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Please view the below article written by U.S.A today, describing Jamaica grotesquely, seemingly making Jamaica an island full poverty and squatters

Soaked Jamaica braces for Hurricane Sandy
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(Photo: Jamaica Tropical Weather)
Sandy is the 18th named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season
Storm is forecast to pass over Jamaica and head into eastern Cuba
National Hurricane Center says storm is a Category 1 hurricane
12:27PM EDT October 24. 2012 –

KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) — Hurricane Sandy pounded Jamaica with heavy rain as it headed for landfall Wednesday near the country’s most populous city on a track that would carry it across the Caribbean island to Cuba, and a possible threat to Florida.

The island’s international airports closed, cruise ships changed their itineraries and police ordered 48-hour curfews in major towns to keep people off the streets and deter looting as the late-season storm neared Jamaica’s south coast. Police slowly drove through drenched communities in the capital of Kingston with their cruisers’ lights flashing.

The 18th named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season was forecast to make landfall in the vicinity of Kingston Wednesday afternoon and then spin on into eastern Cuba overnight. It was expected to pass west of the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, where pretrial hearings were being held for a suspect in the deadly 2000 attack on the destroyer USS Cole off Yemen.

INTERACTIVE MAP: Track Hurricane Sandy

PHOTOS: Sandy strikes

Forecasters at the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami said tropical storm conditions were possible along the southeast Florida coast, the Upper Keys and Florida Bay by Friday morning. A tropical storm watch also may be required for parts of east-central Florida later Wednesday morning, the center said.

Across Jamaica, poor people in ramshackle shantytowns and moneyed residents in gated communities were jittery about Sandy’s approach. Many sections of the debt-shackled country have crumbling infrastructure, and a lack of building codes has resulted in some middle-class homes and tin-roofed shacks being built close to steep embankments and gullies.

While Jamaica was ravaged by bands from Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and other powerful hurricanes centered offshore, the eye of a hurricane hasn’t carved across the island since Hurricane Gilbert in 1988, according to Jamaican meteorologist Jacqueline Spence.

As a light rain fell from slate gray skies on Wednesday morning, Kingston resident Andre Howt tried to finish repairs to a neighbor’s roof that leaks badly even during a common rain storm. Steady drips from the concrete ceiling were filling plastic buckets.

“We don’t have much time. We heard on the radio that the hurricane was coming this way,” he said in the poor Kingston community of Standpipe, situated next to one of the debris-clogged gullies that crisscross the capital. “We’ll be getting wet.”

Dangerous flash floods and mudslides were a threat for the tropical island of roughly 2.7 million inhabitants, especially in mountainous areas, Jamaica’s meteorological service said.

In the hilly community of Kintyre, on the outskirts of the capital of Kingston, Sharon Gayle and a few of her drenched neighbors expected to lose the town’s bridge over the Hope River, which washed away a section of the span just three weeks ago during a heavy downpour. The shell of a concrete home that collapsed into the river and killed two people several years ago still lies toppled on the sandy banks.

“We’ve gotten cut off here a whole heap of times. But with a big nasty hurricane on the way, I’m really nervous. We’re trying not to show it in front of the children though,” the mother of three said, huddling under a sopping white towel as she stared at the rising river.

The island’s bus service said it was on standby to evacuate residents of Kintyre, which is typically pummeled even by relatively minor storms. Emergency officials ordered mandatory evacuations for people living in historically hard-hit low-lying and coastal towns.

The storm was predicted to drop as much as 12 inches of rain, especially over central and eastern parts of Jamaica, the country’s meteorological service said. Some isolated spots could see as much as 20 inches, according to U.S. forecasters. Battering waves and a strong storm surge were also forecast. By Wednesday morning, sea water was already washing over the streets of Port Royal, a depressed fishing village at the tip of a spit of land near Kingston’s airport.

More than 100 fishermen were stranded in outlying Pedro Cays, a lobster- and conch-rich area about 40 miles off Jamaica’s southern coast. Some of them told local media they lacked fuel to get back to the mainland, but authorities said they willfully disobeyed an evacuation order.

