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coming to you live and direct BUMPA is doing her thing she is not no superstar but she getting bye her fame is now coming to light over mixup that didnt even include her she got a phone call from KAY telling her all what was going on over a stupid might i add a VERY UGLY picture that was put up and yes we all no it was put up by MEKA pictures got exposed dance fight brukout LATTI buss up and the whole shibang! we allll know the story but now im hearing there is a mew LOUD MOUTH FISH is getting involved i always use to see him in the BACKGROUND of pictures and yaa i endup standing beside him at times i mean he is my friend but WOW he finally came OUT THE CLOSET him get brave and post loooong msg on FBOOK bout MEKA- everybody ah seh MEKA start it first but really and truly it was MANGRILL KAY and FISHY LOUD MOUTH i have not heard anything from 10pound Lip NANA she has gone SOLODOLO i guess MEKA really Xposed her, same with KAY and KIRK yes they were at ALL BLAK but they were no t doing shit! KAY was trying to talk to KIRK the whole night especially after the dance as all they were doing was standing very far and watching everything that was popping even wen MENTION pick up bottle they did not even flinch i heard BUMPA stay low key for the whole night with her ugly sistah den come talk bout MEKA stanup wol night fraid, now BUMPA ago keep PRIVATE PARTY just like MENTION in FEBRUARY roomers have it BUMPA and MENTION will be doing there PAWTY 2gether i wonda how dat ago work in BUMPA basement den again AUNTY MENTION &UNLCE LAD will give MENTION anything along with his first boyfriend MOVIE now LOUD MOUTH is in action so he will try to WIN MENTION over MENTION your a lucky guy!! i wish i had guys fighting over me and EMPRESS yuh still nuh find no man yet we all know your girlfriend and his i mean her crew now what about you STOP run down cocky thats not yours! sucking cocky does not mean its yours and STOP paying for those CHEAP MATERIAL OUTFITS I always tell you you look good but Truth is YOU DONT! we no the DOLLHOUSE girls are your idols but funny thing is they dont even penny you, dont you see ah MENTION and MOVIE dem waa si so i dont understand why you eva a run behind dem LOL and SMH at you AFRICAN you kill me gues we gotta love you and the nx one SMALL weh shi deh mi cuaa si har tan bad self from wah day, oh yes yes i seen her yesterday MY BAD…ANYWAYS all iknow is this video light has gotten to ALL of these fools heads and i cant wait to see what happens next as roomers have it some one that none of them has seen for a while has returned and is ready for the WAR all who had said shit to say about this LADY will now REAP WAT DEM SEW sources say she is furious and heated none of them will no wat lick dem BUMPA mi sorry fi you the most looks like STEP MADA BEATEN is coming your way again!!
isnt life FABULOUS!!


  • NUFFY says:

    Story too long yaw man.

  • sexy eyes says:

    Good morning met and metters all mi affi seh is watch di frenz dem weh yuh keep becuz yuh hear senda she”mi always tell yuh seh yuh look gud but u dont” and “him a mi fren but she a call him big fish smh unu low di oman party mek it prospa lawd man and senda next time use microsoft spell check den copy and paste

  • True..True story too long but i wonder who is going to beat Bumpa
    canada you guys make me laugh all the time but im tiard of this story, now whats new and whats next you guys are really reality stars you guys have gone Global we laughing hard in Negrill and my sister saying she loves it, shes living in Europe and we will be staying tune for Bumpas MYSTERY LADY step child beating
    lol have a great day MET FANS

  • sweet says:


  • REDBONE says:

    I’m so tired of this boring ass story!!!! Unno guh look wuk mon! CHO!

  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    y o y canada always haffi come wid dem loonnngg epistle? bay jibberish dem a type *rollin yeye* its rumours boo boo not roomers :bigo:

  • Ms. D says:

    I think the census is that everyone even the people involved has had enough of this fuckry.,.this long encyclopidia whey just get type out nah sey nutten afta all dat typin…
    unno fi come off a di people dem now man an guh look somting fi do..
    Bout Beat Bumpa…unno lucky…..

  • Met says:

    kia one long bag of nothing because all now no fight nuh gwaan

  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    mi tiyaad fi read dem sumn met dem tooooooooooo free n igle man cho :mad:

  • Met says:

    and nothing grabbing nah gwaan fi dem mixup yah now it tired like dem

  • MAMACITA says:

    Did she say “roomers” have it?? _________________ :tkp (an before unuu run eehn an say she a type in patwa…..just note that the entire statement that includes the word “roomers” was written in standard english……….ledda belt. :nerd

  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    mi wuda like read sum english suss right nung dwl

  • MAMACITA says:

    Mawnin Kia. English suss like suss written in english or english suss like suss from England. Lmaoooooo. Howdy Kiaaaaa……Den yuh nuh see di suss look like is a yawdie start it an a yankee finish it. No sah……I kainttttt

  • simplicity says:

    good morning met,metters,peepers nd others…..

    i wont read it mi yiad a dem-dem is ntn but sum “Shit in,Shit out.”

