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No sah mi did affi put this pon the pink wall the miss bumpa she a plan fi keep party february 1 weh a come how she fi wan come keep party after she and her nasty friend dem kay kirk nana g mikey mention movie star jason always a mash up people party yuh memba when mikey dem always use to fight and dun dance.
kirk kay and bumpa tek it up now and its not really bumpa but birds of a feather flock together cause you gonna have to pay for your fren dem arms house weh dem keep up.
bumpa neva use to a gwan suh but since she start par wid them its like she start to follow so nasty bumpa make sure your liquor license is right,no one is smoking,your bar lock 2 o’clock,its not over crowded,you have proper fire exit,you have receipts for all alcohol,and anytime you announce your venue its going to get a call you seem to forget the famous jamaican line wen yaw dig hole dig two and if kirk and kay dem eva mek di mistake of keeping anymore party are dance the same is going to happen to dem from kirk fight t rex and start mash up dance him think him can go around and do it all the time well its time to mash up yours and anybody that’s involved or put money whether or not its just to bad.
do you see the fun squad dem,the topa top dem,the energy kid dem,the everfresh dem,the tumpa dem,the charma dem,the gallist dem,the nikki hype dem,the nitro dem,the tristan fivestar dem,the natty dem,the trooper dem,the henessy dem, the samle king dem,the steenie dem,the wonda dem,a fight cause trouble and mash up people dance no.
so how
you guys want to do it and then turn around and keep dance so sah dat can’t work not in my cabinet.
You should know better yaw guh dance longtime now call it low informing or whatever you want but memba dis when julie dem did fight your so call baby father niece it was you miss bumpa giving out information pon the bling dem
People hear weh yaw chat seh


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