Airports in Kingston and Montego Bay shut down for the day and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. announced that its Allure of the Seas megaship would not stop at Jamaica’s northern Falmouth terminal on Wednesday, remaining at sea instead.

To deter looters and other criminals, Deputy Police Commissioner Glenmore Hinds warned that police “will react swiftly to protect life and property.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller cut short an official visit to Canada to return to the island for the hurricane’s passage.

A warning siren wailed across the U.S. base at Guantanamo Wednesday as steady rain fell. The military warned the 5,500 people living on the base to begin storm preparations. Officials say there is no threat to the 166 prisoners.

Elsewhere in Cuba, authorities issued a hurricane watch for several provinces and there were intermittent rains over Haiti, where a tropical storm warning was in effect. A tropical storm warning was also posted for Haiti while a hurricane watch was issued for the central and northwestern Bahamas, where the storm was predicted to pass Thursday.

Late Wednesday morning, Sandy was a Category 1 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 80 mph and was centered 65 miles south of Kingston. It was moving north-northeast at 13 mph.

Meanwhile, U.S. forecasters said Tropical Storm Tony had formed over the open Atlantic, but posed no threat to land. The storm had maximum sustained winds of about 50 mph and it was moving east-northeast at 21 mph. Its center was 1,245 miles west-southwest of the Azores.

70 Responses to F+++ U.S.A TODAY

  • MURASAKI says:

    poor people in ramshackle shantytowns…thats a double negative and assuming that all poor people in Jamaica live in Shanty town, dem favour shitttttttt.

  • OBSERVER says:

    a dem sed one luv run guh deh fi vacation :mad:

  • Loyalpeepa says:

    A tink a dem misconstruing stories like dis di eyn di a try fi tlk bout,if u nuh know betta these so called big media outlet can steer yr way of thinking…..but dem still vex frm di olympics unu lucky wi country god bless like unu nuh debt ridden too n most a new orleans fava shantytown n uneducated n crime ridden fi a first world country…move n fuck off

  • MURASAKI says:

    @ Loyalpeepa at least poor people just nuh hab no money inna Jamaica an wi easy wid a dumpling and lime an sugar but when yuh poor inna Merica yuh dont even own di drawsss unda yuh. merica ppl mussi have di most personal debt per capita inna di world. before di ah penny Jamaica di whole ah dem need fi guh learn Chinese. American is owned by the Chinese….

  • Anonymous says:

    stick to sussing and rumors it is confirmed that jamaica have over 1 million yes1 million squatters the little rain than fall 3 weeks ago nearly mash certain people…nuff people basically a life 2-3 yards from a cliff…fucking idiots when people a talk the truth is always “ohh a true dem nuh like wi” smh.

  • Loyalpeepa says:

    @muraski a dat mi say a nuh di hurricane dem fi report pon bloodclat libaty tekking,dem live inna glass house so dem nuffy throw stone

  • MURASAKI says:

    at least a fi dem rat shack , a dem own it, how much poor people inna Merica own even a tile to the house dem lib inna..brite…

  • Met says:

    Madman mi block u before and u come back and type as anonymous today and mi block u again so when u log on back u will si di message seh yes mi ban u.. Jamaica’s population is less than 3 million so we cannot have over a million squatters dummy

  • OBSERVER says:

    a who n met :tkp

  • Met says:

    his comment at 1’03

  • OBSERVER says:

    yuh noe a 1 uneducated tourish doah

  • Met says:

    a so him always come yah come bright himself n tek time a come neatly a comment

  • Loyalpeepa says:

    Mett u cannot reason wid di mentally unstable, a fi wi blogsite dis n yes we a defend wi place gwaan a bellvue whe u rass belong

  • Berry says:

    Jamaica have people weh wealthier than nuff people inna America. Yuh can stay deh. Jamaica is more prepared for a disaster than the “GREAT” U.S. of A. and U.S. is more technologically advanced? How does this work? I’ll tell u…………Great Minds at work. Dem nah depend pan all type ah technology fi do tings fi dem, Jamaicans learned that from our ancestors and are always prepared to take it back to the old days rituals. Please. Brite!

