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Jailhouse confession sinks ex-cop
Prosecution seeking death penalty for former cop
BY PAUL HENRY Crime/Court Desk co-ordinator [email protected]
Friday, October 26, 2012

RUSHON Hamilton, the ex-constable charged with murdering 14-year-old Jhaneel Goulbourne, was yesterday convicted by jurors who hung the weight of their verdict on the jailhouse confession of the 24-year-old man, who appeared stunned at the decision which could lead to a death penalty.
“We found him guilty based on what he had confessed,” a male juror told the Jamaica Observer after rendering the verdict in the Home Circuit Court.
GOULBOURNE… abducted from her gate in 2008
“Once a man’s conscience is digging him then he will confess the truth, so I found him at that time to be guilty,” the juror added. “It wasn’t an easy choice to be made. But we had our discussions and looked through our notes and looked at what had taken place and realised that he was guilty.”
Other jurors also told the Observer that Hamilton’s confession to a cellmate at the Central Kingston Police Station, in 2008, of murdering Goulbourne at sea and dumping her body, was what influenced their decision.
The verdict comes a day after the fourth anniversary of Goulbourne’s abduction from her gate in Harbour View, St Andrew on October 24, 2008 by a gunman in a white Toyota van. Her body has not been found.
Her abduction followed the filing of a complaint that led to Hamilton being charged with carnal abuse. The prosecution told the jurors that Hamilton, who was a member of the police force at the time Goulburne was abducted, murdered the teen because he did not want her to give evidence against him in the carnal abuse case.
The jurors yesterday accepted the murder motive, opening up the way for the prosecution to ask for the death penalty when Hamilton is scheduled for sentencing on December 17. Senior prosecutor Lisa Palmer-Hamilton has already notified the defence of the Crown’s intent to ask for the death penalty.
A witness testified during the trial that Hamilton told him following daily devotion that he and other men took the teen out to sea where he shot her and dumped her body, weighted with cinder blocks, into the sea. According to the witness, Hamilton said the “pickney” begged him not to kill her, saying that she would not testify against him in the carnal abuse case.
Another accused police witness, who was in the same cell, testified to hearing Hamilton confessing to the crime on several occasions.
Yesterday’s verdict, which came at 2:55 pm, three hours after deliberations started, brought an end to the dramatic four-week trial and gave some form of closure to Jhaneel’s family.
In tears, Jhaneel’s older sisters Lisa and Colline Goulbourne expressed satisfaction with the verdict.
“It won’t be the same because [Jhaneel] is not with us, but it is out of the way,” Colline told the Observer.
Lisa said “it was really heartbreaking” sitting through the trial.
Earlier as the verdict was being read, both women broke into tears of joy and relief. And for the first time, Hamilton showed some signs of being ruffled.
Hamilton, his eyes red, sat staring at the jurors as the verdict was being read, and after the jurors left the room, he briefly hung his head, fiddled with his fingers and stared at his lawyers as if seeking consolation.
He had said during an unsworn statement from the prisoner’s dock that he was innocent and he was being set up.
Lead attorney Valerie Neita-Robertson, who appeared along with Peter Champagnie, told the Observer that the defence will be appealing the decision.
The defence is expected to argue against the death penalty.

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20 Responses to HEARTBREAKING

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Yes Metty, I’ve been following this case & I feel the jurors did right this time. This bwoy yah cudden even undergo a questioning from the prosecutors, instead him opt to give unsworn statement, which meant he didn’t have to answer any questions from the prosecutor & get to talk up a bag a shit. Claiming is the missing witness (an ex-police bwoy now- was going to testify from the prosecutor) was the one who raped the little girl & that the reason y records show his phone as calling her is bcuz this then police was his friend & used his phone to call her to find out about the charges she made against him Roshon. But that just makes no sense, even if it was true it would still serve him right to have to do some time cuz as a police sworn to serve & protect u shouldn’t be allowing an accused to use ur phone to call & harass a victim. For all we know that ex-police witness is dead & dumped cuz all now he can’t be found.

  • Espute says:

    I hope the family find some peace…And to the dutty girlfriend that wash out the blood up clothes mi hope u burn in a hell,How u fi cover up fi a germs lke a dat. U molest the child and tun round kill are nasty policeman…

  • fashiondoll says:

    Good morning Met & Metters. Justice has been served. I remember when dis little girl disappear. Bad breed police only give good police bad name

  • Espute says:

    And this germs still a talk bout a next police a frame him,no sin shall go unpunished

  • simplicity says:

    dem fe kill him of course him nuh need nuh life sentence wicked prick

  • OH Dear says:

    I remember when this girl was abducted, omg how has time flied, its been four years!, i’m happy justice has finally been served and hope this monster will pay for the rest of his life, or dem can opt to save tax payer money and just hang him rass!, this girl went out in a gruesome way and her family will never completely heal as they didn’t even get to bury her, i guess i can finally say, My Condolences!

  • Tweet says:

    Such a sad case…at least now the family can have a little closure knowing this jancro shit is behind bars. How heartbreaking it must be to go through your gate everyday knowing that was the last place your sister was….

