likkle hustle now-a-days, so gwaan Mumma!

  • Met says:

    Good morninggg

  • Tawkchuet says:

    So a who now would really take fashion insight from Lala? :hammer

  • sandy says:

    Ok lala do ur ting at least ur doing something good and no police naw hall an pull u and ppl on the site should give props when someone is trying….at least her nameis not here for man and babymama drama and so on again lala do ur ting

  • Berry says:

    Will this be another Ashley Stewart? o_O

  • CUPCAKE says:

    Having good taste in clothes is one thing, being able to put them together and your body structure is another. Lala may not have the best figure to hang clothes on but she still has a lil style. Mi nuh know if mi wouluda buy clothes from her or not but mi like the fact seh she a hustle and a try a thing. Big up urself yaw Lala, a money making time now.

  • OBSERVER says:

    mek she run cum dislike up dis but mi wudnt luk twice pon dem hall n pull up frock deh weh har mumma a sow n gi har fi sell she need fi falla sweets a gwaan a skool caz dem a pretty dunce inna dance evy nite an furthermor deres betta material out dere besides cheap chiffon so cum betta :nohope:

  • OBSERVER says:

    yes ms spongebob a 3 dislike deh ya fram yuh battyman fren, yuh odda herpes ole fren n you :ngakak :ngakak but who cares unuh dunce n careliss like dislike agen :kr

  • OBSERVER says:

    Tawkchuet di spongebob crew wud :hammer

  • ahbwoy says:

    Observer a immaculate lala did go u affi bright fi can go dem sch deh inna dem time deh lowe di gal even lv n gucci make mistakes so…..

  • OBSERVER says:

    LV n GUCCI mistake dem sell a canal street. Bright neva put nobaddi a immaculate a common entrance dweet an wi all noe by now seh a nuh every doctor practice medicine….

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