  • TalkHowMiFeel says:

    There’ll always be an imbecile that acts like they are the most intelligent, but yet the word they say shows their illiteracy at it’s highest point. So MET mek him gwaan talk, he can’t help it.

    Observer it may not even be a tourist. It might just happen to be a born and raised Jamaican, who is suffering from a deadly case of badmind smh.

  • Talk_Di_Tings says:

    Mek dem no worry bout squatter filled New Orleans with its gated communities and magnolia projects. Mi sure stand pipe and Kentyre no tan like a dat deh dutty place deh.

    Them people yah a real ass if we live in a mountainous river filled country then of course some have to build on the mountain side, and close to rivers – the country is not that big.

    Not saying Jamaica is the wealthiest but there is no need for the assinine write-ups during a natural disaster.

  • den a lie dem a tell? stop gwaan like a lie? stop bury uuno head inna de sand ..Jamaica still have schools where the students use pit toilet..wi still have whole communities where de people shit inna scandal bag and dump it inna bush or gully..whole community buid pon gully side..unno a gwaan like everything a “Jamaica No Problem”

  • everything in dat highlighted section is country is debt ridden,there are a bunch a ramshackle shanty towns ,wi cal it de ghetto,and dem have tin roof shacks ,meaning zinc..wi have gated communities all over.and as to de building code everybody know people build up tings anyway and anyhow dem want.look how much unfinished,unpainted house inna Portmore wid steel a stick out up a top..look pon de Mona Commons squatter dem right cross de road from de University Hospital. FACTS A FACTS

  • Talk_Di_Tings says:

    StupidComments you are missing the point. Most nations in this modern day world as we know it have the same basic problems as Jamaica pit toilet, scandal bag shits etc, including the great old U.S.A. Should you venture into some states in the U.S especially along the Bible Belt or weh some would refer to as Red Neck country you woulda fuckkk fi see white people a live in serious dilapidated conditions like one room, no water, no heat, no toilet.

    Every nation try to put their best foot forward when advertising themselves to the world market, so while we may say “No Problem”, America advertises that it is the land of opportunity – but if you check the reality Jamaica is better off that the United States in terms of the lifestyle that the people are leading.

    The crime rate in Jamaica is no worse than in America it is just that Jamaica is a tinier country and therefore the repercussions of crime are seen, and felt on a larger scale in Jamaica.

    Anyways we can argue on and on but the point at the end of the day is take the beam out a yu rass eye before yu tek it out a summady else own.


  • Met says:

    liberia / zimbabwe and many nations have more poverty than us but when they describe jamaica dem call it slum etc…stupid comments what facts u a talk bout and what we condition haffi do wid di progressive storm coverage? facts a facts when they are relevant

  • Met says:

    the article would be like me saying ur dick is little when u asked me for driving directions come on now

  • :ngacir2 :ngacir2 :ngacir2

  • Met says:

    The slum squatterville has been getting hurricanes almost every year fi di past ten years or so …New Orleans get one good one and how long it tek dem fi come back…what happened to their rich homes?????

  • Met says:

    Quena where u going? :ngakak

  • missing what point? uuno a get offended by reporters reporting weh dem nuh matter if a so it go in other palces ,de fact is uuno a get upset by a story dat is reporting FACTS.. get upset if a lie..not if a true.
    according to a story in THE JAMAICA GLEANER ,May 24 2009 the Ministry of Water and Housing said there were 754 squatter settlements with approx 900,000 squatters..dats look like it close to a million to me

  • Met says:

    Jamaica nuh good pan taking down data so 754 settlements a house more dan a million people and Jamaica have 2.5 million people in total and is under populated? I would do some more reading beyond the Gleaner and also usa today mentioning it nah help wi nor is is helping with the weather reporting

  • zippy says:

    Metters! Let’s me honest, we are all patriotic Jamaicans but truths a truths. I found nothing wrong with the article, the author is writing what he saw. Like Kartel she people a suffah down here HARD. So much suffering I hope nuff a dem place ya coulda just mash down and spare the people them life and the government could build back something decent for the people. I am ashamed of the way that I’m living sometimes because I see the have nots everyday and it kills me inside. I always help when I can but truth be told Jamaica mashup. Provety is making the people go crazy and lose dem morales. Gal dem have no pride again and boy dem a tun battyman because of hard living. I can bet any money that the government sanction this article so USA and mighty IMF could see it for us to get funding. It so so depressing, Jamaica Land I still love.