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Simplicity, death penalty in Jamaica is a misnomer cuz wi nuh kill nobody. Dem stay deh year in, year out a nyam out wi good tax paying dollar, an every now an dem all have henessy party inna di prison deh. kmft.

  • Riches says:

    dwl @ Cindy bout hennesy party, but on a serious level tho Jamaica’s legislature is so weak it nuh funny, as u rightly said not a death penalty im agguh get but siddung ina prison an eat 3 meals a day! this is reflective of the many police killings too weh go unnoticed cux dem know how fi commit d crime dem unda da radar but God see an knws all. At least closure for the decease’ family

  • regula says:

    RIP Child, I hope this monster gets everything he deserves, but the death penalty!!. IT is a token penalty and does not mean anything because the government cant enforce it due to human rights groups meddling. When I was 9 my father was taken from our house and murdered by some men. 2 yrs later the police caught 2 of them. I was called to witness and they were both convicted and sentenced to be hung. They were in prison for some time and then, These 2 other guys who had been on death row(Pratt and Morgan) for many years, applied to the Privy Council to have thier sentences quashed on the grounds that thier indefinate incarceration amounted to inhumane treatment, needless to say, thier complaints were witheld. The Council ruled that, a convict on death row for more than 5 years had a right to have his sentence commuted to life, as it was ohterwise inhumane(or some shit like that). This became known as the Pratt and Morgan Law and it applied to every death row prisoner and was also retrospective, meaning even those convicted before the Law could benefit. My father’s killers had thier sentences commuted and after only 8 yrs, they got parole and were free to come looking for my family, which 1 of them did. If this monster gets life with a tarriff of say 100 yrs, that would be better.

  • adwa says:

    oh God regula, thanx for sharing, my heart goes out to you and your family. dem have a nerve bout inhumanity. so does the inhumanity inflicted on the victims at the hands of these criminals not mean anything? i can’t believe these animals killed ur father and only served 8 years then come a do road bout dem a look fi di victim’s family. so the “death” penalty a reali one joke ting den?

  • cocomix says:

    Condolesence to the family. Happy that this heartless murdererrrr is now behind bars. Nothing nuh happen before time, God a God all the time

  • OBSERVER says:

    The wages of sin is death

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    @Riches…extrajudicial killings and this case aren’t related. This case is about an dude whey happen to have a job as a police offica, when him de pon him ownna time him a molest people pickney. Den when the very organization him work fah ago process him as they should him tun round and murda de victim. The same organization through due diligence produce a case where the end justified the means, or vice versa.

    You were on point until you distorted it by attempting to bring in something completley different fi discredit the men and women who made this case and outcome possible.

    Think of this…if dis slime was fi get off de case and him forma coworkers kill him while ‘committing a crime’ would you bawl out extrajudicial or a death well deserving of someone who was able to avoid prosecution for a crime people know him committed?

    Would you also be the girlfriend who a bawl like when hog get stab and run to jff fi assistance an block traffick and tek set pon de police force because dem kill you babes fi something him neva do and de courts find him innocent…eventhough you wash de bloodup clothes dem wid yu owna hands? Food for thought…always more to a police killing dan whey people sey.

  • Fiona says:

    This is my first time posting here but I have always read the posts and found them to be quite interesting. I had been following this case in particular because the child is from my community and I knew her and her family. This guy was so sure he would have gotten off the case that he didn’t worry about guarding his tongue….the bible is not wrong….out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks and speak it did. His guilt could not be hidden and his mouth did the talking. I am glad he got justice served on a nice silver platter and whether he receives the death penalty or not, I am sure he will get the punishment he deserves. Hanging is not necessarily the best punishment for a murderer, a lot of people would rather die than be in prison.

  • Regula says:

    @Fiona welcome to JMG, most of us would rather see them dead than go to prison too but ‘Vengeance is mine saith the Lord’. Sometime the death weh him have puddung fi them is more than what we as humans could conceive.

  • Popskull says:

    Respect Fiona but as a member of one of the forces I have to disagree wid yuh on the last part, I hope them hand him claat, wicked piece a sh*thouse

  • Popskull says:


  • No Joke says:

    I remember the other morning Raga was giving the update on the case and read about what the demon did to di likkle girl…naw lie I felt my belly in knots. Some of these policemen take their oath to society(to protect and serve) as a joke. I am glad justice was served in this case.

  • Totally agree, damn wicked shithouse Policeman!!! I hope the biggest battyman in jail falls in luv with him and have him as him personal sex-slave. Mek him wish dem hang him. The girlfriend should be charged as an accessory after the fact.

    The ole nasty germs was so sure he would get off cuz there’s no body found he was blabbing off is mouth. Ur lawyer could be d devil from hell himself, God Almighty never did a go let u get whey wid dis. Such a beautiful child, taken away so soon RIP JHanielle. Be comforted Colline, Lisa and ur mom. Their father passed away shortly after and they have to be strong for them mother.

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