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coming to you live and direct BUMPA is doing her thing she is not no superstar but she getting bye her fame is now coming to light over mixup that didnt even include her she got a phone call from KAY telling her all what was going on over a stupid might i add a VERY UGLY picture that was put up and yes we all no it was put up by MEKA pictures got exposed dance fight brukout LATTI buss up and the whole shibang! we allll know the story but now im hearing there is a mew LOUD MOUTH FISH is getting involved i always use to see him in the BACKGROUND of pictures and yaa i endup standing beside him at times i mean he is my friend but WOW he finally came OUT THE CLOSET him get brave and post loooong msg on FBOOK bout MEKA- everybody ah seh MEKA start it first but really and truly it was MANGRILL KAY and FISHY LOUD MOUTH i have not heard anything from 10pound Lip NANA she has gone SOLODOLO i guess MEKA really Xposed her, same with KAY and KIRK yes they were at ALL BLAK but they were no t doing shit! KAY was trying to talk to KIRK the whole night especially after the dance as all they were doing was standing very far and watching everything that was popping even wen MENTION pick up bottle they did not even flinch i heard BUMPA stay low key for the whole night with her ugly sistah den come talk bout MEKA stanup wol night fraid, now BUMPA ago keep PRIVATE PARTY just like MENTION in FEBRUARY roomers have it BUMPA and MENTION will be doing there PAWTY 2gether i wonda how dat ago work in BUMPA basement den again AUNTY MENTION &UNLCE LAD will give MENTION anything along with his first boyfriend MOVIE now LOUD MOUTH is in action so he will try to WIN MENTION over MENTION your a lucky guy!! i wish i had guys fighting over me and EMPRESS yuh still nuh find no man yet we all know your girlfriend and his i mean her crew now what about you STOP run down cocky thats not yours! sucking cocky does not mean its yours and STOP paying for those CHEAP MATERIAL OUTFITS I always tell you you look good but Truth is YOU DONT! we no the DOLLHOUSE girls are your idols but funny thing is they dont even penny you, dont you see ah MENTION and MOVIE dem waa si so i dont understand why you eva a run behind dem LOL and SMH at you AFRICAN you kill me gues we gotta love you and the nx one SMALL weh shi deh mi cuaa si har tan bad self from wah day, oh yes yes i seen her yesterday MY BAD…ANYWAYS all iknow is this video light has gotten to ALL of these fools heads and i cant wait to see what happens next as roomers have it some one that none of them has seen for a while has returned and is ready for the WAR all who had said shit to say about this LADY will now REAP WAT DEM SEW sources say she is furious and heated none of them will no wat lick dem BUMPA mi sorry fi you the most looks like STEP MADA BEATEN is coming your way again!!
isnt life FABULOUS!!


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