  • @Metty……This is not where I want reallyyyyyyy want to comment but……The people of New Orleans underestimated that storm as there were many false alarms prior, they were bvegged to evacuate and chose to believe that they would once again be spared….clearly America was NOT prepared for the damage caused, but I dont think it would be fair to compare the erecting of Shantytowns apposed to the homes in New Orleans. Don’t curse me @Metters as I agree that this article should of kept it to coverage of the storm!

  • opposed to*

  • Met says:

    Zippy if me go a one poor part of America and report a nationwide storm describing that poor people a worry bout dem roof in America the would take offence .No one nah go dispute poverty in Ja because it exists everywhere but Jamaica nuh full a zinc house ..bad to bad nuff a dem live ina one room etc but I know ghetto people whey build dem place one block at a time

  • Met says:

    Quena u nuh understand whey mi seh…it is a fair comparison because dem seh we have shantytowns and slums and no storm neva wash we whey yet…and we are very poor so all when we hear bout storm we cannot do a thing but ride it out…they had dem big stadium fi run into and all it fail dem..our likkle so called hut dem neva fail we yet so dat neva need mention…that was my point

  • Met says:

    All when New Orleans nearly wash whey dem tek more dan a year fi come back and still not back…report the weather and dont call Jamaica a slum because its not

  • Talk_Di_Tings says:

    How is it not fair to compare New Orleans way before hurricane Katrina the Magnolia projects were there and still are there. Go onto uno youtube you can watch documentaries about what it is like to live there. I would also assume that there are other documentaries highlighting poverty in the United States of America.

    As fi talking about battiman and lesbian weh a freak it fi mek money. Again go to youtube uno deh pan internet. Countless documentaries are there highlighting prostitution and the drug epidemic as a result of people trying to escape the impoverished slums of America.

    A no everybody can travel but everybody that is on the internet has youtube. Some of the only countries in the world who should be speaking on poverty of other countries such as Switzerland never say a thing, yet every time America reports on another nation it is about how disgruntled and impoverished the people are.


  • zippy says:

    Capitalism a mashup Jamaica it’s not built for this society. We need a social democratic system like what Germany has and what Manly was talking about so all Jamaicans can prosper and not the few at the top. Look how Germany is flourishing. All dem new houses that dem a build is only catering to the farriners, the average Jamaican who mek 4k a week can’t and will never be able to afford that. Only the rich love capitalism it has failed in our society and only thing it do is build”badmind” amongst the people. This begging society shit have to stop we need a revolution. Fuck capitalism..look how barbados get “first nation status” will we ever get that?

  • Met says:

    talkditings everywhere else always unhappy except America :tkp

  • Met says:

    Zippy go tell Merica dat…when Manley was saying dat di great big America said no way……….. but also remember we are a small island and are not as populated as Germany

  • de only ways yuh can be upset by dis story is A) yuh nuh born a Jamaica,B)yuh born a Jamaica and left long time,yuh nuh follow nutten so yuh nuh know nuh weh and what a gwaan C) yuh born a Jamaica but yuh life so sheltered yuh nuh see what a gwaan..D) yuh know a true but yuh just waan bury yuh head inna de sand and hope nuhbody nuh expose de catholics and Boy Scouts..
    anyway mi gone watch football

  • @Metty………Your right I received your statement wrong, but understood now. Would it be fair to add that 2 large prtions of New Orleans are built thousands of feet UNDER sea level and that New Orleans on a whole is built on soft sand and clay…..which I believe adds to why it was washed. But I see you eye to eye….the poverty of Jamaica was not necessary to mention in covering the storm.