  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    mawnin citaaaaa oo any suss but di canadian suss dem fi gi di ledda belt n buckle…di queen country mi a talk england

  • regula says:

    Long sigh, please unnu stop it! all these roomers doing people head een. unnu boring bad. GM Yah Met and metters, cho.

  • all lies says:

    This is clearly the work of the opposing crew. this oesnt even make sense. Why would a person who is close to them ut out a story like this? Met tell em next time to include something that only someone close to them would know.

  • NYC! says:

    This is so stupid! But @ “all lies” maybe this is what ther person wants you to think, they want you to think its not someone close to Bumpa but maybe it really is maybe this is how they can voice there opinion with out getting involved i would say to all the people mentioned in this stupidness you all need to no who your real friends are especially you empress you have people walking beside you who dont think you ever look good, now thats sad i would be afraid to ask any body if i look good after this post! LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR ALL OF THIS SCANDAL BAG NEWS!

  • all lies says:

    @nyc! I hear what you are saying but at the en of the ay i fin it so har to believe because most of the parties involve are over 30. i cant fathom being 30+ an still in this shit. Bumpa has 6 kis 2 gone(she said itin her youtube video) Why would this even be something your are mixed up in at that stage in your life.
    Im more than disgusted by this whole thing.
    As for Empress shes a clown cuz that how many people you have around that u wunt kno who is real an who is fake? Thats how far gone you are. GodGo with YOu!!
    what makes it worse is that they all come on the pink wall daily to c if their name turns up . I now this cuz they are always making status on fb about things they could only know if they were on the pink wall. N still after seeing how we laugh after them they dont change . #sosickening!

  • Mellons says:

    Personal I think who ever have anyone name in there mouth needs to get chin checked. If these people arent a factor in your world, WHY DI BLOOCLAUT YUH AH PREE DEM FAH! Are you upset that your ass didn’t get invited, do you wanna be friends with them like. You make it your personal mission everyday to come on JMG to post shit that makes no sense. So lets analyze what your babbling about. Okay bumpa is having a private party with people who you don’t like (APPARENTLY). WHATS YOUR FUCKING POINT! Unnu dancehall dino’s need to get a life and stop preein others. Really Tho! this shit needs to come down. Fucking hell

  • wtf mikey?? says:

    water mellons,,lol..if met put it down wha u ago come and read,,,dwfffll

  • judgement yard says:

    This story is like seeing Santa with his long bag and thinking that its a bentley in it when It’s a f….ing Lada!!!!!! Kmft

  • sandy says:

    I guess loud mouth is finally apart of the spotlight now he got what he wanted. …From school day him always want to be seen cause all of a sudden him innards bump kirk Kay and mike demand business he was never there friends in that way except fb…and there is nothing about him except him find some.of his kinds…as for Kay and kirk same thing goes for them too i watch so Mich dancall videos and can’t see Kay who claim she a party from when but when she see dat no work she say she went back to school to get her degree like a no u alone hv degree member there is a lot of ppl in dance that are register nurse got paw….and can’t the works….and stop tell the idiot demand u a fire chief Kay ur not go on google or follow the steps u can research and see the qualification and requirements that is a needed to be a fire chief and only dummies that u hang with don’t know betta. ….And urn man need to sit home and wash the black die outta him head properly. ..and Nana me just feel for u how u try so hard to fix in i hope the house is clean and the bthrm garbage empty last time me come.there it smell from the doorway and don’t forget to clean under the toilet seats not only the part u sit on. …Mikey n Jason u all were find by urself before u let some of these creatures in urself life. ..They all Neva like u guys cause unno always a mash up dance but unno did calm down. …But with this Kay kirk..bump loudy it no look good at all cause demand a draw unno down…cause unno tink unno can beat the world it no work that way unno no face the right ppl.demand yet. …As for mea yawn pls fix demand lashes deh…me no really hv much to say except don’t make ppl keep u inna u house who cares u a like or not only..latty good job on Kay face i always tell Nanak i don’t like her. ..Bump can’t fight fix save her life look what happen at Lisa dive last boatride. ..U hype on tink spice she draped up u vista tameka and all she dehydration pony is me me…and u dehydration a de car a no do noting. …Aft a unno trouble de gal tink spice u cousin gonna and the next one sit in dance car while this was going on tink…so bump how.unno Nevada defend dat when tink draped up tameka? And big up to dn whiskey who no trouble ppl but duck up kirk same nite latty do up him gal kay face…and kay memba how u did go a angle pepper shrimp house and a do up nana and remember who was there and tell u to stop chat u friend and tell u to go outside. ….Bump..nana…clean dirty house. ..Kay n kirk relax get a good dress maker….nana need a facelift….loudy limelight no fix u u trying to fix in…..Jason n Mikey watch the ppl demand round u

  • wtf mikey! says:

    @sandy,,talk the tings,,mikey they do you up good ladt night at SCARBOROUGH (between meadowvale and vic park)dance,,try not coming back and i heard you have some new fish with you,,bring them next time too if you bad,,

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