  • Met says:

    The only way fi agree wid di article is 1) if u lef jamaica and come farrin and frighten fi farrin tings 2) dont appreciate the struggle 3) have bad memories about Jamaica 4) have returned to Jamaica and been only to the place where you are from and have not discovered the rest of the island for yourself..gwaan go watch u football

  • Met says:

    quena di way merica rich dem supposed to all can build pan air and nothing nuh move it…sand and clay a we playground :nerd

  • @Talkditings….I misunderstood what Metty was trying to say. However what you are saying now still cannot be compared unless i am getting you wrong as well……Magnolia can be compared as a ghetto yes, as a Shantytown no. But I am not here to dispute anything because I too agree that storm coverage is what should of been reported.

  • Talk_Di_Tings says:

    You see it Met. Naw seh America no have a whole lot of good, but is a evil thing to inoculate people’s minds with the propoganda that everywhere else has poverty except America. I swear every time I see a news feed out of the United States no matter what they are reporting on about another country they must highlight the fact that there is poverty in the country.

    If them go a Africa, Asia, East Asia, Eastern Europe, The Arabian peninsula- the first thing the news report start with, ” In this country of over such and such a million, where many struggle to make ends meet swim suit models have started turning to plastic surgery….. ” Then they dedicate half of the documentary to focus on the poverty of the country. And, is like if you a do a report bout swim suit models and plastic surgery why mention the poverty of the country…….


  • simplicity says:


  • @Metty…..You crack me up, on air huh :ngakak
    Two wars later makes it difficult along with the powers that be.

  • Met says:

    talkditings dem full a talk fi a country whey teef land fi become what it is das all mi a seh

  • Oye Metty…….how was America established and by whom, foreigners or settlers? :ngacir2 :ngacir2

  • Met says:

    quena u know mi nuh know how dem establish all mi know is dat dem kill out indian left and right and wash off di blood put on white collar like dem nice :maho

  • Met mi know mi more connected to what a gwaan a Jamaica dan most a who de yah a talk..mi have 2 pickney weh born inna de US who attending PREP school inna JA and live wid dem Granny because mi think Jamaica educational system way better dan what de US have..mi have friends a Southside who mi talk to everyday..sometime as a man get shot mi phone ring. mi and my pickney dem go to EVERY SINGLE parish inna Jamaica.and when yuh talk bout struggle my mother use to sell a Spanish Town Rd fi send 7 a wi go Khaki pants mi wear whole week..yuh caan tell me nutten bout yard..Jamaica have it good and bad..everything nuh peaches and story is reporting FACTS!!!

  • :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak ______________________________________________________________________________________ :travel Feet dont fail me now!!!

  • Bubbles says:

    everytime america has to tell a story about a foriegnor or foriegn country they always dwell on the negative im upset but not surprised, theyact as if america is paradise

  • OBSERVER says:

    You noe sumthin met I had a teacher dat once said they’re ppl in USA living on less dan a dolla a dai but dem naw pree dat inna dem rich rich bold bold society

  • Anonymous says:

    Quena, Settlers and foreignors what’s de difference? Same lot of village idiots, theives, whores, bums and bible tumpers from England. De Americas have de same deprave lot from Spain…all foreignaz and upsettaz.

    Met mi wouldn’t put it pass sey de writer have some Jamaican roots/ties…Jamaican uppa and lowa middle class dem de a foreign a help stiffle Jamaica same like de Cuban dem a Miami help stiffle Cuba. Truth be told de one dem pon flatbush and Jamaica Ave nah do we nu justice eda.

  • I guess we as Americans be feeling ourselves because daily people taking Rafts, Planes, Trains and Automobiles trying to get up in here, more than any where else!

  • BABYGIRL says:

    God Bless Jamaica, forever and ever!!!

  • tanpanitlong says:


    Stay safe in the hurricane. God bless.

    Just to clarify, New Orleans is NOT thousands of feet below sea level !! It’s lowest point is about 7 FEET below sea level.

  • Lipstick says:

    no tell mi seh a di one southy dat, running out of here :tkp

  • Lipstick says:

    a who a talk bout spain, u meant P.R

  • LUNDUN says:

    lipstick a him said one, mi no know why di jmg man dem love change dem name so

  • Met says:

    lippy and lundun mi fraid a unno :nerd

  • LUNDUN says:

    met why? :sorry

    weh mi an lippy do

  • Regula says:

    ‘when the rain falls it dont fall on one man’s house top’ When the rain falls it dont matter if u squatter or homeowna, Mi born a ghetto and weh mi use to live inna di city, yes nuff board house and Zinc roof, but nobody neva blow weh yet and because di house them pack so thight none neva wash weh yet, when mi a see flooding pon tv a always house weh detached always wash weh, big house pon hill always slide weh, plus if u live in the ghetto ur less likely to get cut off, if you need assistance ppl are always near.

  • Pansi53 says:

    “…and a lack of building codes…” That’s the part that hurt me. Jamaica has building codes, especially to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes and the parish councils are very cross about them. The problem is, those people who put up temporary structures (shacks) that are not called upon to be bound by any code. In the US we hear of permanent structures tearing down without even a natural disaster involved. Not to mention a twister or tornado levelling whole towns. Where are the engineers with their codes there?

  • Regula says:

    SMFH at some a unnu weh a pray fi ppl house blow dung!! Squatting is not a crime!! Homelessness is!! just supposing the ppl dem house blow dung which is quite possible with a natural disaster which is unable to discrimnate(Thank God), tell mi how much prayer it ago tek fi mek di govament build dem new house mek mi start pray from now. Which one a di ‘Board Villa’ them unnu know, built to house Gilbert victims, has since been demolished??? If everybody a Jamaica did a wait pon Govament fi build them house we would all still be living in huts, matter a fact, what’s wrong with living in a hut? isn’t a hut the prototype of a house? Since the invention of the Humbly hut, has the basic principle of a house(i.e. shelter) changed? Fuck off on behalf of all squatters!!!!!!!!!

  • says:

    To be honest this article is factual and one should not use “bad” to defend “bad” but its fair to call a spade a spade. Earlier this year a tornado hit the midwest states and if am not mistaken in one town in indiana close to 100,000 people were left homeless. Several times i’ve seen the news and see desmond mckenzie bringing stop orders on business people who disobey the building code. Nevertheless the american media at times goes overboard in their reporting….my grandmother once told me that “people nuh see yu clean clothes pon line dem always si de dutty one dem weh pile up”.

  • Dwrl says:


  • Lipstick says:

    met yu think yu male students ramp wid ppl, a dem seh bad oooooo, met a when bighole gal shirley a go back a court

  • Met says:

    lippy dem only mek shirley sekkle like dregs fi let him out but mi nah lukkkkkk

  • Lipstick says:

    lundun all along mi seh a him but mi neva sure, but mi solve dat cold case tonight

  • Lipstick says:

    oh him di christmas present, a feel dem gwine let out di gal fi christmas

  • Anonymous says:

    “Today I resigned from the staff of the I nternational Monetary Fund after 12 yrs, and after 1000 days of official fund work in the field, hawking your medecine and your bag of tricks to governments and to peoples in Latin America and the Caribbean and Africa. To me, resignation is a priceless liberation, for with it I have taken the first big step to that place where i may hope to wash my hands of what in my mind’s eye is the blood of millions of poor and starving peoples. Mr Camdessus, the blood is so much, you know, it runs in rivers, it dries up too; it cakes all over me; sometimes I feel that there is not enough soap in the whole world to cleanse me from the things that I did do in your name and in the name of your predecessors, and under your official seal”

    “What we had done over these years was to ‘manufacture’ statistical indices- the RUCL and several others- that would allow us to prove our point and push a particular policy-line, irrespective of economic realities and circumstances of the country”.

    an excerpt from the 100 page resignation letter of Davison L Budhoo, former senior economist with the IMF.

    FACTS are what you know, not what you’ve been told.

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